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Different Types of Home School Programs For Toddlers

The decision to educate your toddler in a home setting depends on the family’s lifestyle and your toddler’s personality. Home schooling is a great way to bring out the best potentials of your little one. Thus, knowing which type of home school program suits your toddler the most is imperative.

There are various home school programs you can choose from. You can either select a single curriculum or combine two or more programs to further maximize your toddler’s development.

Calvert Home School Curriculum

Offered from kindergarten until grade 8, Calvert offers an excellent introduction which helps children nourish their education especially in the academic aspect. It is a home school program that is designed to deliver traditional yet modern teaching techniques which benefits toddlers regardless of their geographic location. Calvert is one of the most flexible home school programs that can adapt to any toddler’s specific needs. Its primary focus is on honing your child’s arithmetic, reading and writing. Once your toddler has mastered these 3, he can move on to study arts, history, music and science. Hence, he becomes physically, intellectually and psychologically ready by the time he starts grade 9.

Center For Learning

One of the most popular home schooling programs is the Center For Learning. This curriculum is available whether your little one is enrolled in a parochial, private or public home school from kindergarten until grade 12. It offers an excellent learning material that predominantly focuses on honing your toddler’s Language Arts, English, Drama and Social Studies skills. Religious materials are provided as well. This home school program is set-up as a conventional home education system with the added benefit of getting print and online classes.

The teachers are well-experienced. They can accommodate you and your toddler’s queries at any given time. Plus, a wide range of resources and different ideas of class execution (drawing exercises, audio lessons, online assignments, science projects, etc.) are available so you can be sure your little one will is well entertained throughout the course.

Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason concentrates on 3 points – atmosphere, discipline and life. Education by atmosphere is the home setting of a toddler. Education by discipline is the implementation of good moral habits. Education by life is the academic aspect of a toddler with a strong emphasis on topics like English, Fine Arts, Literature, Music, Poetry and Reading. Method of learning is by having a toddler read something and then give an outline of what he has read using his own words.

Curriculum Associates

Publishes decisive and flexible learning materials that are based on a regular school’s curriculum. It has a computerized coach that can automatically identify the needs of every student and deliver more precise instructions. Focuses on arts, language, math and reading. For every lesson plan completed, your toddler is given a test preparation kit to help him prepare for his assessment exam via a diagnostic online test. With this modern program, you can track your toddler’s performance instantly. Curriculum Associates’ home school program also offers special education to children with special needs.


K12 is an online public and private home school directed to suit the lifestyle of most American families. It is one of the largest sources of home based education that is tailored to fit each toddler’s needs and wants from kindergarten to grade 12. K12 has a 24-hour assistance feature and a combined online interactive learning and offline hands-on activities making it an award winning home school curriculum.

Montessori Home School Program

This type of home school curriculum is suitable for toddlers between ages 3 to 6. It is a good illustration of showing what life is. It uses the Montessori methodology and philosophy that is patterned to increase your toddler’s overall growth – his cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. Rather than focusing on specific areas of academic learning, it teaches general life skills that are very valuable in helping students adapt, adjust and succeed in a world that is rapidly changing. Montessori program offers your toddler not just learning materials but a support group which helps him build a strong foundation throughout his kindergarten to preschool years.


Saxon curriculum is centered on early learning like math and physics. It provides very detailed educational materials specifically in Math. Saxon home school program is recommended for parents who prefer their toddlers to excel in this field as it offers a step-by-step program – from instructions, to training, down to assessment which ensures retention of indispensable math skills.

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