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Nanny Care – Hiring Grandma To Be A Nanny

If you decide nanny care is the best childcare option for your toddler and you are thinking of hiring grandma to be the perfect caregiver, here are some things you should consider to make this set-up work.

Ask The Question

Never assume your mother will be thrilled to spend her days looking after her grandchild. As much as your mother loves your toddler, your mom has her own life and she might be hesitant to be your toddler’s nanny since she does not have the energy of a 25-year old anymore. Talk it out with your mother and pop the question nicely.

Lay Ground Rules

Sure, hiring grandma to be a nanny will save you the hassle of explaining the requirements of her job. But the problem is, you have different opinions and parenting approaches. Thus, it is very crucial that you keep her aware of your expectations. How can you do this without hurting your mother’s feelings? Simple. Have a clear and open line of communication. Discuss house rules, limitations, routines and discipline style with her. If your mother objects, hear her out. For instance, if she wants to extend your toddler’s TV time to 40 minutes, let her. But, ask her to implement this only twice a week. Compromise and collaboration will keep your relationship peaceful.

Come Up With A Payment Plan

Naturally, your mother will reject receiving money from you. But, you can talk about some kind of compensation such as taking her out to dinner once a week, getting her car washed, giving her gift certificates to her favorite boutique or salon or gifting her with a paid vacation.

Do A Dry Run

Before you go back to work, ask grandma to spend a few days helping you with your toddler so she will know your toddler’s daily routine, favorite toys, how to install a car seat, where things are stored, when your toddler is likely to have an outburst, how you deal with it and so on.

Be Open

Be flexible and show respect. Your mother may have some valuable advice that would be helpful for your little one. If grandma did something you did not like, ask her why she did it and then ask her to do it differently the next time. Or, if she wants to take your toddler to the mall and have lunch there, there is no need to protest as long as she knows not to give your toddler sweets.

Arrange Backup Care

It is very essential that you look for backup care in case your mother gets sick, goes on a vacation or has something important to do. You can also hire a part-time babysitter to assist grandma or so she can have afternoons off.

Keep in mind that hiring grandma to be the nanny is not always the perfect solution for every family. This arrangement may be hassle-free for your friend but may not work for you. Before making a decision, make sure you consider your child, your family and your grandma’s needs.

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Things You Need To Remember When Hiring A Nanny

Hiring a nanny is like hiring an employee. You need to find the best one so she can be an asset to your family, and when you find the perfect one, make sure you do everything to keep her. Below are some do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind.


Establish The Basics

First, you have to come up with a contract for your nanny. The basics of a nanny contract include – hours of work (if she is willing to stay past her working hours), salary, sick and vacation pay, the nanny’s tasks and responsibilities (whether or not she is willing to do household chores), the nanny’s limits, back-up options, when the nanny can take a vacation and when the contract will end.  Having a contract is one way to establish a smooth and problem-free relationship with your toddler’s child care provider since both parties know what to expect from the start of the relationship.

Set Up Regular Performance Reviews

Nannies, even if they stay at home, are also professionals. Having a performance review annually or biannually is a great idea. This will make your nanny feel appreciated and assured that she is taken seriously. Plus, it allows you to point out your observations or opinions you may have about the quality of her work, which helps establish an open line of communication.

Allow The Nanny To Do Her Job

While it is your obligation to inform your nanny about your house and parenting rules (e.g. your toddler’s bath time, playtime and daily activities, the foods he can and cannot eat, etc.), do keep in mind that nannies have been in the business for quite some time, so they know what they are doing. As much as possible, let your nanny perform her duties without you breathing down her neck every second.

Give Praise

Being a nanny is not an easy job. Provide some encouragement every now and then to remind her that you are very grateful for her service or that your life will not run as smoothly without her. Offering a small token of appreciation would be nice as well. You can buy her groceries, pay her bills or her upcoming trip or treat your nanny to a classy restaurant on her birthday.


Expect Your Nanny To Be Wonder Woman

Sure, your nanny is paid to do a job. But, you need to remember to keep your expectations reasonable. Do not expect her to be calm when your toddler has been unceasingly screaming in her ear the whole day or expect her to clean your living room while she is playing with your little one at the same time. Blow-ups are bound to happen. They are normal. After all, your nanny is a human being.

Pay Your Nanny Late

When you say you are going to pay her every 15th of the month, make sure you do that. If you are on a budget, never cut your nanny’s salary. Do not skimp on the Christmas bonus. Make sure you follow everything that is in the contract, especially when it comes to money.

Sweat The Small Stuff

Every relationship has its own ups and downs. In order to have a successful one with your nanny, make sure you fix any petty argument before it becomes into one, big disaster. Talk about it. Say what you want to say and listen to what your nanny has to say. This will help you deal with your issues in a civil and mature manner.

A good working relationship with your nanny is important. The only way you can achieve that is if you follow the simple rules mentioned above.

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The Advantages of Nanny Care

A caregiver plays a significant role in a child’s upbringing. There are different types of childcare, but nanny care stands out the most. Want to know why? Read below.

Life Is Less Stressful

Admit it. As much as you want to spend time with your child, there are days in your life when you just want to take a break from your parent duties. Hiring a nanny can considerably reduce the stress of parents, especially those with careers. You do not have to prepare your toddler’s breakfast, ensure he has taken a bath before going to work or worry if he has eaten his dinner when you need to stay in the office and finish your proposal. Because you have do not have to dash around your home, you are able to have some free time to sit down, eat and talk with your toddler before you go.

In addition, you have the luxury to pamper yourself again or go on a date with your spouse. Also, if an emergency arises (e.g. you need to visit a sick relative, go to the hospital or go out of town) you can remain confident that the nanny will take good care of your toddler.

Undivided Attention

Unlike daycare centers where 1 caregiver looks after 3 to 5 kids at the same time, having a nanny assures you that your toddler will be given one-on-one attention. The nanny is able to care for your toddler attentively and look after your child’s needs, mimicking the care your toddler gets from you and your husband.


Nannies have been administering their services for many years, are required to undergo nanny training and other child care courses such as child CPR and are qualified child care providers, making them the best in the field. Because a nanny is experienced, she is capable of helping your little one develop age-appropriate skills and filling your child’s schedule with educational activities that will nurture your toddler’s overall development.

Familiar Environment

With nanny care, your toddler can stay in a familiar surrounding all day. He can eat, take a nap and play without disrupting his daily routine. Plus, your toddler gets less exposure to germs and other viruses, decreasing his chances of getting sick.

Cost Effective

A lot of parents believe that nanny care is expensive than day care centers. But, when you look at the bigger picture, the latter is more expensive. A nanny can look after your toddler and your older child at the same time, perform household chores such as cooking meals, doing the laundry or cleaning your house and can look after your toddler at a moment’s notice without asking for extra charges.

Lasting Relationship

Lots of nannies who have worked for many years with a family become a part of the family unit that even if their duties as caregivers are finished, they still continue to visit the child as he grows and remain in contact with their previous employers.

Nanny care is one of the best and most qualified options for child care. Not only is it a great choice for children, but for parents as well.

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Qualities To Look For When Hiring A Nanny

Hiring a nanny is tough enough. Evaluating each candidate is even harder. To help you with your search, here is a list of qualities a great nanny should have.

Genuine Interest In Children

A good nanny is warm and loving. She will show interest in getting to know her potential ward. She will be concerned about making sure that your toddler will be at ease with her. A good nanny is full of life and maintains fun and bubbly interaction with your little one to keep him in a good mood. Thus, both you and your toddler feel comfortable and happy in her company. A nanny can do everything well, but if she is truly interested in children, her love will shine through and your toddler will know it.


A good nanny should arrive on time. She should inform you ahead of time if she is going to be late or is not able to look after your toddler on a particular day (with a valid reason for her absence) and even help you find a substitute caregiver. She should also be prompt in implementing the activities you set such as feeding time, naptime and other daily routines of your toddler.


A good nanny respects your childcare philosophies. She will want to find out what your childcare beliefs are and even though you have different parenting views, she will still respect them. This is very important especially since your toddler will be with the nanny for long periods of time so you have to ensure that she will follow the rules even when you are not around.


When hiring a nanny, it is essential that she is competent enough to look after your precious one. A nanny with training or one who has attended seminars and other classes about childcare shows that she is skilled. She should also know how to perform CPR and basic first-aid and handle emergencies (e.g. injuries, fever, seizure, etc.) to ensure the safety of your toddler. Aside from that, a good nanny should know what to do when your toddler cries, throws a tantrum as well as give adequate disciplinary measures. She should also provide stimulation by preparing a list of fun activities your toddler can do that will benefit your toddler’s development and help him thrive.


A nanny should not lose her temper easily. Your toddler, being naturally hyper and curious will ask lots of questions so the nanny should be ready to deal with your toddler and answer his queries without getting annoyed. In addition, she should remain calm even when your toddler causes mischief instead of shouting, spanking and hitting your child.


A great nanny will strive to maintain a good relationship with you. She will keep you up to date of the daily activities by writing a daily report or by talking to you at the end of the day so you know how your toddler is doing and if there are any problems. She should also be open to discuss to you certain matters and at the same time be willing to listen to your concerns so the two of you can resolve any issues right away in order to establish a strong caregiver-parent relationship.


A great nanny prioritizes your toddler’s health and hygiene. She should ensure that your toddler is clean as well as keep his area (especially his bedroom) tidy at all times to ensure germs, viruses and other elements that can risk your toddler’s well-being are at bay.

When looking for a nanny, make sure to keep these qualities in mind so you can hire your very own Mary Poppins.

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The Benefits of Nanny Care

When you need to go out for work, leaving your toddler at home can be depressing. But, thanks to modern childcare services, you do not have to constantly worry about your toddler’s welfare. Nanny care for your toddler is a blessing. So even if it costs more, you are assured that you get the best service for your child.

Nanny care at home makes the day less demanding for you and your little one. Since the nanny will become almost a part of the family, stability and reassurance is guaranteed. There are a number of advantages nanny care brings, the following are:

One on One Care Is Given

Since the nanny takes care of your toddler inside the family’s home, your little one gets plenty of attention and motivation. As compared to a regular day care center, a nanny is able to attentively observe your toddler’s growth on a daily basis through the activities he does. The shift will not surprise your toddler as the care is similar to the care he gets from you. Your toddler’s social, emotional, and intellectual growth are the nanny’s topmost priority. A stronger bond is formed between the two which is helpful to your toddler’s development.

You Get Household Support

Nannies are not only bounded to looking after your toddler’s welfare. Since she ultimately spends her hours inside your home, she can multitask and be of great assistance in doing household chores. The nanny can prepare your meals. The free time you get helps you bond with your toddler. You can sit and eat together during breakfast or play for a little while without worrying if you are late for work. Plus, the nanny can take care of basic housekeeping such as grocery shopping, sweeping, dish washing, laundry and so on.

Undisrupted Routine

Your toddler likes to be in familiar surroundings. Nanny care allows your little one to stay in the comforts of his home all day. The convenience of a home setting is a great plus for your child. He bathes in his own shower, eats in his own kitchen, sleeps in his bed and play with neighborhood kids. The more your toddler gets used to a routine the greater he is able to reveal his individual needs. This helps him incorporate new things into his daily practices smoothly.

Less Exposure to Viruses

As much as possible, you want your toddler to be in tiptop condition. A playschool can risk your toddler’s health as there are a lot of children and unfamiliar objects that can transmit germs which can make your toddler sick. A nanny care provider does not necessarily immune your toddler from illness but she is able to constantly check your toddler which helps decrease the number of viruses your toddler is exposed to.

Flexible Schedule

In case of any emergency, you can easily contact the nanny to take care of your toddler since a nanny’s schedule is tailored to fit your individual needs. Last minute changes are accommodated so if you need to rush to an impromptu meeting or you have to visit a sick relative, you can just call up his nanny and have her come over the house so your toddler has company.

Consistent Interaction

Your toddler gets to learn how to interact with people at an early age. This hones his social skills which is essential once he starts school. A long-term nanny provides constant care through the many stages of your toddler’s life. So even if his nanny retires, the strong bond between them is still present which assures your little one that building a long lasting relationship is good and doable even when the individual is not always around.

You Maximize Your Time

You and your husband can also benefit from a nanny care service. Even if you are working, you get the advantage of having a few hours of free time where you can pamper yourself, relax and do your hobbies. Plus, you get to finish your errands quickly since your toddler is not with you.

Saves You Money

Even if you pay extra for your nanny’s services and taxes, it is still a cost effective decision since the nanny can also perform other daily tasks (laundry, mopping, cooking meals, etc.). You get multiple quality service while paying a single price.

Hiring a nanny both in a financial and personal perspective is very practical. You get security of your toddler’s welfare, you get more me time and stress is minimized.

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Hiring A Nanny to Help You Care For Your Toddler

When weighing your options for your toddler’s childcare, it is important to consider what is best for you and your family. Getting the aid of a nanny can help make your life less stressful. Your toddler gets to stay safe and enjoy all the comforts of home sweet home giving you peace of mind while you are at work.

In this modern age, past problems of parents being unable to continue their careers and also bring up their children are no longer an issue. Both parents can now go to work, with other people employed to watch over their children. Hiring a nanny can be a daunting task, here is everything you need to know to make the task easier so you can find the best care for your toddler.

How to Find The Best Nanny For Your Child

Stay In or Stay Out?

Before proceeding to hire a nanny, it is important to start your search by identifying what kind of nanny you need. Decide whether you want a stay in or stay out nanny for your toddler. A stay in nanny lives with you and the whole family in the house. You have to think about space and privacy policies. A nanny’s qualifications (experience and education) must also be considered as well as other household duties she needs to do on a day to day basis. On the other hand, a stay out nanny follows a fixed schedule. She only goes to your house when she is needed; she may or may not do other housework aside from taking care of your toddler.

Take Your Time

Give yourself ample time to do research. It is best to have two or more prospects to allow comparison. Ask neighbors, friends, relatives or your co-workers for recommendations. To expand your search, go online and visit nanny care websites. Budget must be considered. Know how much you can afford to pay your nanny, if you are willing to give benefits such as vacation leaves and insurance. Having a list will help give you a better idea of the nanny care services you want. Include these things in your working agreement once you start doing interviews.

Interview, Screen and Verify

Holding an interview to screen nannies is very crucial. You want to be at ease that your toddler stays secure and happy while you are away. Discuss the nanny’s experience, what she did before becoming a nanny and manner of childcare. Ask candidates detailed, scenario type questions like – what will you do if the toddler misbehaves? How will you react if he starts throwing tantrums? Do you know how to give basic first aid in case he feels sick? Ask each nanny for a police record check, a CPR training certification and referrals from previous employers. Contact each employer and verify their feedbacks. Inquire about the nanny’s discipline style.

Hold A Trial Period

It is always good to let your toddler participate when choosing a nanny. Have each nanny come over to your house and see how each one interacts with your toddler. Pay close attention to your toddler’s reaction. This will help you select the right match for your family.

Follow Your Instincts

During the decision process, always remember to follow your intuition. When you feel something is just not right, then it is a no. Talk to your toddler and ask for his opinion to help you decide. Go back to the trial period and recollect how your little one mingles with each nanny.

When hiring a nanny, always consider your toddler’s reactions. You know you have found your toddler’s perfect match when you see him comfortable, relaxed and happy.

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