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Toddler Safety Tips to Ensure Your Child’s Welfare

By nature, your toddler cannot help but be active and curious. With your little one’s radiating energy, exploring his surroundings is the only activity that can satisfy his short attention span. While this is a healthy way to maximize your toddler’s development, it also imposes a big risk to his health and safety. As a parent, it is your obligation to see to his security. With close supervision, you can keep your toddler away from harm.

Toddler Safety Tips

You need to keep your eye open 24/7 and this can be stressful. To help lessen your burden, here are some practical toddler safety tips you can practice both inside and outside of your home.

Use Appropriate Child-Guard Products

By this time, you may already have installed toddler safety products to childproof your home. What you can do is to re-evaluate to make sure everything is in place and every corner is secured. See to it electric sockets, blinds, sofas and other sharp pointed furniture’s are covered with the appropriate locks and padding’s. To add extra protection, why not install a high lock or an alarm system to signal you each time he tries to go out on his own.

Safety gears must accompany him if he wants to go outdoors. If he wants to bike around the neighborhood, let him wear his helmet and protective pads. If he wants to go swimming, let him use floaters and a life vest. In the car, sit him in his toddler car seat.

Always Clean Any Visible Clutter

Since your toddler might still have a wobbly walk, he can always fall down, trip, or stumble. Always see to it you clean any mess you see. It is better to be meticulous to prevent your toddler from getting into accidents. Put away what needs to be stowed.


Rugs, picture frames, cushions, lamps and curtains may add beauty to your bedroom. But, for your toddler, it only adds his chances of getting hurt. Stow away any reachable items in your room. Store your candle or figurine collection in a display cabinet for the mean time. Make sure there are no lighted candles or any inflammable objects lying around the room.


Always put the toilet lid down when not in use. Keep beauty products, bathroom cleansers and other toxic objects out of his reach.

Living Room

A lot of items can be a choking hazard for your little one. Make sure remote controls are not reachable as he can easily remove the batteries and place them on his mouth. Clear your living room from clutter by storing toys, books and magazines from their respective drawers and cabinets. Place socket covers in electric outlets and keep electric cables away from the floor with a cable shortener. Use furniture safety straps to secure your furniture’s.


Secure the oven and stove with heat-resistant locks in case your toddler touches them. Keep knives, pans, plates, utensils and other dinnerware at the top-most shelf.

Teach Him Rules

You need to educate your toddler with the basic safety rules as well. Each time you and your little one goes out of the house, educate him on what he needs to do. Always tell him he needs to hold your hand, he is not supposed to talk to strangers, he has to stay close to your side and scream if there is anything suspicious. For extra protection, put a piece of paper with your contact number in his pocket in case of any emergency.

Your toddler’s safety is not only about you ensuring his security. You also have to educate your toddler about staying safe as early as possible. By doing so, you are assured he can apply the safety tips he has learned and that he knows what to do, what not to do and who to contact.

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