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Daycare Centers – Making It Work For You and Your Toddler

Daycare centers are the most institutional form of childcare. These establishments have a qualified staff, friendly atmosphere and a good educational program fit for toddlers. For these reasons, a lot of parents prefer putting their children in a daycare. Here are some pointers on how to make this option work for you and your toddler.

Help Your Toddler Get Accustomed To The New Environment

Change scares people, especially toddlers who thrive on consistency. Being outside the comforts of your home can frighten your toddler. Hence, it is important that you introduce changes gradually. To ease your toddler’s transition, stay with your little one for the first few days of class with his new caregiver. Most daycare centers allow this to help make the adjustment process easier for the children. Once your toddler is used to his new surroundings, leave for a short time. Then you can extend the time that you are apart.

It is also a good idea to read books or watch videos about starting daycare a few weeks before the class starts so he has some idea what to expect, who he will see and so on.

Provide Comfort Items

A lovey can work as a transitional object which offers a toddler security and familiarity. This can be a teddy bear, blanket, a t-shirt with your scent on it, a small album of family photos or any item that reminds your toddler of home. Make sure you pack at least 1 or 2 comfort items in his bag so he can hold it or look at it whenever he likes.

Connect With Your Toddler

See to it you schedule some bonding time at the end of the day to reconnect with your little one. Talk about his day. Ask him about the fun things he did. Listen to his stories. If he brings home an artwork, take time to look at it, appreciate and ask questions about how he made it. Do not forget to tell him that you missed him and wished you stayed with him during the day. Cuddle him, give him a big hug and a kiss and tell your toddler how much you love him. Your toddler will value the quality time which also helps assure him that you will always be there for him even if you have to be apart for some time.

Build A Good Relationship With Your Toddler’s Childcare

Most of all, make an effort to create a good relationship with the daycare center. This play a huge factor on how successful this childcare option will be for the both of you. Know the daycare center’s policies. Pay your fees on time. Get to know the staff, especially your child’s caregiver. Inform them of your toddler’s routines, any special medical condition, emergency contact numbers or any concerns you have. Make sure your toddler is well-prepared for class – extra clothes, writing and art supplies, etc. Pick up your toddler on time.

A daycare center is an excellent childcare option where toddlers stay safe and enhance their leaning while at the same time allowing parents to go back to work or take a short breather. These tips will ensure you keep your end of the bargain and make everyone happy.

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Signs of A Good Daycare Center

Now that you have decided that a daycare center is the best child care option for your toddler, your next task is to scout for a good daycare center. But with all the options available, how will you know which one is the best among the rest? Here are some factors you should look for.

Excellent Reputation

A daycare center must have a good reputation. It should have a pleasant, warm atmosphere and be recognized for its nurturing environment. Chat up one or two parents whose children are going to the daycare during your visit. If they have high praises for the center, then most probably it is a good establishment and your toddler will enjoy going to it as well. Also, a good daycare center should have the proper certification and licenses. It must meet the state licensing rules for health and safety. A daycare that has been accredited by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) is a good bet in terms of quality.

Qualified Staff

A good daycare center must have a qualified, compassionate staff. The staff must have adequate training about early childhood development, first aid, CPR and emergency preparedness. Having these trainings assures parents that their children will be in good hands while they are away.

A Low Child-to-Staff Ratio

The number of children and staff in a daycare center plays a huge factor in determining the effectiveness of a daycare center. According to American Academy of Pediatrics, a daycare center should have a 1:3 ratio or 1 staff member for every 3 toddlers for children ages 1 to 2 while for children ages 2 to 4, 1:5 (1 caregiver for every 5 toddlers) is the recommended ratio.

Firm and Positive Policies

Every daycare center has its own rules. Look for a daycare center that has a good discipline style, one that will never use corporal punishment. The establishment must also have a detailed outline of emergency procedures, flexible pick up and drop off location and schedule and a strict sick-child policy.

Stimulating Program

The purpose of daycare centers is to educate toddlers, not act as a “storage unit”. A good daycare center should bring out the best in toddlers. Hence, a structured curriculum that includes plenty of time for physical activity, group and individual activities, quiet time, snack time and free period are necessary.

Clean and Safe Environment

The building should be safe or childproofed and well-ventilated and lit. The area should be clean, especially the toilets. Waste bins should not be left sitting unemptied. Play area should have child-friendly equipments.

Top-notch Security

Security must be a major priority to a daycare center. The establishment must make sure that each toddler and parent or guardian has an identification card. Children should not be capable of leaving the building and unauthorized individuals should not be allowed to enter the building under any circumstances.

Finding a good daycare center is not easy. You may think this is impossible to achieve, but with a little time and effort, you will be able to find one that will make you and your toddler happy.

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Ways To Prepare Your Toddler For Daycare Center

Worried how your toddler will react during his first day at the daycare center? Here are some effective tips to prepare your toddler for daycare so you can put your mind and your toddler’s mind at ease.

Talk About It

Keep in mind that children do not handle change very well. Talk to your toddler about the upcoming changes – where he will be going, what he will be doing and who will be with him. When he knows what is coming next, he is less likely to revolt. Do this casually, say for example, over dinner or during his bath time and state it in a matter of fact tone as opposed to an inquiry. Stating it will help your toddler start to deal with it faster. Do not ignore his fears, acknowledge them and explain. Be positive and share your own memories when you started daycare. Tell him all about the new friends, experiences and things you did and he will do.

Another tip is to read stories or watch videos about a toddler starting daycare. This way, he will realize that he is not alone which will make it easier for him to accept the change.

Visit The Daycare Center Together

Weeks before classes start, tour the daycare center with your toddler a few times. This will help your little one get acquainted with the surrounding, his future teacher and the people who will be looking after him and his classmates. These visits increases your toddler’s comfort and confidence in this new setting.

Increase Social Interaction

If your toddler is not used to being around children, he might have trouble adjusting and relating with other children in the daycare. Set up play dates to help your little one get used to being a part of a group. Invite your neighbour’s kids over to your house and give them group activities such as obstacle course, collage making or role playing. Enroll him in a music or swimming class.

Adjust Your Toddler’s Schedule

Find out the daycare center’s schedule so you can adjust your toddler’s daily schedule. Your toddler may usually eat lunch at 11 in the morning but when daycare starts, lunch may not be until 12 noon. As much as possible, try to get his body used to these changes. Follow their feeding time, naptime and playtime but do it gradually to avoid confusing your toddler.

Bring Special Items From Home

Stop your toddler from breaking down during the first day of class by letting him bring something from home. Having a comfort object such as a stuffed toy, blanket, a shirt with your scent on it or a small photo album with pictures of family members can help toddlers in a new daycare situation.

Have A Goodbye Ritual

Being away from you for the first time may make him think that you are not coming back. Create a special parting ritual like a high-five, a hug and kiss, letting him face the window and wave until your are out of sight or saying something like, “I will be back before you know it.” or “See you later alligator.”. And oh, never sneak out without saying goodbye. This will only upset your toddler when he realizes you are gone.

Starting daycare can be tough for your toddler. But, with your assistance and undying support, you can help ease your little one’s fears so he can start his first day of daycare with a big smile on his face.

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Tips For Choosing The Best Playschool For Toddlers

Your toddler’s childcare is very important. He needs all the love, care and learning he can get. Thus, having your little one go to a playschool helps him nourish and maximize his full potential ensuring him a complete development. Choosing a playschool is as important as selecting the best pediatrician or learning activities for your toddler. It is expected that you invest your time, energy and effort in order to make the right decision.

These days, a playschool for toddlers is considered as the safe zone of children especially when parents are hard at work. Hence, it is essential to find one that perfectly suits your toddler’s needs. Conducting a personal research, holding interviews and seeking advice from other parents are the three key essentials to choosing the best playschool for your toddler.

How to Find The Best Playschool For Your Child

Tip # 1: Select a School with a Friendly Environment

The environment of a playschool is the most important factor since it has the biggest and deepest impact upon your toddler. He is entering a new dimension in his life so make sure your toddler stays in a place where he feels comfortable, secure and happy. This will encourage him to actively participate in different activities helping him foster his skills. Choose a playschool that is child friendly. Both the school’s interior and exterior must be attractive and colorful. A school with a big playground is also ideal. Each area must be well equipped with the right amenities.

Tip # 2: Consider the Distance

Choose a playschool that is near to your house or close to your office where you can conveniently pick him up. It is best that your toddler does not spend too much time in the journey. If you must send him to a far playschool, see to it that the school has transportation amenities (a school bus or van).

Tip # 3: Check the School’s Reputation

You need to make sure your toddler is safe in the playschool you choose. Know everything about the school by asking the parents of toddlers who are enrolled in the same school. Check the school’s popularity in your area. It is also recommended that you search the web. Most playschools have websites so study the school’s background, programs, facilities, rates and recommendations.

Tip # 4: Verify its Authenticity.

These days, there are a lot of playschool for toddlers making it more important to check the credibility of each prospective school. Confirm the school’s certification. Check if the playschool is directed by trained professionals. The faculty must have extensive experience dealing with toddlers. Get all the necessary information about the school’s learning program and the style of teaching the school follows to help you learn if your toddler will be fully secure and will be on the right path of learning.

Tip # 5: Flexible Learning Modules

It is also essential to choose a playschool that incorporates fun exercises to kids learning. Find a school that engages your toddler in cheery and active educational activities such as dancing, singing, drawing, and fun games like quiz bees and stage plays.

Tip # 6: Provides Medical Services

Every playschool must be capable of giving the basic first aid. The school must have a clinic, a child doctor and a nurse to help your toddler in case he gets hurt when playing, feels a little shaky or sick.

Tip # 7: Gives Ample Room for Playtime

All work and no play bores toddlers. Select a school that has a good room for amusement and learning. The playschool must encourage toddlers to play well. There must be a fixed time to do excellent outdoor and indoor play activities to help hone toddlers’ cognitive, motor and fine motor skills.

Tip # 8: Way of Discipline Must Complement with your Own Style

Playschools are expected to instil proper discipline to toddlers. That is why it is important to choose a school with a discipline style that sets off your parenting style.

Tip # 9: Ask About the Number of Kids in Every Class

Each toddler needs special care and attention. Ask about the number of students in each class. It is more suggested to choose a school with fewer toddlers in a class so the teachers can give personal attention to all the areas of toddler development.

Selecting the best playschool for your toddler is easy as long as the school’s services meet your standards and your toddler loves the school.

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Advantages of Day Care Centers to Toddlers

For parents, especially those with careers, a day care center is often the most traditional and beneficial option for toddler childcare. A lot of positive benefits for both parents and toddlers are given by these centers. In addition for your toddler being safe while you are away, day care centers offer quality childcare since they are well equipped and more capable in understanding the development of toddlers.

Parents struggle over the issue of sending their toddler to a day care center especially because they feel guilty that a stranger will lookout for them while they are away. However, day care has proven to be an effective means of not just keeping toddlers secure. It has constantly offered paramount childcare to many. There are various advantages of day care centers to toddlers keeping them happy, healthy and well developed.

Benefits of Day Care Centers

Excellent Introduction For Early Education

The primary advantage of day care centers to toddlers is that it helps toddlers enter pre-school. The early education preparation offered by these services gives time and space for toddlers to learn minus the stress. Day care centers are equipped with extensive books, activities and other educational resources as well. Also, toddlers get assistance to accomplish their tasks easier since they are guided by tutors. Basic lessons include the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and animals, recognition of sound, drawing, reading and writing. Learning is also presented through fun activities by holding music, arts and craft shows, a classroom painting contest, or seasonal plays. These improves young toddlers’ capability to retain, memorize and comprehend simple lessons.

Develops Social Skills

Interaction is necessary to help toddler’s fully achieve proper development. A day care gives toddlers excellent exposure that is essential in building and forming friendships. Since other toddlers are present in day care centers, they get to learn how to interact with each other. Young children get the chance to play and make friends. They also learn how to get along, share and take turns with one another.

Provides Structure

Structure is something toddlers always look for. They want stability and consistency. Knowing what to do and what happens next provides them comfort. When they know what to expect, most likely they have a clear idea of what is expected of them as well. The structure day care centers offer give toddlers security which makes them feel relaxed and secured allowing them to function properly. Snacks and nap time are common routines ensuring healthy eating habits and improved sleeping habits.

Minimizes Separation Anxiety

Toddlers who went to day care centers are more prepared when it is time for them to go to school. Day care helps them get ready for school and once they are, parents will likely have fewer problems when it comes to separation anxiety. Tantrums can be easily stopped. No more fear of being alone, getting terrified with teachers and can easily socialize with other peers.

Safe and Secure

As compared to babysitters or nannies, day care centers offers toddlers security. Parents no longer have to worry every hour about their child’s welfare. These centers are child-proof and are equipped with trained staff and services making them more reliable.

Daycare exposes toddlers to a school like environment. The development skills some children may learn in day care centers can also train them for the skills that they will discover when they start preschool and kindergarten.

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