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Easy Ways To Boost Listening Skills In Children

Toddlers have a gift of gab. They love to talk. But sadly, listening is not always easy for them. Follow these everyday activities to help boost listening skills in children.

Be A Listener Yourself

Parents play a big role in shaping a child. Hence, it is very important that you model appropriate listening skills. Do not interrupt a conversation. Avoid doing other things when your toddler is talking. Get down to your toddler’s level or pick him up so you can look him in the eye. Listen thoughtfully. Repeat what your toddler said. Respond if he asks you a question. If your toddler sees you listening, he will be encouraged to imitate your behaviour.

Talk To Your Toddler

Have conversations with your toddler. Talk to him about the things he is interested in or what he did in school. Narrate household activities. For instance, while you are cooking, explain to him what you are doing and why you are doing it. Make sure you listen and answer any queries he may have such as “Why do you have to wash the vegetables?” or “How will you know the beef is cooked?”. Conversing with your toddler gives him a chance to engage in a real conversation, practicing both speaking and listening.

Repeat Information

Ask your little one to repeat what you said after telling him something. For instance, if you asked your toddler to pick up his toys, put them back in the shelf and wash his hands after, have him say the things he has to do again. This gives him a chance to think about what he was told and allows you to ensure your toddler is listening to you.

Play Games

Play listening games with your toddler. Play “story chain”. Start by saying something and then ask your toddler to give the next sentence. The funnier the better. Play a game of I Spy or Simon Says. Teach your toddler to follow instructions by turning it into a game. Give him a direction and ask him to follow it. Make your instructions fun to make the game exciting. For instance, you can ask him to make a silly face, hop three times and construct a tower using blocks. Your toddler will be encouraged to listen carefully so he can follow what is happening.

Read Together

Read with your toddler often. Ask him what he thinks will happen next or to give a different ending. Discuss it or have him repeat the story in his own words. Just make sure you choose books that will fascinate your toddler to make him sit still until you finish the book.

Praise Good Listening

Positive reinforcement is always effective in encouraging any good behaviour. If your usually distracted toddler makes his bed without you having to reiterate the instruction, praise him for a job well done. Say “Thank you for being such a good listener!”. Knowing you appreciate his effort makes him more motivated to repeat the good behaviour.

Listening is an important skill toddlers must learn at an early age. This skill will help him succeed in life.

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