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Choosing Your Toddler’s Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is one of the most essential items for parents with toddlers. It is a bag made primarily for you and your toddler. Thus, using your old oversize bag for going out won’t work. The perfect diaper bag is more than a bag to hold bottles and diapers in, it is also a valuable tool to carry your essentials while staying fashionable. When selecting the best diaper bag, remember these tips:

Determine Your Budget

With a wide selection of diaper bags available, choosing the best one can be stressful. Hence, having a budget and sticking to it will make your search easier. If you are short on cash or if you are the practical type mom, stick to inexpensive diaper bags that range from $20-$30. If you have a flexible budget, you may opt for diaper bags with designer labels. Most branded diaper bags range from $80-$300.

Select Your Preferred Style

There are different styles of diaper bags you can choose from. Always consider your preferences when picking. Decide if you want a diaper bag that can serve as your every day bag or if you want a bag to be specifically used for traveling. The following are some of the most popular styles of bags:

  • Backpack Diaper Bag - Ideal for busy parents or for long trips. Very convenient to use as you can use both of your hands since shoulder straps do not slide off. Has plenty of space, making it easier for you to store your little one’s every day necessities. Plus, you get to bring his favorite toy or your laptop whenever you and your toddler will go out. Has a multi-pocket feature (both inside and outside the bag) which helps you stay organized. You can easily spot your toddler’s towel, diaper, baby bottle and so on.
  • Messenger Diaper Bag – A unisex diaper bag perfect for on-the-go mommies and daddies. It has an over-the-shoulder strap and easy content access feature making it a very hassle-free bag to carry. Messenger bags are very spacious, it comes with extended flaps which allows you to stash little extra’s (e.g. travel mug, book or your business report). Your toddler’s items will not get lost since it has several partitions and pockets that help keep everything tidily arranged. They come in fashionable colors and designs as well.
  • Tote Diaper Bags – A tote diaper bag is like a woman’s daily bag. It is multifunctional, spacious and has long shoulder straps. It is a very roomy bag as it features a lot of pockets. Some shoulder straps are detachable which you can easily adjust into a sling strap or a hand bag.

Know What Size You Need

Consider your family’s lifestyle. If you only make short trips like grocery shopping, eating out or walking in the park, then a small diaper bag will do. But, if you are the type to take out of town trips on a weekly basis, then having an oversized bag will be more beneficial for storing extra things.

Check Its Different Features

A good diaper bag is spacious yet fuss-free. Remember, it is useless to buy an extra large bag that will give you a hard time finding your house keys. Your toddler’s bag must be versatile. It must only have ample pockets, padded compartments to store your toddler’s baby food, formula milk and baby bottles. A changing pad and insulated straps are also a must. Key rings and cell phone pockets must be available for easy access. A diaper bag with a vinyl covering will keep it free from stains.

Be Modern

Gone are the days of traditional diaper bags. These days, a diaper bag serves as a fashion accessory as well. Choose a bag that complements you and your wardrobe. There are a lot of designs to choose from – animal prints, polka dots, graffiti, stripes and so on. If you want an instant boost to a dreary outfit, a bright pink or red diaper bag will do the trick. But, if in case your husband will also use the bag, it is better to choose neutral colored bags so it can suit the both of you.

Test It Out

Since the bag will be used very often, it is imperative to be sure that it can withstand wear and tear. Do a test drive before you purchase. Put some of your toddler’s essentials inside the bag and then sling it in your shoulder. Check if it is comfortable to wear. Try grabbing some of your toddler’s things and see if you can easily get them without having to empty the bag.

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