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Toddler Games – Eight Best Applications For Preschoolers

Toddler games are an important part of a toddler’s development. With today’s modernity, more and more toddlers are using iPhones and iPads to play games. To make sure they are learning while having fun, download these popular applications designed for preschoolers.

Wheels On The Bus

Wheels On The Bus is based on an interactive nursery rhyme song designed to provide preschoolers hours of creative fun. It is available in 5 different languages. Your toddler can read the lyrics while touching various objects on the screen to open bus doors, make whooshing sounds by touching the windshield wipers, turn the wheels, pop bubbles and even make a dog bark. Your toddler can also change the settings to hear the instrumental version. He can choose from cello, kazoo, piano and violin. There is even a recording feature which will truly delight your little karaoke master.

Preschool Music

This application will help unleash the musician in toddlers. It features a virtual keyboard with 4 musical activities – an underwater percussion, rhythm game, compose a tune that is narrated by a jolly parrot and a silly group of parrots that sing music in the round.

Preschool Adventure

From the developers of Preschool Music, Preschool Adventure also has the same colorful and simple graphics but focuses on educational games. Your little one can learn basic shapes, count to ten and match colors. This application also includes a game that will teach your toddler animal sounds and noises. It has tons of bright, expertly drawn characters that will surely entertain your toddler for hours on end.

Etch A Sketch

Etch A Sketch is a classic toy you might have played with as a youngster. Your preschooler can now create works of art virtually. He can use his finger or use the knobs to draw, change colors using the paint palette, shake to erase and even save drawings and import photos. Plus, it has various games and puzzles that will challenge your preschooler’s drawing skills.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is an excellent way to introduce your toddler to colors, letters, numbers, shapes, counting and puzzle solving and matching. It has 6 different activities that is led by a cute monkey. Your preschooler can help the monkey stuff the lunchbox with fruit by solving the games. Once several activities have been completed, your toddler can select a cartoon sticker and tack it on a personalized virtual board.

First Words Sampler

In this game, your toddler is given a picture, the word illustrating the picture and jumbled letters. Your preschooler has to drag the letters to its corresponding place. This application teaches your toddler spelling, sounds, pronunciation and recognition.

Teach Me: Kindergarten

Teach Me: Kindergarten has 4 age-appropriate topics – addition, subtraction, sight words and spelling. You can choose subjects, difficulty levels and even pick a specific question. It is very easy so your toddler can play without asking for help. Your toddler can earn a coin for every 3 correct answers which can be used to purchase stickers to place in sticker scenes or to purchase fish to create a virtual aquarium.

Math Magic

Make Math easy and fun for your preschooler with this game. Math Magic introduces basic math concepts. It features a friendly voice that gently prompts preschoolers towards the correct answers and says “You can do it!” to encourage toddlers when they get the answer wrong. You can also set a timer to challenge your toddler and you receive a colored star for every 5 successful answers.

With these educational applications, your preschooler can spend plenty of time with your phone or tablet without feeling guilty about letting your toddler use them.

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Top Five Toddler Games For Messy Play

Toddlers love playing and they enjoy this activity more when mess is involved. Messy play is a part of childhood and is also a great learning tool. Here are five toddler games you must include on your toddler’s next play date.

Mud Pies

On a bright sunny day, go outside and make your own mud pies. Provide plastic spades, trowels, watering cans and containers such as aluminum foil pie tins and terracotta pots (to shape the pies) and some beads, sticks, rocks, flowers, leaves and other natural items to decorate the mud pies. Let the toddlers mix sand, dirt, potting soil and water to make the mud. Once they are done decorating, set the finished mud pies in the sun to bake.

Finger Painting

This is a classic messy game every toddler will love. Not only is finger painting a fun game but it also stimulates a toddler’s sensory and creative abilities. Prepare non-toxic washable finger paints in every color, cut-up sponge, bits of cloth and papers. Let the toddlers go crazy mixing paint with lots of water and letting them wash it onto their desired canvas. The children can use their hands, fingers and even their feet to create a masterpiece. Show them how you can use these prints to make pictures and patterns. Hang their artworks to dry and ask each toddler to give a brief explanation of his work of art. When it is time to leave, let the toddlers take them home as a souvenir of a fun and messy play date.

Mystery Piñatas

Use brown paper bags or dark-colored plastic bags to make piñatas. Place a different mystery item (they can be wet or dry items such as confetti, whipped or shaving cream or popped popcorn) in every bag along with some small gift items (e.g. stickers, eraser, keychain, etc.) or wrapped treats such as candies and chocolates and hang them to a tree branch or pole. Blindfold one toddler and give him a tennis racket or a small bat to smack the bag. Turn him around to make him a bit disoriented and then tell the toddler to swing at the bag. Once the contents of the bag fall, let the others gather around to get their prizes. After that, you can hang another piñata and repeat the game until every toddler has had the chance to take a swing.

Shaving Foam

Place a big storage tub or an inflatable pool in your garden. Give each toddler a can of shaving foam and let them squirt shaving foam into the container. You can add a few drops of food coloring to change the color and give them large plastic spoons or spades and a pail to play with. Or, they can just use their hands to scoop the slime.

Spaghetti Tag

Provide cooked spaghetti and start the game by giving a toddler a bag of spaghetti in his hands. He must tag others by making a piece of spaghetti stick to the players. Toddlers who are tagged must take out the spaghetti from their body and tag someone else with it.

These games may cause mayhem in your home and in children but messy play is a great way for toddlers to have fun while developing skills that are beneficial for their development.

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Toddler Games That Teach Good Behaviour

Parenthood is a huge responsibility. One of the most important obligations you need to instil in your toddler is good behaviour. Fortunately, you can teach your toddler proper manners while having fun at the same time. How? By playing toddler games! Here is a list of good behaviour games to try.

Build A Train

Gather several large cardboard boxes. Provide a variety of art supplies – crayons, markers, stickers, glue, construction paper, etc. and ask each toddler to turn the box into a train car. After they are done decorating the outsides of their box, assist them in organizing the boxes one behind the other and then ask them to jump aboard for a make-believe train ride.

What It Teaches: Teamwork and Perseverance

This game encourages toddlers to work hard in order to generate a positive result. It also teaches the value of cooperation and creates a feeling of “oneness” as they help decorate each other’s boxes.

Blind Workers

Group the toddlers into 3 and assign a leader per team. Each team leader receives an object they are supposed to create (e.g. bridge, tower, etc.) and building materials. The team members are blindfolded so they cannot see the model they have to make. Then, the team leader will direct his teammates to copy the model using the provided materials by giving verbal directions to the members. The team that finishes first is declared as winners

What It Teaches: Leadership, Trust and Cooperation

This game effectively teaches toddlers the significance of giving accurate instructions, performing them correctly, improves leadership skills and promotes trust in children.

I Spy

This game is a great boredom buster. You can take turns spotting nearby objects and describing them. For instance, while you are driving to the grocery store, you can say “I spy with my eye something that is tall…”, then your toddler will try to guess the object by looking for it by following your description. Once he guesses it correctly, he gets to be the next “spy”.

What It Teaches: Patience

Everyone knows toddlers are very impatient because they have a short attention span. The I Spy game will teach your little one to be persistent and to wait courteously while others take their turn.

The Cheer Up Game

Draw a couple of faces showing different gloomy emotions (angry, sad, scared and crying) on large pieces of paper. Place them on a basket and ask the toddlers to take turns picking a face and then have them act out the feeling. For instance, an “angry” toddler can pretend to cross his arms or shout. Then, ask the other players to think of ways to help the “angry” child feel better. They can ask questions like “Why are you mad?” or console the “angry” child by giving the toddler a pat on the back.

What It Teaches: Compassion

This is a very important behaviour toddlers must learn. Through this game, toddlers are able to understand how it feels to be hurt and why it is very important to show respect and be kind to others.

Follow The Helpful Leader

Ask your toddler to follow the “helpful leader” (you). Lead him inside a messy room by singing a song, hopping or clapping. Then, start cleaning up. Make sure he is copying your actions. After a few minutes, switch roles. Your toddler will be the “helpful leader” while you are the follower. Once the room is clean, say “This room looks very tidy!”.

What It Teaches: Cleanliness

This teaches your toddler that he should be accountable of cleaning up his own mess and that tidying up can be fun. It will also motivate him to help in household chores.

Teaching your toddler good behaviour does not have to be complicated. All it takes is a little creativity and entertainment.

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Bath Time Games For Toddlers

Are you having a hard time giving your toddler a bath? Worry no more, these fun bath time games promise to entertain your toddler and end your crisis of getting him clean once and for all.

Go Fish

While your little one is sitting in bath water, why not play a fishing game? You can purchase a bath toy set (e.g. Munchkin Bath Toy Set or Sassy Catch N Release Net Bath Toy) or make your own marine-life collection by buying a small aquarium net for your toddler and some craft foam. Using the craft foam, cut different sea creature like fishes, starfishes, sea horses, dolphins and whales. You may also download and print a sea life template. Let the creatures float around the water and challenge your toddler to scoop up all of the fish or everything that is green.

The Card Game

Your toddler will need foam-like card like the Splashimals by Milliwik. He can get them wet, stick them to the wall and then help him name the animals one by one or ask him what sound each animal makes. This is a great game to boost your toddler’s enthusiasm to take a bath while improving his artistic, memory and reading skills.

Hello, Teddy!

Encourage your young one to shampoo his own baby’s hair (he may use a plush bath toy or an old teddy bear) while you are shampooing his hair. It is a very effective technique that will distract him while at the same time, make him more at ease with the hair washing process.

Bath Time At The Zoo

Gather all your toddler’s plush stuffed animals and have them join your toddler while you are giving him a bath. Tell him that the animals are dirty and are in need of some good scrubbing. Your toddler will truly have fun getting his stuffed animals squeaky clean.

Eye Spy

Wondering what is the simplest way to prevent soap from entering into your toddler’s eyes? Have him look up while you wash him. You can blow bubbles in the direction of the ceiling or stick a colorful poster on the ceiling.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Place an unbreakable mirror on the wall where your toddler will face. While you shampoo his hair, let him watch as you turn  his hair it into a Mohawk, a flattop, give him a pair of antlers or a pirate’s mustache.

Measuring Game

Place an assortment of plastic spoons, bowls, cups and other kitchen items in the bathtub. While you slather soap on his skin, have him pour and measure water using his tools. Then, ask him which items float, which ones go down or which holds more water better, the bowl or the glass?

Name That Body Part

Use washable crayons or markers to outline the different parts of your toddler’s body. Point out the markers in his body and ask your toddler to name as many parts as he can. After naming a part, rinse it off with a soapy washcloth until no marker is left.

These bath time games will surely keep you and your toddler laughing, making bathing stress-free for the two of you. So do not be surprised if he wants to take a second, third or fourth bath just so he can play these games again.

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Fun Backyard Games For Toddlers

In this modern time, it is very easy for toddlers to be glued in their iPad, Xbox or computer. Though they may be fun, they will never replace classic backyard games. Below are some fun backyard games that will guarantee you, your toddler and his friends a great time, a healthy body and a blissful spirit.


Toddlers love bubbles, even grown-ups do. Blow bubbles with your little one and have him catch, chase and pop them. You can buy bubble guns, automatic bubble makers or make your own bubbles to make this game even more fun.

Sidewalk Chalk

Buy a box of jumbo washable sidewalk chalk, place them in a bucket and let your toddler go crazy on your driveway and walkways. He can draw different shapes, animals, numbers, letters or anything he wants. Then, point out each doodle, name them one by one and let him repeat after you.

Obstacle Course

Invite your toddler’s friends over. Let them run through planks, crawl from corner to corner, hop or jump through hula hoops and walk with a ball in between their knees. This physical activity will get their body up and running and will leave them exhausted yet happy. But, do make sure that the course is age-appropriate and secure from any hazards.

Scavenger Hunt

Hide items in your garden and let the youngsters find them. You can hide easy to spot items such as toys and small items such as eggs, coins, leaves or markers to make it more challenging. Rather than making it a solo game, divide the toddlers into teams so they can look for the items together which teaches them the value of cooperation. Give the winning team a special prize and of course, prepare a consolation prize for the other team.

Mother May I?

Line up the toddlers side by side except the child who is the “caller”. Position the caller 5 to 6 feet away from the players. The caller will ask each player to take a number of steps towards him. Every player should ask “Mother, may I?” and then the mother (caller) answers “Yes, you may”. If the player does not ask permission after he gets his orders and takes the prescribed steps toward the mother, he will be sent back to the starting line. Whoever reaches the caller first is proclaimed the winner and new caller.

Follow The Leader

Assign one child as the leader. Let the others tag along in a line as the leader goes across the backyard. The players should sing “We are following the leader, leader, leader, we are following the leader anywhere he will go.”. The leader can take his followers around trees, through bushes or skip along a zigzagged garden hose. The followers must mimic the leader. Change leaders so everyone can try to be in front.

Freeze Tag

Appoint an “it” toddler. The “it” child must then tag the other children by patting them on the shoulder. The tagged toddler must remain at a standstill until another free child pats them. When the “it” child freezes all the players, the game is over and they can start again. The last person tagged will be the next “it”.

Soil Wildlife

Satiate your toddler’s curiosity by playing an inspector game. Provide your little one with a toy shovel, shallow dish, magnifying glass, notebook and pencil. Let him dig for decayed leaves, seeds, stones or soil around your garden, spread them in the dish and observe it using a magnifying glass. Help him record or draw his findings. This game will teach your child important lessons about nature.

These action-packed backyard games will leave your toddler breathless, sticky and happy – a feeling no computer game or tennis tournament in Wii can ever elicit.

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A Parent’s Guide To Kids and Video Games

Parents and kids do not always see eye to eye when it comes to video games. Stopping children from playing them is not an option. So in order for parents to successfully deal with this problem, they need to understand some things about kids and video games.

Why Children Love It

Children love immersion. They love getting their heads into things and stay with them for a long time. Video games have enticing graphics, fast processing speed and booming audio which makes them more alluring. Children feel they have control and freedom to do things they may not be able to do in the real world (race cars, play sports with pros, wrestling, etc.). In other words, video games give children a break from reality.

How Much Is Too Much?

Everyone knows that video games can be very addictive, even 30-year old individuals spend a lot of hours in front of the computer screen. Too much time spent playing video games have negative effects. Experts recommend that young children should only be allowed one to two hours of screen time per day. However, there are no magic numbers. The only way to strike balance in your toddler’s daily activities is to encourage a variety of activities that does not include the “screen”.

The Pros and Cons


  • Video games help sick toddlers. Absorption in a game diverts the mind from pain and discomfort, especially toddlers undergoing painful treatments.
  • Improves mental dexterity. A toddler’s ability to take on cognitive challenges is increased which enhances cognitive skills including organized thinking and pattern recognition.
  • Boosts hand-eye coordination.
  • Enhances awareness.
  • Better social skills. Video games promote teamwork. It also helps toddlers gain self-esteem.


  • Decreased interest for other activities and hobbies
  • Less socialization
  • Poor school performance
  • Health complications (e.g. fatigue, obesity, eye problems)

How To Supervise Your Child

Set A Schedule

Allotting a specific time for playing video games is the best way you can manage your toddler’s video game time. You may let your little one to play for 30 minutes to an hour. Having a schedule is very beneficial as it allows time for your toddler to complete assignments, chores, participate in other activities (arts, music and sports), play with other children, bond with the family and rest.

Screen Video Games

Letting a 4-year old play God of War or Grand Theft Auto is really inappropriate for his age. Choose video games according to your toddler’s interests or what you would like your toddler to be exposed to more. You do not have to necessarily choose educational games all the time. Games with colorful graphics, intriguing searches and a stress-free setting (e.g. Big Brain Academy, NBA and Little Big Planet) work just fine.

Set The Video Game System In The Living Room

Make playing video games a social, rather than a solitary activity. Set it up in your family room or somewhere you will be able to keep an eye on your little one while he is playing. This will make it easier for you to reinforce your rules and for your toddler to follow them.


Why not play a video game with your toddler? Children love it when parents play with them. If you do not want to play, just sit beside him and watch. This way, you get to model to your toddler the significance of family togetherness and proper time management.

In addition, introduce other fun activities you can do together like going for a walk or riding a bike, swimming, visiting a zoo, playing board games or working on puzzles.

Create A Reward System

Create a reward system where your toddler will have to work for video games. For instance, you can allow your toddler an hour of game play for an hour of chores or in exchange for good grades. This technique forces your toddler to make video games an extracurricular activity and to divert his free time in a way that will benefit him in the long-run.

Game play is not a bad thing. It is perfectly okay as long as there is parental involvement and you make it a bonus activity for your toddler.

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Fun Travel Games That Will Keep Your Toddler Busy

“Are we there yet?”, a question children love to ask every few minutes when traveling. Traveling is a challenge for many parents since they need to keep their kids preoccupied until they reach their destination. Hence, travel games come in very handy to keep toddlers happy whether traveling by car, plane, train or boat.

I Spy Alphabet

The I Spy game is a simple, fun and classic game toddlers love to play during trips, perfect for beating long hours of boredom. Start by deciding on a category. Say for instance the category is animals. You can start by saying an animal that starts with the letter A, say for example “ape” then have your little one say something beginning with that letter like “ant” and move on to the next letter until you finish the alphabet. This game is better played during a family outing so a lot of people can participate to make it more interesting. Not only will this game excite your toddler but also challenge him mentally as well.

Backseat Bingo

You will need a pen or crayon (for marking) and printable game boards which you can download online or you can make your own game boards with different categories. Play the game by marking the item when you see it as you travel. The first one to get a straight row going up, down, across, crosswise or until every item in the board is marked must say BINGO to be declared the winner.

Travel Collage

Cut out pictures of airplanes, boats, bicycles, motorcycles, cars and trains using old magazines or newspapers. Together, you can glue these down randomly to create a travel collage. As you work on this project, ask your toddler questions about the various modes of transportation. Which is his favorite? Why does he like it? Which would be best to take to the park? Grandpa’s house? To Disneyland?

The Transfer Station

Now that your toddler is an expert at using his hands and is beginning to understand basic concepts like “empty and full” and “in and out”, utilize  these emerging skills by bringing two covered plastic containers. Fill up one container with toys like blocks, stuffed animals, crayons, etc. and leave the other container empty. Place the two containers next to each other and encourage your young one to move the items from one container to the next, then back again.

Granny Went To Market

Ideally played during car trips, this game also doubles as a memory game. Begin the game by saying “Granny went to market and bought…” Make sure to choose items you can see outside the car windows, say for example flowers. Let your toddler repeat this and have him add another item to the list, for instance, a  bottle of milk. Repeat these two items and add another, saying “Granny went to market and bought flowers, a bottle of milk and vegetables.”. Continue doing this until you have mentioned at least 20 items.

Guess The Animal

Take turns of being the animal and let everyone guess what you are. If you are a giraffe, you can say “I am tall. I have a long neck. I have spots.”. When someone has guessed what animal you are, let that person be the next animal.


Reading is another great travel game. Use board books since they are small and lightweight. Choose his favorite stories, read them to him or read together. Read them as if you are acting in a dramatic play, complete with delighted, scared and funny voices. Point out pictures, a dog for example and act out the sound of the dog. Have him repeat it after you so he will not get bored just listening to you.

The right travel games can make a trip much easier not only for your toddler but for everyone else as well. Be creative, have variety and challenge.

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Fun Toddler Games You And Your Toddler Can Do At Home

At this point, all your toddler wants to do is to have fun. Playing all day long is your little one’s major activity and the great thing about it is that you can make a game out of anything. Games do not have to be expensive or modern for your toddler to enjoy it. All that matters is that these games provide entertainment and education at the same time. Most importantly, games are more fun for your toddler when you play together.

You and your young one can play games within the comforts of your home. You can have fun playing inside or outside your garden. Just select games that are fun so your toddler will not get bored. The following are some examples of fun toddler games you and your child can accomplish at home.

Do-it-Yourself Projects

Introduce your toddler to the beauty of arts and crafts. This helps your little one to discover that there are fun things beyond his action figures, robots and PlayStation. Look up online and search websites for unique do-it-yourself games you both can play at home. You and your toddler can sit down and make your own version of a castle by using Styrofoam’s, toothpicks, art papers, etc. or you can have a game of Tell Me A Story wherein you both get five to six objects found in the house and put it inside the paper bag. After which, you can take turns removing each item in the bag, create a sentence for every object removed. Your toddler will surely love this game since it gives him control to make his own stories. Another great alternative to this game is to use finger puppets. You and your toddler can draw puppets using washable markers on each of your fingers and create story lines for every puppet character.

Play Dough

Your toddler loves to get his hands dirty and create something out of nothing. This is a fun game you and your young one can do anywhere in your house. Get him clays at your local toy store or bake together to make your own dough. He can squeeze his dough’s and form them into different shapes helping him boost his mind and fine motor skills.

Jigsaw Puzzles

There is no better game to perform at home than completing jigsaw puzzles. Puzzles give your toddler a challenge making him more determined to fill up every blank space. Help him out by assisting him in filling out the blank spaces. Start out with simple puzzles first such as a puzzle forming a circle or a triangle or the letter A.

Treasure Hunt

If your toddler loves to play games that involve lots of body movement, then hold a treasure hunt game. You and your toddler can be partners in hunting for the hidden treasure. Place clues that will lead him to the treasure inside and outside of your home to make it more exciting. You can also try using a ball of yarn and run it around the house (under his chair, table or bed, across the living room, above the dining table, etc.) until he reaches the end of the yarn where his treasure awaits.

Household Chores

House errands can be a game as long as you find ways to make it fun for your toddler. Since toddlers generally like to help around the house; why not let him help you wash the windows, set the table or sort out the laundry. This simple game will not only give amusement to your child but this also allows him to feel good about accomplishing something encouraging him to help you out more often.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is one classic all-time favorite game that gives any toddler the thrill of not getting caught. You can take turns looking for each other or you can hide an alarm clock under your bed. Together, look for the clock by following the ticking sounds it makes.

Memory Cards

Use index cards to draw identical letters of the alphabet, numbers, colors or shapes. Place the cards facedown in the table and have your toddler pick out the cards until all the cards have been matched up. This is a good game to increase your toddler’s memory and retention.

Playing games together gives him more confidence that he can do things on his own and that making mistakes is normal allowing him to maximize his development.


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Where to Find Free Educational Games For Toddlers

Young children always like the idea of playing. It excites them, challenges them and gives them something to do. Incorporating not just any game but educational games during your toddler’s playtime completely helps his development. At his tender age he is more susceptible to try out new things. The secret to keeping your toddler interested in these games is to use a variety of different learning activities to retain his attention.

Educational games for toddlers are great source of fun and are superb ways to boost your toddler’s learning. Beyond that, it is also a great means to strengthen your parent-child relationship. You can find countless of free educational games for toddlers everywhere. Here are some great resources that provide entertaining yet knowledgeable games fit for every toddler’s age:


A timeless source of everything, the library holds thousands of books about every topic. If you want to find free learning games for your toddler, then check out your local library first. Look for the section with books intended for kids. In there you can find classic yet proven effective learning games.

Online Forums

Using the internet, go to websites that are dedicated for mothers and toddlers. You can find different forums wherein moms across the globe give tips to other moms. Exchanging ideas and tips is very helpful especially when you are looking for fun educational games for your little one. You are sure to come across different learning websites. Plus, there are a lot of do-it-yourself projects that you and your toddler can make together allowing your toddler to not just rely on the web but be hands on with his learning.

Online Game Websites

If your toddler prefers to play games using the computer, then might as well take advantage of it. There are thousands of gaming sites for toddlers. However, not all of them are age-appropriate. It is best to research first and visit top ranking websites to make sure it certainly has educational games. Here are some of the most popular websites that provide free educational games suitable for every toddler’s age:

  • Fisher Price. This website not only offers excellent tips and tricks for parents but as well as online educational games and activities as well. Great for toddlers from 9 months to 2 years old, it offers basic educational games ranging from the alphabet, colors and shapes, numbers, memory match down to simple math.
  • Nick The website of the much adored Nickelodeon kids’ channel, Nick Jr. allows your toddler to play kid-centric characters like Dora the Explorer, Clifford and Team Umizoomi. They have educational games that help your toddler identify different shapes and colors, answer easy counting trivia’s or find hidden objects.
  • Disney Junior. Another all time favorite, you will be sure your toddler will enjoy playing fun and learning games that allows him to enhance his skills.
  • Starfall. is a phonetic focused website that offers toddlers comprehensive games helping them learn how to read and write simple words correctly.

Games create a huge impact on your toddler and are very powerful means of developing your toddler’s overall skills. Let your toddler play educational games to help him advance, enhance and grow fittingly.


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Best Toddler Learning Games For Your Child

As always, your toddler functions best when at play. His creative mind continues to flow with countless possibilities day by day and what better way to use and maximize your toddler’s ingenious ideas than by letting your child play fun educational games. A lot of toddler development happens with these activities so see to it that your toddler takes advantage of it.

Toddler learning games are fun and wonderful. This keeps your little child entertained and interested. Beyond that, toddler games also polishes every skill of your toddler. Games allow him to develop in different areas such as – the physical, emotional, intellectual, cognitive and fine motor aspects.

The Top Toddler Learning Games For Your Kid

There are various educational games you can introduce to your toddler. Make sure that you let him play games that cover and help his overall development, one that allows him interaction. Here are some of the best toddler learning games:

Warm Up Games

When you start shifting from plain entertainment games to fun educational games, warm up activities must first be introduced to your child. In this way, you prevent him from getting confused and uninterested because of the new game play patterns. Together with your toddler, hold an activity wherein you circle out mistakes. For example, buy a book that allows your child to compare drawing A from drawing B and help him spot the differences. This peaks your tot’s interest and stimulates his brain allowing him to feel more challenged to complete his task and continue on to tackle other games.

Creative Mind and Body Games

Toddler learning games involving the mind and body entails your toddler’s full participation. Through the help of songs (e.g. lullabies, nursery rhymes such as When You’re Happy and You Know It, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, etc.) he learns things through play and is encouraged to discover different kinds of shapes, colors, sounds, the alphabet, etc. along the way.

Board Games

Board games are considered to be the best learning game for toddlers since it solidifies every skill of a child. It assists your toddler in recognizing and retaining what he has learned. The ability to identify alphabet, colors, numbers and shapes is enhanced making a huge impact with his visual and hearing perception. Get your tot a board game that is suitable for his age. Here are some examples of board games:

  • Snakes and Ladders. An all-time favorite even of parents, this board game guides your toddler towards different numbers. It helps increase his agility and improves his fine motor skills. Great for your toddler’s early years (from 12 months to 18 months).
  • Zingo. A bingo type of game that requires your toddler to match the picture to the words on the play card. This game improves your toddler’s matching and recognition skills as well as fine motor skills since the contestants need to compete in order to complete a particular line to be declared as the winner. Best played by toddlers from ages 1 to 2.
  • Junior Monopoly. Another classic favorite amongst thousands of learning games, monopoly helps in developing your toddler’s math, reading and social skills. His sense of reasoning is also enhanced. Fit for toddlers from ages 2 to 3.
  • Scrabble. Fit for older toddlers (ages 3 to 7), this type of learning game helps your toddler discover new words, corrects his spelling and language as well as his matching proficiency since he has to think of new words and match letters to words already written on one side of the board.

Puzzle Games

Whether it be a wood, jigsaw, foam or floor puzzle; puzzle games help your toddler develop the ability of being a problem solver. His ability to think things fairly, retain memory and immediately come up with a solution is increased.

Online Educational Games

Another popular learning technique, learning games found in the web helps your toddler become more dexterous. Playing learning games online helps you keep your toddler’s attention focused on a specific topic for long periods of time. Since most online games are animated and are equipped with audio and music, this effortlessly assists him to correctly identify objects and categories in a shorter time. His verbal and written skills are also enhanced.

Games always give toddlers a great time. Just remember to choose educational games instead of violent and rough games. In this way, you are secure that your toddler gets all the proper learning he needs.

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