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Popular Toddler Room Themes Every Child Will Love

With your toddler growing and learning rapidly, it is time to create a room to foster all of this. Selecting a theme for your toddler’s room can be quite a challenge. Luckily, there are a number of toddler room themes that can freshen up your toddler’s bedroom. Below are some clever ideas you can choose from.

Toddler Room Theme # 1: Underwater

An under the sea themed bedroom is one of the most popular toddler room themes for both boys and girls. First, paint the bedroom walls blue and you can add ocean waves, bubbles, corals and fishes in different colors, sizes and shapes. If you are wary about drawing the walls, you can try using removable wall decals or stickers. Use shower stick-ons for the windows, plastic shower curtains with fish or other under the sea designs as curtains and a plastic bathmat for the rug in front of your toddler’s drawing table. Carry on the theme with bedding that has fish or mermaids on them.

Toddler Room Theme # 2: Princess

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess right? Why not make your little girl’s dream come true with a princess themed bedroom. Pick pastel-colored paint for the walls such as pink, yellow, purple and light blue. You can use a sponge to paint the wall to achieve a splash effect. Or, take a wall and add a mural that reflects a castle or any symbol associated with princesses. Look for a bed with a castle headboard or choose a bedcover that display your toddler’s favorite princess character. Do not forget to complete the look with dainty accessories such as laced curtains, decorative lamps and posters in glass frames.

Toddler Room Theme # 3: Race Car

Race car is another popular toddler room theme for little boys. You can have the wall painted with a race car track or in a subdued red color. Look for a toddler bed formed like a race car. Decorate the room with race car flags, checkered curtains or use hubcaps and other fun car accessories.

Toddler Room Theme # 4: The Wild Side

A safari-themed room is quite easy to pull off. You can paint the walls with tiger or zebra stripes or paint one wall with this pattern and the other walls with a complementing color. Drape some mosquito netting from the ceiling or over your little one’s bed to achieve that safari vibe. Select stuffed animal versions of your toddler’s favorite jungle animals and decorate the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars. Go to your local craft store and purchase some leafy vines and vividly colored flowers and drape them near the ceiling or around the windows and door.

Toddler Room Theme # 5: Artistic

If your toddler is the creative type or shows an interest in books and letters, try making your toddler’s bedroom into a nest of learning. Pick one wall to leave open and free. On the lower half of the wall, set up a dry erase board. Not only will it encourage your little one to draw on it over and over again but a dry erase board is also an ideal place to hang up his work of art. You may also install a cork board to add more artistic feel to an artsy themed room. But do make sure that the pushpins are high enough that your toddler cannot reach them. Add a few bookshelves and let your creative munchkin build a library of favorite do-it-yourself crafts, coloring books, picture books, etc. Place a small drawing table and a chair in the corner or in the middle of the room so your little one has his own den to keep busy with crayons, markers and paints. A comfy armchair and a reading light are also great additions to finish off your toddler’s artistic themed room.

Toddler Room Theme # 6: Superhero

Superheroes are also one of the most favored toddler room themes. You can either have the walls painted with superheroes or paint them with bright colors that will match your toddler’s superhero themed room decors. Choose bedspreads and blankets that display your toddler’s favorite superhero, line up his action figures, superhero toys and books. You can also hang a cape and some masks on his bedpost or wall.

Toddler bedrooms are a fun way for parents to show their children how much they love them. When choosing a theme for your toddler’s bedroom, make sure you ask your toddler’s opinion to make decorating a success.

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A List of The Best Toddler Play Yards

Toddler play yards are not just for entertaining toddlers in an enclosed place. They also function as a napping and changing station. Choosing a play yard for your toddler is as important as buying other toddler gears. Here is a list of the best toddler play yards that have earned the approval of parents and safety experts.

Graco Pack N’ Play Element Play Yard

Graco has been the leading brand of toddler play yards for a very good reason. The Graco Pack N’ Play Element has been a bestseller for years. Why? Because this toddler play yard is sturdily constructed, has an easy to fold mechanism, a bassinet, toy bar and a diaper changing table. It only weighs 21 pounds which makes it very lightweight and a perfect traveling companion. It only costs $120 to $150, perfect for parents who are looking for an affordable play yard that is packed with features.

Chicco Lullaby LX Play Yard

Chicco Lullaby LX is also considered as one of the best toddler play yards because it has plenty of features. It is thickly padded to keep your toddler comfortable, has a toy bar that can be used inside or outside of the play yard, a night light and a music unit with vibration, a bassinet with a removable and machine-washable mattress, a handy changing table that folds down when not in use and can accommodate toddlers up to 30 pounds. You can easily collapse it using the push-button fold for easy storage. In addition, it comes with a traveling bag and has wheels that protrude through the bag so you can roll it around for travel instead of carrying it. The Chicco Lullaby LX is a little expensive (sold for $190), but because of its functionality and versatility, this play yard is a steal.

Graco Pack N’ Play TotBloc Play Yard

This Graco model is highly-rated because of its big size (allows more room for playing). It is a basic toddler play yard with four mesh walls that feature a happy sun, interactive bugs and toys that crinkle and squeak. Its padding at the bottom is larger and more durable than that of the competition. What makes this toddler play yard even more popular is its ease of set-up – you can just unfold and go. It will take up more space in your home but you can just simply store it when not in use. You can get this colorful play yard for only $99.

Safety 1st Travel Ease Elite Play Yard

Another option of toddler play yards for parents on a budget is the Safety 1st Travel Ease Elite play yard. It is priced around $100 and is packed with almost every feature you could want. It has a bassinet insert, changing table, toy bar and a storage basket which you can hang on the side for easy access to diapering essentials. This play yard is available in different color schemes and is narrow enough that you can maneuver it through most household doorways.

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light Play Yard

If you have a family who is constantly on the go, the Travel Crib Light play yard by Baby Bjorn is perfect for your little one. It is a play yard that doubles as a crib so you no longer have to bring a crib with you when you travel. It is more expensive (costs $250) as compared to other toddler play yards, but since you get two toddler gears in one plus excellent safety features (flame resistant and waterproof lining), this play yard will be worth every dollar.

Joovy Room 2 Ultralight Play Yard

The Joovy Room 2 Ultralight (sold for $215) was awarded as one of the top toddler play yards in 2012 because of its overall durability, bigger space for play, modern design and cool color selections. It only weighs about 21 pounds and has a mattress that lies flat on the floor which parents like because it gives them reassurance that their precious ones will stay safe on the ground.

There are thousands of toddler play yards available in the market today. But the play yards above are the best among the rest.

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The Best Toddler Diaper Bags

A toddler diaper bag is a major must-have for every parent. It makes toting a toddler’s essentials effortless and more organized. Here is a list of the best toddler diaper bags that will not scream that they have diapers and bottles inside so parents can carry them with pride.

Skip Hop Studio Diaper Bag

The Skip Hop Studio is a versatile diaper bag that is well-loved by many parents. It looks more like a handbag than a diaper bag which is a big plus for moms who want to look fashionable while carrying their toddlers’ essentials. It is lightweight, easy to use and clean, very spacious (it can even fit most laptops), has two insulated bottle holders, stroller attachments or clips, a soft changing pad and an antimicrobial lined outer pocket for stashing dirty items. It is water-resistant and made of Eco-friendly materials. The Skip Hop Studio is a great bag for a great price (only $90).

StorkSak Olivia Diaper Bag

The StorkSak Olivia is also listed as one of the best toddler diaper bags in the market because of its functionality. It is made from lightweight, easy to clean nylon, comes with an insulated bottle holder, large changing pad and plenty of pockets. It is built to last beyond the diaper changing years so you can still use it as an everyday bag. This diaper bag is a must-have among celebrities. If you are willing to spend money for a diaper bag (StorkSak Olivia costs $198), then this diaper bag is for you.

Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag

If you are searching for a budget-friendly toddler diaper bag (only $58), the Skip Hop Duo is perfect for you. The Skip Hop Duo diaper bag is packed with lots of features such as 11 organizational pockets, changing pad, magnetic closure and a mid-line zipper that extends the bag’s capacity to 20 percent for those times you want to bring every toddler essential in your home. It easily converts from a shoulder bag to a stroller bag with its patented shuttle clips so you can securely fasten it to your toddler’s stroller. Plus, it is available in different colors and patterns so you can be sure to find one that matches your style.

Original Diaper Dude Diaper Bag

This is probably the best unisex diaper bag in the market today. It is a messenger style diaper bag that is comfortable and inexpensive (only $60) with tons of handy features for on the go parents. It has a wide, modifiable strap to minimize shoulder strains, cushioned back, stroller strap, elasticized bottle pouch, 3 exterior zip-closed pockets, a large inner compartment, special pocket, detachable cell phone pouch and internal key clips.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Abundance Boxy Diaper Bag

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Abundance Boxy is a diaper bag made for twins and multiples. It is well-constructed with a waterproof lining, has plenty of spacious compartments (perfect for storing more food, clothes and toys), a removable changing pad and a detachable dirty diaper pocket. Expect this bag to be heavier than a normal-sized diaper bag. You can get this bag for $198 and is available in a wide array of designs.

Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Diaper Bag

The Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared ($180) is considered as one of the best toddler diaper bags because of its roomy compartments, three insulated bottle pouches, soft changing pad, detachable shoulder strap and metal luggage feet. Plus, it is very easy to clean with its Teflon treated outer fabric which is stain and water resistant. You can just toss it into the washing machine. This diaper bag is available in solid colors and printed styles and is ideal for twins and multiples or for taking long trips with your toddler.

A toddler diaper bag can make a parent’s life easier and less complicated. Selecting the best one can be quite a challenge, but now that you know what options you have, you are ready to decide which one suits you best.

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Tips For Buying A Toddler Play Yard

A toddler play yard is not as essential as a toddler bed or stroller. But, a toddler play yard can fill a need you might be unaware of until you start using it. If you plan on buying one, make sure to keep these tips in mind.

Consider Your Purpose

Why do you need to buy a toddler play yard? The first thing you have to consider when buying a toddler play yard is the main purpose that it will serve. If you want one for travel or you are on a tight budget, go for a portable play yard. It is affordable, folds easily for hassle-free storage and can fit snugly in a travel bag. If your toddler will be using it on a daily basis, an entertaining play yard would be your best option. It is more stationary which is great for indoor and outdoor use, foldable (but requires more room for storage) and has toys attached into the walls. If your little one will spend most of his time outside, choose an outdoor play yard which is made of durable plastic that is easy to clean.

Think About The “Look”

A wooden and neutral colored toddler play yard will complement most home decors. A play yard with contrasting colors will make it stand out. There are also gender-specific color choices such as pink polka dots and plaid. Your toddler will not care what his play yard looks like, but you might, so choose one that suits your taste.

Check Manufacture Date and Packaging

Go for a toddler play yard with the most recent production date. See to it that the model has a certification sticker from JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) to prove that it has been tested and passed the current ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards. Bear in mind that safety should be your utmost priority and seeing a JPMA seal will give you some assurance that the play yard is sturdy and has no defects such as protruding objects, chipped paint, cracks, sharp edges, uneven rail slats which can trap your toddler and an inadequate locking mechanism that can risk a toddler’s security.

Make Sure It Is Appropriate For Your Toddler’s Age

            Just like any toddler gear, pick a toddler play yard that is appropriate for your child’s age. Read the label or ask the salesperson the maximum weight and height recommendations. Getting one that is too small for your toddler will make it easy for him to access the lock from the outside and go out without you knowing it.

Opt For Extra Features

If you want a toddler play yard that will keep your child entertained for hours on end, look for one with fun features such as a slide, a swing set or an activity board with toy accessories (rubber animals, spinning ball, play phone, mirror, picture house, light-up musical keyboard, etc.).

Get One That Is Easy To Fold

There are play yards that are very difficult to collapse so make sure you stay away from them. Practice assembling and disassembling the play yard in a store. If you can do it with one hand, then you know it is a good one.

Buy Brand New

Never buy a used toddler play yard. Older models might have been recalled and have design problems which can collapse and injure your little one anytime. Purchase a brand new toddler play yard. You might have to shell out more bucks but at least you can see to it your little one can stay and play in his play yard safely.

A toddler play yard is not just a place for playing, it can also provide your toddler an enclosed place for napping and a space where you can keep him safe and under your watchful eyes while you answer the phone or clean the living room.

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How To Choose A Booster Car Seat

A toddler car seat is crucial to ensure a toddler stays protected in a vehicle. If you feel your toddler is ready to move to a booster car seat, here are some tips you must keep in mind when shopping for one.


First and foremost, you have to do your homework before you buy. Check the internet for popular brands of booster car seats and customer reviews so you have an idea which brands are worth checking. In addition, take the time to visit SaferProducts.gov and NHTSA.gov. These websites allow consumers to check for product recalls and a manufacturer’s safety track record.

Choose Between A Backless or High-back Booster

A backless booster seat is affordable and has better lap-belt placement while a high-back booster car seat has a 5-point safety harness, offers more support and security and is more expensive (depending on the brand). Most parents prefer getting a high-back booster for younger children since it provides more comfort.

Get The Correct Size

Getting the right fit is very important when buying a car seat for your toddler. Consider the size of your toddler. See to it your toddler meets the height and weight range of the booster car seat. Most booster car seats have a maximum weight capacity of 40 pounds. Getting the correct size will ensure your little one stays secure and comfortable in the car.

Look For Safety Features

Your toddler’s safety is very important while on the road. Go for a booster car seat that has a 5-point harness that fits your toddler well to protect your child in the event of a collision, LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system to make sure the booster seat stays securely attached, cushioned seat for a relaxing ride and a side impact protection to support your toddler’s head from side to side. Most importantly, make sure the booster seat is approved by ASTM (American Society For Testing and Materials) to ensure it has been tested and has met current safety standards.

Check Extra Features

Check out booster car seat accessories such as suspended toys, a cup holder, snack tray, extra storage compartment and removable padding for easy washing.

Test It Out

Test driving the gear is essential. Try out the model in your car to be sure it will fit in your vehicle. The booster car seat should be securely in place with very little sideways movement. Have your little one sit in the booster car seat to make sure it is snug. Press your hand onto the seat to gauge its comfort level. The belts, especially the shoulder traps should be tight yet snug, not slack. There should be no sharp edges, cracks, loose items and chipping paint.

Do not be in a rush to make the switch. If your toddler has not reached the weight limit, keep him in a child-restraint car seat. Choosing a booster car seat should be done slowly but surely. Taking your time can help you pick one that best suits your toddler.

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Choosing The Perfect Backpack For Preschool

With so many choices of toddler backpacks to choose from, it can be confusing to pick out the best one for your toddler. Here are a few tips you should bear in mind when shopping for your toddler’s backpack for preschool.

What To Look For In A Toddler Backpack

The Right Size

The first factor is the size of the backpack. It should be small, otherwise, it will swamp your toddler and make it hard for your little one to carry it comfortably and securely. The right size of toddler backpacks is 13 inches by 11 inches and 4 inches deep. The top of the backpack must not go over your toddler’s shoulders and the bottom must rest in the arch of his back. Also, make sure it is lightweight. It should not add too much weight to your toddler’s load.


Your preschooler will be using the backpack every day so it is important that you get a backpack that is easy to use. Look for the following characteristics:

  • Two Shoulder Straps – to evenly distribute the weight
  • Adjustable, Wide, Cushioned Shoulder Straps – to ensure a snug fit to your toddler’s body and to prevent the straps from digging into your toddler’s skin
  • Padded Back – to offer lumbar support, minimize tension on the shoulders and guard your toddler from being poked by pointed objects (e.g. pencils, ruler, scissors, etc.) inside the backpack
  • Waist Belt – to divide weight more equally across the body

Multiple Storage Space

Look for a backpack with several compartments - an outer pocket for holding crayons, pencils or other small items, an inside pouch that can accommodate a “lovie”, change of clothes, jacket and other things and a side compartment for storing a water bottle or your toddler’s sippy cup so he can easily get it whenever he gets thirsty.

Durable Materials

Preschoolers do not take good care of their things very well. Thus, it is essential that you pick a backpack made of strong material such as canvas, nylon or ballistic to ensure wear and tear. Look for a backpack that is water resistant, with sturdy stitching and fastenings your toddler can easily open. Zipper fastenings should be big, chunky and made of plastic (not made of metal). Velcro is a fast and hassle-free way to lock a bag but it can come undone after a while once it loses its “stick”.

Simple Design

Steer clear of backpacks that display cartoon characters, have wheels and handles or those that come in very bright colors. They may look cute and trendy today, but later on, they will go out of style or your toddler will outgrow the character and ask you to buy a new backpack. Go for a backpack with a simple design or one in a neutral or pastel color such as black, brown, sky blue, white or blue.

A backpack is a valuable accessory every preschooler should have. With a little time and a clear understanding of what the backpack is for, you and your toddler will be able to choose the perfect backpack for his needs.

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Six Features Every Toddler Stroller Should Have

Without a doubt, toddler strollers are one of the most essential gears every toddler should have. Here are some key features you should keep in mind when shopping for a toddler stroller.


This is the most important feature every stroller must have since multiple safety features guarantee the safety of your toddler. The stroller’s handle bars and wheels should lock (either automatic or manual) into place when immobile to avoid it from accidentally collapsing or rolling down the street. Wheels should swivel in the front and back to ensure stability. A five-point safety harness and a secure buckle that will go around your toddler’s waist, between the legs and over the shoulders are a must to make sure your toddler stays in place and will not slide under the belt. A canopy will shield your toddler from the sun, rain and wind and from poking fingers.

In addition, the stroller should have narrow leg openings to avoid your child from slipping through. The frame must be free from protruding parts or sharp edges so small fingers and toes will not get nicked or pinched in between. It should be JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certified to make sure it meets present safety standards.

Sturdy Frame

A stroller with a fragile or heavy frame structure is complicated to use. Thus, it is essential that you go for a toddler stroller with a lightweight but sturdy frame which is safe, convenient and easy to use. Some strollers are not 100% assembled so see to it you select one with a frame that is easy to put together and separate. This way, you will not have any trouble storing it and fitting it inside the trunk of your car.

Adjustable Seat and Handles

A reclining seat that is easy to adjust gives your toddler a better view of his surroundings and is perfect for comfortable napping on the go. A modifiable handle bar makes it easy for someone (who is tall) to easily push the stroller.


A stroller with a basket underneath the seat is very handy for storing your toddler’s essentials. You can just keep his toys, books, blanket or pillow under the seat – no more rummaging through your diaper bag. A snack tray with cup holder allows your toddler to eat and drink safely.

Compact Size

Another important feature is the size of the stroller. Large strollers are perfect for outdoor use but they will not fit most pathways. A smaller stroller is easier to maneuver around narrow streets and crowded places and is more compact to fold.

Washable Fabric

It is common knowledge that toddlers are infamous for creating messes. Hence, everything should be hassle-free to clean. Look for a stroller with a detachable fabric cover so you can easily clean, wipe or launder it to avoid bacteria from growing.

Purchasing a stroller is an investment. Therefore, it is very important that you take your time in selecting one to make sure you get a stroller of excellent quality.

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Tips For Buying A Double Toddler Stroller

A double toddler stroller provides the convenience of transporting two children at the same time. With a lot of options to choose from, how can you determine which stroller is the best for your children? Here are some tips.

Tip # 1: Choose A Style

First, you need to decide whether you want a tandem or side by side double stroller.

  • Tandem (Front-to-Back) Style – toddlers both face forward with the back seat slightly elevated to offer a better view, easily fits entryways and pathways as the width is the same size with a single stroller, best used if you have an older child and a baby
  • Side-by-Side Style – children sit next to each other, best for twins or toddlers of similar size and weight, slightly smaller than a tandem stroller and more compact allowing easier maneuverability

Tip # 2: Check The Wheels

When looking for a double toddler stroller, make sure to inspect what the wheels are made of. Go for a double stroller with wheels made of air and foam instead of plastic. This way, in case your stroller tires have to be changed, you can simply send it to your nearest bike shop instead of sending the stroller back to the manufacturer and wait for a week or two to get it back which is too much of a hassle.

Tip # 3: Make Sure It Is Compact and Easy To Store

Double strollers are normally wider, longer and heavier than traditional strollers. Go for a double stroller that is easy to fold, lightweight enough for traveling and can fit in the trunk of your car. Imagine having two fussy children and a stroller you have to take apart just to make it fit in the trunk, terrifying isn’t it?

Tip # 4: Look For A Stroller With Ample Storage Space

Going out with your toddlers mean bringing a lot of things with you. In order for you to focus more on your children and to avoid looking haggard, choose a double toddler stroller that provides plenty of storage space. There must be storage compartments present above and under the stroller so you can stash your toddlers’ essentials (e.g. books, towel or toys) as well as your personal items (e.g. keys, wallet, mobile phone, etc.) and a snack tray. In addition, check the handle to see if you can drape a bag.

Tip # 5: Check It Before You Buy It

Most importantly, ensure the safety of the stroller. It should have a 5-point safety harness, individual reclining seats, thick padding, a canopy to shade your toddlers from the sun and rain, separate footrests, locking handle bars and wheels and wheel brakes to ensure durability and security. Check for age and weight restrictions. Look for the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) seal to make sure the stroller has passed federal safety standards.

Make sure to keep these tips in mind when buying a double stroller so you and your precious angels are happy, comfortable and safe.

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Stroller Safety Tips For Parents

Strollers are considered to be the lifesaver of parents. They make parenting a little easier, especially when a parent and a child are on the go. Below are some stroller safety tips you need to familiarize yourself with to ensure your toddler’s welfare.

Always Restrain Your Toddler

The most important stroller safety tip is to make sure you strap your little one before going out. Toddlers love to lean, move and wiggle around their stroller and the safety belt or harness will stop them from climbing and falling out of the stroller. The seat belt will also keep your toddler secure while he is sleeping as well as hold your toddler in place in case of a collision or if the stroller tips over, preventing accidents. Ensure that the strap is tight yet snug enough to avoid obstructing your child’s breathing.

Always Use The Frame-locking Mechanism

Be sure to lock the stroller wheels and set the brakes whenever you have to take your hands off the handles to keep the stroller immobile. But, do not depend on the stroller brakes too much. You must never let your toddler out of your sight even if the locking mechanism is engaged.

Keep The Stroller Close To You

Stay close to your toddler at all times. This way, if an individual accidentally bumps the stroller and it begins to tilt over or roll away, you can avert the problem, minimizing mishaps from happening.

Store Things Properly

Do not hang anything over the back of the stroller handles as this can cause the stroller to topple over, putting your young one in danger. All brands of strollers come with a storage compartment feature, use that to easily and safely store your diaper bag and other personal items, but make sure not to overload the stroller.

Maintain A Safe Distance

When folding and unfolding the stroller, see to it that your little one is at a safe distance. Your toddler might try prying his little fingers while you are busy setting up the stroller which can lead to injuries.

Check The Stroller’s Condition

Never use a stroller with a safety defect. Always check the condition of the brake, wheels (they should be tight), handles, pads, awning and the likes before placing your toddler in it. Also, keep an eye out for broken parts. There should be no chips, sharp edges, loose bolts and any protruding objects. If you notice a defect of any kind, immediate action is required. You have four options - fix the stroller (with the help of the provided manual), call the manufacturer, contact the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) or stop using it.


Finally, send in the product registration card. Having your stroller registered gives you assurance that your warranty is effective and that you will be notified if there are any product recalls.

A stroller is a significant part of family life. Thus, you have to follow these preventive measures to make sure your toddler stays safe at all times while in the stroller.

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Selecting The Best Travel System Stroller

A travel system stroller is the most versatile toddler stroller on the market since you no longer have to lug around a car seat and a stroller separately. Here are some factors you should consider before making a purchase.


A travel system stroller is heavier than traditional strollers. The first thing you should look at when choosing a travel system stroller is the weight. Make sure you check the stroller’s weight capacity. Most travel system strollers have a 30 pound weight capacity, giving it more longevity than standard strollers.

Car Seat

The car seat should click firmly into place. It should be fitted with a 5-point safety harness snaps into the stroller’s base securely. Opt for a travel system stroller with a car seat with several different reclining positions, including a full recline so your toddler can sleep comfortably.

Storage Space

Look for a travel system stroller with a large storage basket underneath. This will make it convenient for you to keep your toddler’s essentials (e.g. diaper, toy, blanket, wet wipes, etc.) as well as your personal essentials (e.g. keys, cell phone, wallet, etc.) within reach. If it has storage pockets in the hood and snack and cup holders (storage trays), the better.

Comfort Level

Choose a travel system stroller model that has a well-cushioned seat. The stroller should have a modifiable sun canopy and footrest. The extra features on travel system strollers can make them very heavy so look for durable, lightweight frames to help minimize the load.


Look for a travel system stroller with few mechanisms such as a one handed release and one button locking device so you can easily adjust the stroller. You will do a lot of folding, unlocking and lifting so it is best to go for a travel system stroller that can be easily folded, wheeled around and collapsed to fit into your car trunk or other storage spaces.


Inspect all the important safety features of the stroller. See to it that the belts that cross the lap and goes between the legs are tight yet comfortable enough for your toddler. Examine how the stroller moves. Test the stroller’s brakes and be sure they are easy to use. Choose solid wheels to make it easier for you to maneuver the stroller whether you are in smooth pavements or uneven terrains. It should also have lockable wheels so that it will not inadvertently collapse and skid while it is not in use.

In addition, make sure to test the stroller’s stability when the car seat is attached. The stroller should not tilt backwards or sideways when the handlebar is lightly pressed. Ensure that the handle is at a comfortable height or can be adjusted to your preferred length.

Travel system strollers are really a cost-effective way to get a car seat and stroller in one purchase. However, not all travel system strollers promise quality. Thus, you should always keep these tips in mind so you can obtain a model that will make you and your toddler’s life as easy as possible.

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