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The Best Toddler Travel Toys to Keep Your Child Entertained While Traveling

As expected, toddlers have a short-attention span. They always like to explore and discover things, tinker with objects and do something new. Anything done repeatedly can tire them easily. When the whole family goes on a trip, toddlers are extremely hard to entertain. They find it impossible to sit still and be quiet for the entire journey. The best way to resolve this is to bring along his favorite toys on your next trip.

Whenever the whole family goes on a trip, toddler travel toys become the best friend of your toddler. These toys occupy his attention keeping him entertained until you reach your destination. By taking along the right travel toys, you can help eliminate your toddler’s uncontrollable emotions and secure yourself peace of mind.

Best Toddler Travel Toys

To ease your frustrations, here are some of the best toddler travel toys to bring along for your little one:

Block Sets

An all time favorite toy of toddlers, block sets will surely keep your toddler busy during the entire ride. He will surely love knocking over and then rebuilding his blocks. Get a block set in different shapes that is big and well-built to prevent any accidents. Wooden blocks are fine during a car ride but during a plane ride, opt to bring his plastic blocks so he will not disturb the passengers on board.

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Books are not just for night time, these toys are great entertainers for long trips. Bring two to three of his favorite books. Better yet, get him a miniature board book that has flaps and movable parts to keep him busy. He will truly have the grandest time folding and unfolding the book.

Finger Puppets

What better way to keep your toddler entertained by putting on adorable finger puppets on your finger and your toddler’s finger. The both of you can have fun making up stories, portraying different characters or playing peek-a-boo with these tiny toys. Finger puppets are entertaining for your toddler since there are a lot of open-ended play possibilities.

Light Up Toys

Touch-sensitive toys that light up every time your toddler places a finger on it can be the most amusing toy for him. He easily gets attracted to bright things, so touching something and seeing it light up will intrigue him for the entire trip.

Musical Toys

Toddlers always love music. When getting ready for your trip, take some time to drop by any children’s store in your area. You will find a wide variety of musical toys, from a mini drum set, piano, maracas, singing and dancing puppets to the toys that teach your toddler the alphabet. Bring along toddler CD’s  as well to let him listen and sing along to his favorite nursery rhymes. Not only can these toys help keep your little one entertained but it also helps him learn a thing or two. Musical toys are both educative and entertaining at the same time.

Puzzles and Mini Board Games

Most probably, your toddler will get bored playing alone. Jigsaw puzzles and board games allow him to interact with other people. This helps him combat boredom, steer clear from tantrum displays and maintains the smile and laughter on his face. Get him a toy travel jigsaw puzzle. It is a four piece wooden set of animal or alphabet puzzle. It comes with a slide-out  puzzle tray with matching pictures under the pieces allowing him to easily complete the puzzle.

Sketch Pads and Coloring Books

Use doodle pads and coloring books to help satisfy his craving for drawing. Just see to it you let him use only washable crayons and markers. In this way, you can easily wash his clothes and clean out the areas (e.g. tables, wall, solid surfaces, etc.) with colors and pencils. You may also print out printable coloring sheets found in various kids’ websites. To make it extra fun for him, why not bring along a coloring book with re-usable stickers. A travel aquadoodle is another great mess-free traveling toy. All you need to do is fill-up the pad with water and let your toddler doodle away.

It is up to you to pick out which travel toys you think will keep your toddler happy. Packing an activity bag filled with toys will surely guarantee a fun and relaxing trip for you and your toddler. Just make sure you have a variety of toddler travel toys. In this way, he will not run out of entertaining things to do.

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