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Popular Toddler Room Themes Every Child Will Love

With your toddler growing and learning rapidly, it is time to create a room to foster all of this. Selecting a theme for your toddler’s room can be quite a challenge. Luckily, there are a number of toddler room themes that can freshen up your toddler’s bedroom. Below are some clever ideas you can choose from.

Toddler Room Theme # 1: Underwater

An under the sea themed bedroom is one of the most popular toddler room themes for both boys and girls. First, paint the bedroom walls blue and you can add ocean waves, bubbles, corals and fishes in different colors, sizes and shapes. If you are wary about drawing the walls, you can try using removable wall decals or stickers. Use shower stick-ons for the windows, plastic shower curtains with fish or other under the sea designs as curtains and a plastic bathmat for the rug in front of your toddler’s drawing table. Carry on the theme with bedding that has fish or mermaids on them.

Toddler Room Theme # 2: Princess

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess right? Why not make your little girl’s dream come true with a princess themed bedroom. Pick pastel-colored paint for the walls such as pink, yellow, purple and light blue. You can use a sponge to paint the wall to achieve a splash effect. Or, take a wall and add a mural that reflects a castle or any symbol associated with princesses. Look for a bed with a castle headboard or choose a bedcover that display your toddler’s favorite princess character. Do not forget to complete the look with dainty accessories such as laced curtains, decorative lamps and posters in glass frames.

Toddler Room Theme # 3: Race Car

Race car is another popular toddler room theme for little boys. You can have the wall painted with a race car track or in a subdued red color. Look for a toddler bed formed like a race car. Decorate the room with race car flags, checkered curtains or use hubcaps and other fun car accessories.

Toddler Room Theme # 4: The Wild Side

A safari-themed room is quite easy to pull off. You can paint the walls with tiger or zebra stripes or paint one wall with this pattern and the other walls with a complementing color. Drape some mosquito netting from the ceiling or over your little one’s bed to achieve that safari vibe. Select stuffed animal versions of your toddler’s favorite jungle animals and decorate the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars. Go to your local craft store and purchase some leafy vines and vividly colored flowers and drape them near the ceiling or around the windows and door.

Toddler Room Theme # 5: Artistic

If your toddler is the creative type or shows an interest in books and letters, try making your toddler’s bedroom into a nest of learning. Pick one wall to leave open and free. On the lower half of the wall, set up a dry erase board. Not only will it encourage your little one to draw on it over and over again but a dry erase board is also an ideal place to hang up his work of art. You may also install a cork board to add more artistic feel to an artsy themed room. But do make sure that the pushpins are high enough that your toddler cannot reach them. Add a few bookshelves and let your creative munchkin build a library of favorite do-it-yourself crafts, coloring books, picture books, etc. Place a small drawing table and a chair in the corner or in the middle of the room so your little one has his own den to keep busy with crayons, markers and paints. A comfy armchair and a reading light are also great additions to finish off your toddler’s artistic themed room.

Toddler Room Theme # 6: Superhero

Superheroes are also one of the most favored toddler room themes. You can either have the walls painted with superheroes or paint them with bright colors that will match your toddler’s superhero themed room decors. Choose bedspreads and blankets that display your toddler’s favorite superhero, line up his action figures, superhero toys and books. You can also hang a cape and some masks on his bedpost or wall.

Toddler bedrooms are a fun way for parents to show their children how much they love them. When choosing a theme for your toddler’s bedroom, make sure you ask your toddler’s opinion to make decorating a success.

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Five Types of Toddler Furniture A Kid’s Room Should Have

Toddler furniture comes in different styles, shapes and sizes. But, there are some toddler furnitures that prove to be indispensable. Below are five toddler furnitures that should be present in every child’s bedroom.

Toddler Bed

Once your little one is too big for the crib or he begins to climb out of the crib, it is time to shift to a new bed. A toddler bed is smaller than a standard bed that gives your toddler the freedom to get in and out of bed without you having to worry if he is going to hurt himself. There are different types of toddler beds you can choose from:

  • Platform Bed – for toddler room’s with small space
  • High Sleeper Bed – a space saver bed wherein drawers, computer desks, chairs, etc. fit in the space underneath this bed, comes in various colors and shapes and can also be decorated in a variety of ways
  • Car Bed  - a favorite of children, this bed is made in the shape of a car that comes in different shapes and sizes
  • Sleigh Bed – a bed that has a curved headboard and footboard giving the bed a regal and elegant look, can also incorporate features such as drawers and shelves for extra storage space


Storage is essential. It provides a space for everything in the bedroom and it encourages your toddler to clean up and keep his room tidy. Dressers are available in different styles and colors so you can get one that will complement your toddler’s bedroom. A dresser made of wood is the most durable as it is lighter and less likely to break or collapse. A wooden dresser also matches most themes and colors of a room. Some kids’ dressers also come with a nightstand, headboard, desk or storage chest. Make sure you choose a dresser with rounded corners and wooden knobs to avoid any mishaps.

More Storage Pieces

You will need a range of storage pieces so you can keep your toddler’s room in tiptop shape. Toy boxes are ideal for storing your toddler’s toys and other knickknacks. Cupboards, drawers and wicker baskets can all be added to your toddler’s room for functionality and effect.

Play Table and Chairs

A play table and a couple of chairs are essential items every toddler room must have. This will divide the room into two – sleep area and play area. The play tables and chairs are especially designed for children providing your little one a space where he can safely and comfortably play.


Go for a bookcase that has several cubicles that can fit the books as well as small storage bins and baskets to create more space in the room. Opt for a vertical bookcase instead of a horizontal one so your toddler can easily reach every shelf without trying to climb on the furniture.

A toddler’s room should be kept as simple as possible. After all, your little one will spend a lot of time sleeping, playing and learning in this area and a wide, spacious room allows him to do all these things freely.

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Tips For Decorating A Toddler Room

The bedroom is the most used room in a house. When it comes to decorating a toddler room, one has to make sure it is captivating. Here are some tips to help you create a room that is functional and appealing for your precious one.

Choose A Theme or Color

The first step in decorating a toddler room is to come up with a theme or color. Walls take up most of the visual space in a room so make sure you choose one that is fun yet relaxing. For toddler boys, popular themes include airplanes, cars, ships, planet and Disney characters. For toddler girls, flowers, butterflies, fairies, Barbie, Hello Kitty and princess themed rooms are very chic. If you prefer not to use a theme, choose a cheery paint color for the walls. To make sure your toddler will like it, bring your little one with you and let your child pick out the color. Do not worry if your toddler picks out 2 different colors. Just choose colors that will complement each other, like blue and green, white and yellow, sky blue and yellow or pink and purple.

Remember The Basics

Do not go crazy and buy every cute furniture and knickknack you see in a store. A toddler’s bedroom should be simple and roomy enough for a toddler to wander freely. The top 2 needs in a toddler’s room are sleeping and storage. To maximize the space, buy furnitures that double as a storage space. Buy a bed that has drawers on the bottom, chairs with storage space underneath the seat, a dresser with built-in cabinets and a small bookcase so you can put lots of things on it (e.g. books, toys, storage baskets, etc.).

Provide Good Lighting

A good, safe lighting for your toddler’s room is important. Natural light is the best light so ensure that window treatments are not too thick so as not to obstruct the sun’s rays. Installing a skylight not only lights up the room but also doubles as a centrepiece. Remember not to place lamps on the table as your toddler may run over it and hurt himself.

Create A Play Area

Since your toddler’s bedroom doubles as a play area, why not designate a space where your little one can enjoy this activity? Add a small table and a few small chairs (you can choose from plastic, wood, or modern sets to match the theme), a bean bag or a rocking chair near the bookshelf. This way, his toys will only be scattered in one area making cleaning up easier.

Select Fun, Eye-catching Decorations

What sets a beautiful room apart from others is the decor. Add elements related to the room’s theme or objects that interest your toddler. Frame your toddler’s artworks, baby pictures and family photos and hang them in the wall or display them on the shelf. You may also hang a clothesline and use some clothespins to display them. Install lightweight curtains and wooden blinds to beautify the windows. Choose beddings, blankets and pillows in colorful designs. Place a large, bright-colored rug in the play area. Just make sure that all of the elements go well together so the room will not be an eyesore.

Decorating your toddler’s room is a fun and exciting activity the two of you can do together which is very helpful for your little one to welcome the new room with open arms.

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Converting A Nursery To A Toddler Room

Now that your precious angel is growing up, it is time to turn that nursery into a room that can grow with your toddler. Below are some easy toddler room ideas you can try.

Talk To Your Toddler

You will not be able to transform a baby nursery to a toddler room if you do not know the needs and wants of your toddler. He will be the one to use it, so it would help to know what his likes and dislikes are. Sit down with your toddler and discuss what colors or interests he would like to have incorporated into his room. Let him help you make some of the decisions.

Pick or Change A Theme

You can either keep the theme of your nursery or come up with a new one. However, the latter is a better idea because when you created your nursery, you and a few other people made all the decisions. This time, let your toddler choose the theme that he likes for his room. After all, he is going to be the one spending a lot of time in there. Go out with your toddler, shop around and help him select a theme that he likes.

Choose A Bed That Appeals To Your Toddler

The bed is going to be the major focal point of your toddler’s bedroom. Therefore, you have to pick a bed your toddler will like. You can keep his convertible crib to help him easily transition from crib to toddler bed or choose custom theme beds. They are safe, sturdy and versatile substitutes to traditional beds. Plus, it will let your toddler infuse more of his individuality into the room. You can even have custom theme beds designed to blend in with the elements of your toddler’s nursery so it will not make him feel like he is in a strange environment.

Take Out Excess Furnitures

Now that your little one can sit up, crawl and walk, he will need a room that has lots of space so he can move around without hurting himself. Get rid of unnecessary nursery furnitures such as the changing table and the nursery rocking chair. He will only need a dresser, cabinet (for storing your toddler’s clothing essentials), a toy box (for his toys) and a durable small-sized set of table and chairs where he can perform his activities (e.g. coloring, drawing, storytelling, etc.).

Change Room Accessories

One of the quickest and least expensive ways to convert a nursery to a toddler room is to change bedroom accessories. You can repaint the walls, change beddings, window treatments, lighting, use wall art, place picture frames or hang your toddler’s artworks.

Create A Quiet Area

After a long day of playing, your toddler will need a place where he can relax. Create a quiet corner that invites rest by placing books, stuffed animals, pillows and a small chair.

Transforming a nursery into a toddler room is actually very easy. All you need to do is to prepare and plan carefully so you can provide your toddler with a flawless transition from the nursery into the toddler’s bedroom.

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