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Disciplining Children Without Using Threats

Parents have a hard time controlling their emotions once they are irked with their children. Hence, they result to using threats in the hope of correcting their toddlers’ bad behaviour. However, threatening will only backfire. Here are some tips on disciplining children without using threats.

Talk To Your Child

Communication is the best way to discipline a toddler. Instead of telling your toddler you will spank him if he does not clean up the mess he made, talk to your toddler in a calm yet firm manner and in words a toddler can easily comprehend. Help him understand that cleanliness is very important and that he should be responsible for everything he does. Set a clear expectation. Give him simple rules and let your child know that there will be consequences once he breaks them.

Decide On A Consequence

Giving a consequence is more effective than using threats. But, be sure you are consistent or otherwise they will become ineffective. Choose a consequence you think will work on your toddler. For instance, you can put him on a time out. Leave him in a quiet room for a few minutes (you can go to other room so you can still keep a close eye on your toddler) and once the two of you are calm enough, you can talk about the problem. Or, you may also withhold privileges such as watching TV, playing video games or playing with friends.

Change Your Words

The next time your toddler misbehaves in the grocery store, instead of saying “Stop running now or I will take away your toy.”, try, “Baby, can you help me find the cereal you like?”. This distracts him from the negative behaviour and offers a positive alternative.

Give Your Toddler Freedom

The more you threaten your toddler, the more he will rebel. Allow your little one to be independent. Give him options. If you want him to clean up his room, instead of saying “No dinner until your room is tidy”., you can say something like, “I want you to pick up your toys and return them in the toy chest. Do you want to do that before or after dinner?”. It gives your toddler a choice while making your expectations clear.

Ignore The Misbehaviour

Toddlers are attention seekers. However, giving your toddler the attention he is looking for each time he misbehaves only increases the misbehaviour. If your toddler is whining because of a toy you did not buy, ignore his complains. Once he realizes you will not give in, he will eventually stop.

Provide Positive Reinforcement

It is very crucial that you give your toddler plenty of love and affection. Giving him a hug or a kiss after a consequence will help your little one understand that you love him but his behaviour is not acceptable.

Most importantly, do not lose your cool. Restraining yourself from using threats can be difficult especially if you become impatient with your toddler. But, if you remain calm, your toddler will also feel calm which makes disciplining your child a lot easier.

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