Activities That Boost Emotional Development In Children

Activities That Boost Emotional Development In Children

Raising children entails nurturing all aspects of their development, and one of those is their emotions. Here are simple but fun activities to enhance the emotional development in children.

Play Dates

Give your toddler a chance to learn cooperative play by joining play dates. Better yet, organize your own play date and ask your neighbour’s kids or children of your relative and friends to come over your house. Provide them with structured yet entertaining activities such as an arts and craft project, decorating cookies, playing with clay, make-your-own pizza or a puppet show. Play dates allow toddlers to practice social interaction which help them hone their emotional skills (respect, sharing, listening, taking turns, etc.) that are helpful in building friendships.

Play Games

Play games with your toddler that will require him to wait for his turn and follow directions such as rolling or kicking a ball back and forth, Memory game, Noisy Animals, Bounce, Balloon Fun and Following Directions.

Household Chores

Assign your toddler things to do at home. It can be as simple as making his own bed, putting clothes in the dryer, setting the table, feeding the family pet or watering the plants. Praise him for a job well done. This gives him a sense of accomplishment and happiness in his own work which makes him feel confident. If he fails, do not ridicule but give encouragement so he is motivated to try again.

Pretend Play

Gather your toddler’s friends, dress them up in different characters or give them puppets. Give them scenarios such as a friend who does not want to share his toy with his playmate and then let them act out how they will handle the situation. Pretend play teaches toddler how to properly deal with situations they might encounter.

Classes or Workshops

If your toddler loves to play ball, enroll him in a basketball workshop or if he likes tinkering with instruments, let him join a music class. Encouraging your little one to join classes and workshops not only promotes teamwork and sportsmanship, but it also teaches your toddler to focus. Plus, being active helps your toddler deal with negative feelings better since he has an outlet for his emotions.

Go Out

Stop spending time indoors and take your little one outside. Visit parks, museums, zoos, stores, public markets or restaurants. Run errands. Let him help you with the groceries. These simple things teach your toddler how to interact with others by imitating your actions. Sooner or later, he will be ready to mingle with people of all ages.

Have Alone Time

Teach your toddler how to process emotions on his own by giving him space. Choose an area in your home with little distractions as his alone spot, place a small table and chair and some papers and crayons, puzzles, blocks or balls. This will serve as his area to get to know himself, his feelings and thoughts.

Nurturing you toddler’s emotional skills is very essential for it teaches him how to deal with different situations he will face later on in life. So start early and follow the tips above!

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