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Day Care vs. Preschool - Which Is Best For Your Toddler?

The big question of whether or not to pursue early childhood education is one of the many issues parents of toddlers consider. These days, a lot of parents send their children to school at an early age. In particular, moms and dads might be thinking about the option of day care and preschool. But, the question remains, which option truly maximizes a toddler’s potential?

To send your toddler to a day care or preschool is one tough decision to make. As a parent, you want what is best not only for your little one but as well as for your family. Although both are synonymous, each of these options present diverse advantages and disadvantages. To help you out, here is a comparison for day care vs. preschool.

Day Care or Preschool – A Comparison

Day Care

Day care, also known as childcare entails the supervision of a toddler during the day by another individual other than the legal guardians (parents) of the toddler. It acts as a program wherein parents who work can entrust their toddlers to professional child handlers. Childcare can be given at the toddler’s home where a nanny is responsible for the toddler’s welfare. It can also be done in nurseries such as day care centers where qualified and highly trained caregivers are present. Its main obligation is to keep toddlers amused, well fed and rested. At the same time, it offers motivating activities that can help boost the overall development of toddlers.


  • At an early age, your toddler learns how to interact with his peers increasing his self-confidence.
  • Through social interaction, your toddler’s speech and language development rapidly progresses.
  • Motor and cognitive skills are boosted through the help of stimulating exercises.
  • Safety and security is provided by this child friendly environment.
  • Personal attention is being given, eliminating the chances of your toddler to feel neglected.
  • Learns how to follow and obey simple rules.
  • Helps your toddler adjust better in new environments.


  • 100% one on one personal attention may not be given due to the number of kids present in the day care.
  • Style of childcare and way of discipline might be different from your own.
  • Your toddler can easily acquire diseases and infections since children are less immune to viruses.

Why choose day care?

If you work long hours during the day, then getting your little one to go to a day care makes more sense. It is very practical since it has longer hours of operation as compared to preschools. If your toddler is still 1 or 2 years old, sending him to a day care is more realistic since playtime is still his preferred activity. Learning activities are incorporated into fun exercises that can help boost his mental, cognitive and physical development.


A preschool targets toddlers who are between ages 2 to 5. A preschool involves a structured educational program that provides young toddlers a solid foundation for learning. It also functions as a preparation for kindergarten and elementary schooling.


  • More focused on learning rather than entertainment.
  • Its curriculum is organized around a more definite educational approach.
  • Has a smaller number of children per class ensuring one on one attention and care.
  • Teachers are highly trained.
  • Gains better exposure to different types of activities and materials, hence, achieving an optimized development at an early age.
  • Thinking skills are honed which is essential to your toddler’s being.


  • Negative social skills can be acquired when not monitored properly.
  • Can get sick more often due to unlimited exposure to viruses.
  • Tuition fee is more expensive as compared to day care centers.

Why choose preschool?

If you want your toddler to be ready for the coming school years, enrolling him to a preschool can help him gain exposure to different types of activities and situations. He learns faster through the help of the preschool’s structured course. He gets to learn how to adapt, adjust and interact at an early age.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing between a day care and a preschool is how comfortable your toddler feels in his new environment. After all, your toddler will spend a lot of his time there. In this way, you get to be at ease that he gets all the right leisure and nurturing he needs even when you are away.

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