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The Best Toddler Shoe Brands

Now that your toddler is walking, it is important to find a good brand of toddler shoes that will protect your toddler’s growing feet. Here are some of the best toddler shoe brands you can try without blowing your budget.

Stride Ride

From the first shaky walk to the pitter patter of little feet, Stride Rite has been supporting children’s steps since 1919. Stride Rite is one of the oldest and most dependable toddler shoe brand. All Stride Rite shoes support the natural development of the foot which is very beneficial in keeping a toddler’s feet healthy and happy. It has a unique S.T.E.P. system which helps parents choose the perfect shoes for their children. Plus, the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) has granted its Seal of Acceptance to some of Stride Rite’s shoe styles. What is even more great about this brand is that it is available in fun designs such as florals, Sesame Street, Disney and Star Wars characters. The only disadvantage is that some of their shoes are a little bulky and some styles are not true to their size.


Pediped is also one of the best toddler shoe brands. Pediped is the manufacturer of some of the most in demand toddler shoes. Pediped shoes have a very elastic footing, perfect for taking those first steps. They are known for their motto – “The next best thing to bare feet.” because of the Grip n Go feature which offers excellent foot development, a flexible rubber sole and a plaint box that lets the toes comfortably grip the floor. Pediped shoes are offered in a variety of styles so you can be sure to find the perfect pair that will match your little one’s personality. However, the Velcro straps can be delicate and arch support are inadequate so see to it you choose a pair of Pediped shoes based on your toddler’s age and feet.


Robeez is a toddler shoe brand well-known for its soft soles. This is perfect for first-time walkers because they are very flexible, skid-resistant, provides gentle support without constricting and has a stretchable ankle which makes these booties almost impossible to kick off. Aside from that, Robeez shoes allow little walkers to get a good grip of the floor and help them discover their natural balance while protecting little feet from the world. These shoes have leather appliqués and are available in super cute color combinations and designs so your little one can master his walking skills in style. But as soon as your toddler can walk properly, you may want to upgrade to shoes with a more substantial sole.

Umi Shoes

Umi Shoes also made it to the list of the best toddler shoe brands. Umi Shoes are very light, stretchy and comfortable, making them perfect for a toddler’ still developing feet. Aside from functionality, this brand also offers a solid balance of style that toddlers will certainly feel good wearing them. The only drawback is that some styles get scuff up easier than others.


This toddler shoe brand boasts toddler shoes that are built on a solid foundation, are very lightweight and flexible for everyday use. In addition, Ecco shoes’ are perfect for avoiding pigeon toe (a condition which causes the toe to point inward when walking). Take note that Ecco shoes only have limited styles which might be a problem for moms who want to dress-up their toddlers in style.

See Kai Run

Another popular toddler shoe brand is See Kai Run. See Kai Run shoes are made from genuine leather, very durable, breathable, dirt repellent, have elastic soles that promote proper foot and muscular growth. These are perfect for indoor and outdoor use without restricting and provides maximum feet protection. Plus, this brand was also awarded the APMA Seal of Acceptance. The only downside is that the Velcro straps are a little too short.

There are thousands of toddler shoe brands out there. But these brands were highly-rated by parents so you can be sure you and your toddler will like one of these brands too.

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How To Choose Clothes For Toddlers

Choosing clothes for toddlers can be as easy as pie as long as you are armed with appropriate knowledge and understanding. Here is a guideline to help you buy the right clothes for your toddler.

Get The Right Fit

Size is very important when buying clothes for toddlers. Avoid buying “one size fits all” or “free size” outfits just to make your task easier. Know the right size, including height and weight as well. This is important because toddlers grow very fast. You do not want to buy clothes that are either too small or too big as this will only make your toddler uncomfortable and impede his movement. You can get the correct size by observing the size of his present clothes. Getting his clothes repaired is also a good idea to ensure they fit his body.

Prioritize Comfort

There are plenty of toddler clothes available but not all of them provide comfort. Choose toddler clothes that are comfy to wear. Opt for clothes made of natural fabrics such as cotton, hemp and linen. They are lightweight, breathable and keep moisture away from the body so your active toddler can stay fresh and cool throughout the day. Avoid buying clothes made of synthetic fabrics as they tend to trap heat causing toddlers to sweat more.

Buy A Few of Each Type

Choose few pieces of clothes for each season. For everyday clothes, cotton underwear, plain, cotton t-shirts, shorts and pants with an elastic waistband and overalls with adjustable straps. Buy two-piece pajamas for sleepwear. Make sure they are flame-retardant. Sweatshirts, hooded coats and jackets that zip-up, socks, mittens and ear muffs for winter wear.

Know Your Toddler’s Preferences

Children want to exercise their freedom, especially when it comes to their clothes. Find out what your little one likes. Better yet, take him with you when you go shopping. Allow him to choose clothes featuring his favorite color or cartoon character. Not only will you be able to get the correct fit but you are also assured that your toddler will like the clothes.

Be Practical

Do not be tempted by fashion trends. Remember, trends come and go so stick to classic pieces. In addition, do not spend too much money on toddler clothes especially if you are on a tight budget. Stick to your budget. Know which clothes are okay to pay extra for good quality that will last (such as a good pair of jeans or winter jacket) and clothes you can buy cheap or in bulk (e.g. t-shirts and socks). Also, avoid buying designer clothes. Your toddler does not need it.

Look For Great Deals

Clothes are on sale during end of seasons so take advantage of that. Score the clothes department of Target, Sears or JCPenney for great deals. Collect discount coupons. Search the web for online stores that offer free shipping. Accept hand-me downs. Organize a clothing swap with moms in your neighbourhood.

Buying clothes for toddlers can be a big challenge. But, if you follow these simple tips, your toddler will have a functional wardrobe for all seasons.

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Toddler Clothes For Starting Preschool

It is not enough that you know your toddler’s school dress code. You also have to consider what type of clothes your preschooler really needs. Here are some suggestions of toddler clothes that can ensure a happy and secure preschooler.

Season-appropriate Clothing

Shorts when it is 60 degrees? Jackets in the summer? A toddler wearing inappropriate clothes will not be able to function well in school if the preschooler is feeling too hot or cold. To avoid this, always be updated with the seasons and weather forecasts (check it every evening). For warmer climates, dress your toddler in shorts and lightweight tank tops. For colder climates, have your child wear pants and a long-sleeved top.

Easy To Manage Clothes

Forget overalls, suspenders, tights and button closure pants. They may be fashionable and will make your toddler look more adorable, but these types of toddler clothes do not encourage independent dressing. Opt for “dash and go” clothing (e.g. pants with garterized waistbands) instead. Preschoolers should be capable of dressing and undressing themselves to make their experiences using the restroom successful. These clothes also prevent embarrassing accidents from happening.

Comfortable Clothes

Because preschoolers are always in action, they need clothes that will allow them to move freely and comfortably inside and out. Always go for school clothes that are loose-fitting, lightweight and made from breathable fabrics such as cotton. Cotton is durable and absorbent which keeps moisture away from the body so toddlers can stay fresh all day.

Easy To Care Clothes

Most of the time, preschoolers will come home with stained clothes which can make a parent’s life more difficult. To minimize your work, look for school clothes that are machine washable. This way, you can just toss them in the washing machine, add laundry detergent to remove stains, hang them dry and your toddler’s clothes are looking clean and new once again.


Most teachers’ advice preschoolers to bring a jacket with them to school regardless if it is summer or winter season. Jackets will come in handy in case of unexpected climate changes or if the air conditioning in your toddler’s room makes your little one shiver. Place a zip jacket with a hood in a plastic resealable bag (do not forget to write your toddler’s name on it) in your toddler’s cubby or inside your child’s bag.

Forget Ruffles, Sequins, Laces and Other Embellishments

It is common for parents to dress their little girls in frilly clothes. Sure, they look cute, but wearing this kind of clothes in school is very dangerous. Your toddler’s classmates can step on the embellishments and they can snag on playground machines while your preschooler is playing causing your child to trip or fall.

Leather or Canvas Shoes

Avoid boots, flip flops and sandals. Sneakers or tennis shoes (for little boys) and mary janes (for little girls) will allow a preschooler’s toes to move freely without trouble so the feet can stay comfy all day long. Look for shoes that are easy to put on and remove and those with shoelaces or Velcro fasteners.

When dressing preschoolers, always prioritize comfort and function so toddlers can move unrestrained and perform their best in school.

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How To Avoid Choosing The Wrong Toddler Shoes

Toddler shoes are an essential part of every child’s ensemble. When going shopping for toddler shoes, you should keep these tips in mind to avoid buying the wrong shoes for your toddler.

What You Should Avoid When Buying Toddler Shoes

Poor Quality of Construction

While buying inexpensive shoes for your toddler is more economical because your little one will only wear it for six months, poorly made shoes will wear out faster as compared to quality made shoes so you will have to replace them and spend more money. It is easy to identify the quality of the shoes. Well made shoes have stitches that are sewn while cheaply made shoes are glued instead of sewn - no wonder they fall apart so easily.

Wrong Fit

Buying ill-fitting toddler shoes can cause toe problems such as bunion, calluses, ingrown toenails and hammer toes. Have your toddler’s feet measured at your local shoe store or refer to a shoe size chart you can download from the internet. Examine the depth of the shoes. Make sure shoes have rounded toe boxes to give toes ample room for movement without being too big and the top of the shoes should not squeeze the toes.

Stiff Soles

Thick, hard soles can be very painful, limits mobility of the toes and increases the risk of falling and sliding. Toddler shoes with heels makes balancing harder for your little one causing the foot to slide forward making your toddler walk slower. Look for toddler shoes made from breathable materials such as canvas or leather, a padded insole and a flat outer sole which offers balance and flexibility.

Neglecting To Try On Shoes Before Buying

Buying shoes without fitting them first is a big no-no. Remember, shoes differ in fit. So make sure to bring your toddler with you when shopping for shoes. Have him try both shoes and let your toddler walk around the store to ensure the heels do not slip out.

Here is an extra tip – fit shoes at the end of the day since a child’s feet swell and are bigger later in the day.

Fashionable Shoes

It is okay to buy shoes that feature his favorite cartoon character or superhero. However, once your little one outgrows his fascination, he will more likely refuse to wear his shoes, creating an unnecessary struggle. Opt for toddler shoes with a plain design and with a color (e.g. brown, beige, white, black) that will complement most of his outfits.

Velcro Straps

It is easier to put shoes on and off with Velcro fasteners. But for a growing child who knows how to remove the Velcro straps, this can be a hassle. Choose shoes with laces instead so they will not come undone as often and your toddler will not be able to take his shoes off anytime, especially when he is at the playground or is walking on uneven surfaces.

Buying the right shoes for your toddler does not have to be a daunting task. Just keep these tips in mind and you will be able to find a pair your toddler will be comfortable in.

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Buying The Perfect Pair of Toddler Shoes For Your Little Girl

By now, your toddler is discovering the world with her feet. Hence, shoes are essential to help her on this expedition. But unlike little boys, your little girl will need few pairs of shoes that will match her little outfits. Below are some tips to help you score the perfect toddler shoes for your lass.

Make A List

First off, you need to decide which type of toddler girl shoes you want to buy. But, being a girl, your daughter will need a different pair for different occasions. So in your list, make sure to include shoes for special occasions (dress shoes), sandals, flats, sneakers and slippers.

Take Your Little Girl With You

When going shoe shopping, bring your little girl along with you. This way, you can be sure she will like the shoes and that you are getting the correct size since she can try them on first. If she has trouble picking out a new pair, help her by narrowing down the choices. This lets you choose a selection that you like while still letting her have the final say.

Figure Out The Right Size and Fit

The most important tip when buying toddler shoes is to make sure you get the right size and fit especially since your little one is a new walker. In order to get an accurate measurement, let your toddler stand with her weight on both feet. To check the width, squeeze the side of the shoe and press a thumb just beyond the tip of the big toe to check the length. You should be able to grasp a tiny bit of the shoe and there should only be half an inch of room in the front. You do not have to worry if your little girl has wide feet as most shoe brands make their products in wider than normal sizes.

Make Sure They Are Comfortable

A general rule when it comes to buying toddler shoes is to make sure shoes are lightweight, breathable and flexible. Buying toddler shoes that are too heavy and chunky will make it difficult for your toddler to walk around. Opt for something weightless. Shoes with thin and flat soles are the best. Avoid buying shoes with heels no matter how cute they seem. Your little girl does not need them and the heel can affect her balance and stance.

In addition, look for shoes that are made of breathable fabrics such as canvas and soft leather. This will allow room for the feet to breathe. The shoes must have a sturdy fabric top and an elastic rubber sole to prevent your little girl from falling and skidding.

Go For Shoes With Cute Designs

There are a lot of designs available on the market. Popular colors of toddler girl shoes are white, beige, black, pink and anything bright. Choose toddler girl shoes with adorable designs such as flowers, lace, beads, Barbie, Cinderella or those with beautiful textures such as velvet and satin. You can easily pair them with her cute outfits to make your little girl even more adorable.

Shopping for toddler girl shoes are always fun and they are the best accessory in creating a fashion statement. With the help of the tips mentioned above, you can get your little girl the perfect pair that is stylish and comfortable at the same time.

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Summer Clothing Essentials For Toddlers

Like seasons, clothes also change. A person’s wardrobe should be able to adapt to the weather and a toddler’s clothing is no exception. Here is a list of summer clothing must-haves to keep every toddler boy and girl cool and comfy during sunny days.

Tank Tops

You will need a lot of these on hand especially during really hot days. Tank tops are very comfortable to wear 24/7, plus, they are really inexpensive, so buy lots of them.


This, of course, is a wardrobe staple no matter what the season is. The secret to keeping your toddler feeling and looking fresh during the summer months is to buy shirts made of 100% cotton. Cotton is a breathable fabric which allows air to reach your toddler’s body and sweat to evaporate rather than stick to the skin and cause irritation. Opt for light-colored shirts since dark colors absorb heat rather than reflect light which makes a person perspire more. Buy lots of shirts as well, they are very easy to mix and match.


Wearing pants during summer is just too itchy and hot. Skip jeans for now and instead, dress your little boy in shorts. Cargo shorts and denim shorts can be dressed up or down. Your toddler can match it with a tank top for a day at the park or match it with a cute, collared shirt if the family goes out for dinner.

Sundresses and Skirts

Keep your adorable little girl pretty and comfortable by dressing her in sundresses and skirts (matched with cotton tees). Save the tights and other froufrou clothes for winter. You can choose from a wide selection of colors and designs. Some dresses and skirts are sold as a set for mommies and little girls so you can be matchy matchy.


Of course, summer will not be complete without hitting the beach. Buy swimwear with built-in sun protection or UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) or rash guard shirts so your little one can enjoy playing in the water and building sand castles sans insect bites, itching and sunburn.


Wearing sandals keeps the feet cool and supported during the summer months. Go for strapped Velcro sandals. They are very flexible, allowing your toddler to run around freely.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are great especially when you are taking a trip to the beach. Your toddler will probably need more than two flip flops so stock up and get them in the cutest colors possible.

Sun Hat

Look for a sun hat that will shade not just your toddler’s pretty face but also the ears and the back of your toddler’s neck. A classic, wide-brimmed sun hat that ties under the chin is perfect. Go for a sun hat made of cotton in a tight weave as it is the coolest and provides the best protection.

Toddler Sunglasses

A good pair of toddler sunglasses will complete your toddler’s summer wardrobe. Look for one with wraparound lenses (to cover the eyes completely), a flexible frame and band for a comfortable and secure fit and one that offers 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays (to shield your toddler’s sensitive eyes).

Summertime means a lot of days spent outdoors. Stock up your toddler’s wardrobe with these summer clothing essentials to keep your precious one safe while he is having the time of his life.

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How To Teach Your Toddler To Dress Himself

Teaching your toddler how to get dressed by himself helps him develop his physical skills. This is very challenging, so patience, persistence and practice is required from both you and your toddler. Follow these simple steps on how to teach your toddler to dress himself.

Step 1

Buy clothes for your toddler that will be easy for him to put on himself. This helps boost self-esteem and makes it easier for him to learn to dress himself. These might include – t-shirts with loose or v-necklines, underwear with logo or pictures on the front (to help your little one identify front from back), shorts and pants that are loose with elastic waistbands (so he can easily pull it up and down),  clothes with Velcro fastenings and stretchy, low-top slip-on shoes or shoes with Velcro straps instead of shoelaces.

Step 2

Put your toddler’s clothes in an area that is easy to find to allow him easy access to his clothing. Hang shirts and pants on a low bar in the closet or place shirts in one drawer, pants in another. Place underwear and socks together in the bottom drawer.

In addition, only put clothes in your toddler’s closet that are suitable for the season. Store his winter clothes during summer months and vice versa. This way, your little one will not end up wearing a jacket in the summer.

Step 3

Let your toddler decide what clothes he wants to wear the night before. Take his tastes into consideration and have him choose between two different outfits. He can take his time making a decision and this will make him feel more independent. Another effective tip to teaching your toddler to dress himself is by letting him pick out new clothes when the two of you go shopping. He has his own style by now and buying a shirt that he chose will make him ecstatic to wear it the next day.

Step 4

Demonstrate to your toddler how to put on each article of clothing by dividing each task into small steps and using simple words and instructions. Here is a tip – teach your toddler the last step first. Once he can do the last step, teach him the second last step, the third last step and so on. For instance, when putting on jeans, help him face the pants the right way by letting him look for the tag inside the clothing to determine front from back, hold the waistband and put his legs through the leg holes. Then teach him the last step – pulling up the pants to his waist by himself. Once he can do this, teach him to put his legs through the leg holes. Keep working your way backwards through the steps until your toddler has mastered them all and can put his pants on by himself.

Step 5

Your toddler might feel frustrated to find out he wore his shirt inside out or have his pullover stuck on his head. Remember that practice makes perfect. Practice dressing and undressing by buying him a “Learn To Dress Doll”, or better yet, encourage your toddler to play dress-up.

Step 6

Provide positive reinforcement. Praise your toddler when he dressed himself even if his shirt is on backwards or if his clothes do not match. It is a huge effort for him to dress himself and by giving him praise, he becomes more motivated to continue dressing himself.

Teaching your toddler to dress himself takes time, effort and patience. It is a new skill he has to learn slowly and perfected through repetition. So do not worry too much, just smile, laugh and have fun.

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Tips For Buying Toddler Clothes Online

Buying toddler clothes online is popular among parents for not only is it convenient but also because online stores boast a wide array of choices and they are relatively cheaper as compared to department stores. Keep the following tips in mind when shopping for your toddler’s clothes online.

Get The Accurate Measurements

Know your child’s size. Since your toddler will not be able to fit clothes before buying, it would be best to take out a tape measure and measure your toddler or an item of clothing that fits your little one perfectly to make sure you buy clothes that are not too tight or too loose. Then check the website’s size chart. You need to know how to read clothes sizes for toddlers, preschoolers and grade school students. If you are unsure, just send the exact measurements of your toddler to the seller so the seller can help you out.

Know Your Child’s Needs

Once your toddler is in the “I can do it myself” period, buying clothes that are too complicated to wear is a big mistake. Go for toddler clothes that can be easily pulled on and pulled off. Choose clothes that can last wear and tear and those that can be easily washed since your toddler will most likely make his clothes dirty after a long day of playing and being active.

Another tip to keep in mind is to make sure you check the material of the clothes. Always put comfort before style. Buy clothes made from soft and natural materials to avoid irritation, such as cotton. Toddler clothes made from cotton are very lightweight so you can be sure your young one can stay fresh and comfortable for hours on end.

Look For Sales

A lot of clothing websites give discounts and hold clearance sales at the end of the season. Take advantage of these great deals. It is a great way to buy your toddler’s basic clothing items such as t-shirts, jeans, shorts, jackets, socks, etc., plus, you can even order these items one size up and reserve them until your toddler grows bigger. You get to save money while stocking up clothes for your toddler’s future needs.

Research, Read and Verify

Even before you start shopping on a certain site, make sure you have done a background check to see if the site is secure before giving any of your information (name, address, credit card number, etc.). The best way to know an online store’s legitimacy is to read client feedbacks. Most websites have a page dedicated for customer reviews. Take time to read them.

Check payment details, shipping details, return policies, number of stocks available and so on. Look for an online store that allows you to return the items totally free of charge. Meaning, the online store is responsible in shouldering the shipping cost. Some online shops have physical stores that allow customers to return and exchange items through their physical stores so check that out.

Remember, that as a buyer, it is your obligation to know these things to ensure that you will have a smooth transaction with the seller. Keep these things in mind and you will have a successful online shopping experience.

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How to Pick The Right Kids Sports Shoes

Toddlers are very active by nature. They do a lot of physical activities to satiate their raving energy. Hence, getting the correct kids sports shoes is very important to give their feet the right support and ample prevention from injuries. Here are some tips to help you select the right footwear so your toddler can be active with comfort and confidence.

Measure His Feet

There are three ways in getting a toddler’s shoe size. First, you may position your toddler’s foot on a sheet of paper and let your child stand straight and comfortably. Mark the end of the toes and the heel on the paper with a pen or pencil. Next, measure the space from the heel mark to the toe mark. If your toddler’s feet have two different sizes, choose the bigger size. Second, you can use a measuring tape and a conversion chart to get the exact size. Or, just bring your toddler along so he can have his feet measured with the help of a measuring scale available in shoe shops.

To ensure longevity of the shoes, make sure to buy sports shoes that is one-half size bigger than his current shoe size. In this way, you will not have to buy a new pair once his feet outgrows them.

Buy Shoes According to Your Toddler’s Sport

Different sports require different types of shoes. To make sure your toddler can properly function while ensuring superior feet support, purchase various pairs of athletic shoes that are specific to the sport your little one will be wearing them for. For instance, if your toddler takes basketball and soccer classes, buy basketball shoes that features an ankle support, overall weight reduction, a rubber base to create a wide grip and a steady base and special anti-microbial protection to provide proper air circulation to keep your toddler’s feet free from bacteria and odors. Soccer shoes must be made from leather or synthetic materials, have cleats that dig into the surface of the field and gel-like insoles for maximum comfort.

Examine The Construction

Inspect the shoe itself. It should have a firm heel counter (stiff material on either side of the heel), ample padding of the insole and a built-in arch. Shoes must be flexible enough to bend where the foot bends - at the ball of the foot (not in the middle of the shoe). There are various brands of toddler sports shoes so see to it to scan their selections first before making a decision as most designer sports shoes manufacture different kinds of running and tennis shoes with varying levels of comfort and feet protection. Check the shoes’ exterior and interior stitching. There should be no pins and other unnecessary materials used that could cause irritation.

Do A Test Trail

Before you walk to the cashier and pay his shoes, make sure to test out the shoes to ensure the quality and fit. Using both hands, squeeze the shoes to check if there is one-half inch of space between the tip and the end of the shoes. Let your toddler walk around the store for a few minutes wearing the shoes with normal socks. Ask how the shoes feel and if he can comfortably wiggle his toes in the shoe. Let your toddler jump or run around the store to make sure the shoes will not slip off at the heels with the slightest movement. Look for signs of irritation on his feet after he test drives it. If you see red marks on his ankles and feet, then get another pair.

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Where to Buy Organic Clothes For Your Toddler Online

Conventional toddler clothes mostly seen in stores and shopping malls contain hazardous dyes, pesticides and heavy metals that are not only itchy to use but are also bad for a child’s body as it contains toxins that can spread out to the skin and cause allergic reactions and side effects. Hence, it is imperative choose clothes carefully. With the help of organic clothes, you can assure your toddler’s health and happiness is in safe hands.

Ecobaby Organics

The only company to send their materials for third party testing, Ecobaby Organics started as a family business in the United States 16 years ago. This store has won over 25 organic certifications making them the best producers of organic toddler clothes. They have a wide selection of clothes only made from 100% cotton and other organic growing fruits and plants like banana, peas and plum, perfect for newborns, infants and toddlers. Clothes are very affordable as their items cost less than $50. Your toddler gets to stay hip, fresh and comfortable all day long.

Look Organics

Launched in 2004, the Look Organics children’s line was created by Josie Jesser. Look organics produces well-tailored, sleek and one-of-a-kind toddler clothes out of the best organic low impact dyed fabrics available. This organic clothing line is well-known for its streamlined crisp white button down polo’s, oxford shirts, jumpers and jackets.

Organic Baby Wearhouse

Organic Baby Wearhouse is one of the most popular Eco-friendly online stores that sell organic kids clothing in the U.S. All of their products are made from Oeko Tex 100 Certified Organic Cotton that is developed without any artificial fertilizers, pesticides and toxins. This online shop ensures every parent that no chemical and metal contaminants can come near your precious one. Since clothes are manufactured from pure cotton, they are hypoallergenic, perfect for your little one’s sensitive skin. Not only does it nourish your toddler’s health but they also help save Mother Nature from further damage. Plus, you get value for your money as each clothing is guaranteed to be durable and strong. Ideal for toddlers ages 2 and above, they offer quality clothes in the most stylish designs. You can choose from their cotton tanks, swing jacket, flare pants, reversible dress and long sleeves.


Scout knows that real kids want to wear real clothes. Hence, they have created toddler clothes that are modern without overwhelming the primary function of clothes - to keep toddlers safe and protected at all times. Scout clothes are very comfy so your toddler will surely want to wear them every day and every night. They cater to babies, boys and girls from newborn to age 8. Scout collection offers play clothes, coats, pants, shorts, night wear, dresses, t-shirts and onesies.

Sustainable Kids

Sustainable kids is an online store with a cause. With style and Mother Nature in mind, this organic toddler clothing line only uses hemp blends, organic cotton and recycled yarns. Printing inks are lead and phthalate-free. Dyes are certified by GOTS. They accept custom design and wholesale orders. They also have the “double-gifting” program which enables toddlers to donate items to underprivileged countries across the globe.

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