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Best Toddler Toys For Little Girls

Toys serve as an excellent companion for toddlers. It is like their best friend, always available and is an instant mood booster. For little girls, toys come in various styles - from Barbie dolls, kitchen play sets, bead making sets to puzzles. All of which provide not just joy but a good learning experience as well.

When choosing toddler toys for your little girl, make sure you pick toys that are fun and educational. After all, this is where your toddler begins to unravel the things going on around her. They help your toddler become more aware and inquisitive helping her fully develop. The following are some of the most popular toys for little girls.


Little girls always like to imitate their mommies, hence, their affection to dolls and other cuddly toys. One of the most popular dolls are those that were designed to model after babies. You can choose from a miniature, average or life sized doll. If she is below 4 years of age, Little Mommy doll is a great first baby doll for your daughter. It has a cute face that is adorably clothed in pajamas with a bow headband and a baby bottle and rattle. She can feed, soothe and change the clothes of this doll. If she is between 5 to 10 years old, switch to Barbie dolls. These teenage dolls gives your daughter an idea of the physical changes she will soon encounter.

Doodle Sets

If she likes arts and crafts, drawing toys like Aquadoodle Travel Go N Doodle and a Magic Water Pen are perfect. It is a portable two-sided board that comes with an empty pen which needs to be dipped in water to write. It also has drawing examples which your toddler can follow. It is very lightweight which makes it the ideal toy to bring whenever your family is traveling.

Gardening Play Tools

If your little girl loves staying outdoors, gardening play sets are perfect for her. Try Bath Watering Can play tool, for your girly toddler. She can either use it as a bathtub toy or a gardening tool. It is decorated with butterflies, flowers and lady bugs. Plus, it has an adjustable spout. Get her mini plastic shovels, rakes, gloves and pails to complete her gardening toys.

Kitchen Play Sets

Another classic favorite, miniature cooking sets lets your toddler play house using her very own cooking utensils. A complete set of kitchen accessories like a chef’s apron, hat and knife will make her feel like a professional cook. A mini table and chair complete with plates, cups, saucers, spoons and forks will give her a thrill. Bake sets like the Easy-bake Oven, Melissa and Doug Bake and Decorate Cupcake Set and American Plastic Toy My Very Own Kitchen are classic favorites. These sets lets your toddler create pretend candies, ice cream, cakes and other pastries for her tea party.

Play Dough Sets

Play dough’s are a good way to unleash your toddler’s artistic side. With this toy, there are no limitations for creativity. She can easily cut, mold, shape and combine play dough’s to create things. Try Hasbro Play Dough and Play-Doh Fun Factory Super Set. These popular brands come in 24 different colors allowing your toddler to create multicolored cakes, candies, ice cream flavors, movie snacks and other sweet treats.

These toys are not merely for entertainment. They increase your little girl’s progress and teach life skills she will need later in life which are necessary in promoting her development.

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