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Basic Craft Supplies Every Toddler Must Have

Toddlers are naturally creative. With their inquisitive mind and knack for creating things, encouraging them helps them discover their aesthetic tastes. Not only is arts and crafts a productive activity to do during their playtime but it also serves as the best way to boost their mental, motor and social skills. Make craft making exciting by stashing your home with these child-friendly craft supplies.


Scissors can be found in every area of the house. Stocking up on scissors is a great idea especially since toddlers constantly misplace them. Make sure you buy the right type of scissors for your toddler’s age and skill. Safety scissors are child-friendly. Remember to keep your gardening shears and kitchen scissors out of reach as your toddler may play with it when you are not looking.


Get your toddler different types of adhesive tools. White glue or all-purpose craft glue is perfect when your little one is working with hard-to-stick objects like glitter and popsicle sticks. Glue dots are easy to use, keeps things intact, does not make a mess and are available at most craft shops. Glue sticks are less messy than white glue and they dry quickly making them very practical to use especially if your child is an impatient crafter. Make sure to stock up on glue sticks since you need to use a lot to make them stick. Also, do not forget to close the lid tight since it quickly dries out.


The classic favorite of children, crayons are the best writing tool for little hands. Crayons are available in small and chunky sizes that come in 10, 24, 75 and 100 different colors. It is best to have both so your toddler will have plenty of choices. For safety purposes, opt for washable crayons so walls, tiles and cabinets can be easily cleaned.


Aside from crayons, markers are another must-have item. These craft pens can instantly add life to a dreary drawing. Buy washable markers and prioritize quality over price. High-quality markers present brighter shades and they last longer.

Craft Foam Sheets

Never forget to stock up on craft foam sheets. They are one of the newest and most fun types of craft supplies. They come in bright colors, are quite sturdy, playable and easy to cut, glue and write on. Plus, your child can loop and twist them into fun shapes; a great foundation for many works of art. Use Super Hold Foamies Craft Foam Glue to stick items onto the foam sheets. This foam glue can bond cardboard, paper, plastic and wood, satisfying your toddler’s thirst of creating masterpieces. For starters, get the 12 by 18 inch Assorted Craft Foam Sheets. This value pack comes with 12 different colored foam sheets (black, blue, green, red, white and yellow). For craft projects requiring assorted cut-out shapes, Foamie Craft Foam Football and Basketball Cutout and Foamie Craft Foam Team Spirit Shapes (letters, numerals and tiny t-shirts) are perfect to use.

Pipe Cleaners

Another must-have kid’s craft supply, pipe cleaners or chenille stems are the perfect companion to keep your toddler busy during rainy days. You and your toddler can create countless projects with pipe cleaners. Just search the internet for help. Pipe cleaner sets like Assorted Giant Pipe Cleaners comes with 7 different easy-to-follow projects, Assorted Bright Neon Pipe Cleaners are excellent for constructing figures and Bright Multicolor Pom Pom and Chenille Stem Kit contains 12 pipe cleaners in a variety of bright colors, feathers, pom poms and wiggly eyes.


Bond paper, art paper and construction paper are staples in every home. Get them in different colors. Again, it’s more sensible to buy high-quality paper since they are easy to fold and does not tear too easily providing enough structure for your toddler’s origami projects.

Googly Eyes

Googly eyes are the perfect finishing to a fun art project. Googly eyes, also called as wiggly eyes can be added to just about anything such as buttons, foams, fabrics, frames, paper, popsicle sticks, paper plates, plastic cups and so on. Paste On Neon Googly Eyes adds an exciting touch to any work of art. Just attach them with glue dots or glue sticks to secure them tight and watch those funny eyes look left, right and roll.


Ribbons are cheap, so it is safe to buy them in every color imaginable. You can choose from organza, grosgrain and satin to create beautiful bag handles, ribbon belts, clips, headbands and fashion jewelry.

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