Best Toys For Toddlers With Special Needs

Children love toys. However, finding the right toys for toddlers with special needs can be a little tricky. Here are some ideas that work for a variety of children.

Cognitive Development

Deluxe Nesting and Stacking Blocks by Melissa & Doug

Composed of 10 colorful, sturdy blocks, each marked with 2 or 3 letters, this toy can help a toddler with special needs learn the alphabet, sequencing skills and size differentiation. It is made of first-class, heavy-duty cardboard that is lightweight yet strong. It is easy to assemble so little fingers will not have a hard time grasping them. It is also very easy to clean.

Fine Motor and Gross Motor Development

Busy Balls Terrific Textures by Playskool

Busy Balls Terrific Textures is the perfect toy to stimulate your toddler’s sense of touch. The balls are small enough making it perfect for little hands to grab and roll, promoting hands-on play and exploration that helps boost gross motor skills. It is composed of 5 balls (Bumpy Gears, Dimpled Pop-up, Grooved Wobbler, Smooth Paddle and Wavy Disks) with different colors and feels that encourages sensory and visual development.

Oball by Rhino Toys

This lightweight ball is ideal for toddlers with special needs because it aids in the development of gross and fine motor skills. Its various colors and textures can also help toddlers with visual, tactile and sensory problems. Oball is robust and flexible and PVC and phthalates free, making it very safe for toddlers to use.

Go Baby Go! Poppity Pop Musical Dino by Fisher-Price

Poppity Pop Musical Dino is like an all-in-one toddler toy. It allows toddlers to place and release a ball which pushes toddlers to crawl after the objects. The balls are equipped with 8 amusing tunes and funny sound effects that help toddlers focus, strengthening their vision and sensory skills. Because toddlers will try placing all sorts of objects in it which do not fit, they will begin to understand the concept of cause and effect.

Laugh and Learn Learning Piggy Bank by Fisher-Price

There are 10 colorful coins to place in the slot which develops a toddler’s grasping skills while learning about animals, colors, counting and sizes at the same time. Toddlers will also laugh their hearts out as they press the piggy’s snout and open the door because of the music and sing-along songs.

Speech and Language Development

Learn and Groove Alphabet Drum by LeapFrog

A toddler with special needs can greatly benefit from this upbeat and educational toy. It has 3 learning modes – Alphabet (for every tap of the drum, a toddler is introduced to the alphabet in both English and Spanish which enhances his vocabulary), Music Play (the infectious music allow toddlers to freely explore music, encouraging free play and creativity) and Dance Along (the interactive play hones motor skills as toddlers crawl, dance and tap with the music).

Magic Mic by Toysmith

Magic Mic is the perfect toy for toddlers with speech problems. Children can just sing or speak into this echo microphone and they will hear the sound of their own amplified voice, exercising the vocals which is very difficult for children with autism.

Children with special needs take more time to develop. But with the help of these toys, they can start building skills while having lots of fun!

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