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Effective Ways of Teaching Responsibility To Toddlers

Teaching responsibility is something parents need to do for their children as early as possible. You may think it is difficult, but actually, it is very easy. Just take baby steps and be patient. Here are some ways to help you do it.

Be A Responsible Parent

The best way to teach your toddler responsibility is by being a responsible parent. Remember that a child’s first role model is his parents so make sure you set a good example. Do not say “No eating on the couch.”, yet you eat your snacks in the living room. Practice what you preach, otherwise, your toddler will not take your words seriously. Place your magazines where they belong instead of leaving them all over the floor and put a candy wrapper in the trash bin instead of throwing it on the ground.

Assign A Task

Doing simple household chores teaches a toddler that everyone in the household has responsibilities. A child who never has to do chores is likely to be less responsible and ready for adulthood. Let your toddler help you make dinner, fold laundry or sweep the floor. Give him a task he can handle such as setting up the table or making his bed every morning. Join a tree-planting project or a park cleanup in your community so he can learn about responsibility to the environment.

Teach First Things First

Your toddler needs to learn that work comes before play. Tell him that he can play after he is done eating lunch or he can watch his favorite cartoon show after he finishes his homework. Your toddler may protest at first, so never give in to his pleas. Instead, admit that you too, prefer the fun. This way, he will realize that you are not being bossy, but you are simply expecting him to behave responsibly.

Help Your Toddler Take Care of Himself and His Things

One way to instil a sense of responsibility is by encouraging your toddler to look after himself. Direct your toddler to pick up his own toys, place his clothes in the hamper, brush his teeth after every meal and take a bath before story time. You might need to help him with his tasks at first and explain the importance of looking after himself and his belongings, but in the long run, your toddler will be able to understand the value of responsibility and that taking care of himself and his things is a very “big boy” thing to do.

Do Not Scold

Do not expect your little one to follow you all the time. Your toddler is going to mess up, so try not to express your anger and frustration. Talk to your toddler in a calm yet firm manner and listen to what he has to say. Make the punishment fit the misdeed. For instance, if he spills something because he was playing with his food, have him clean it. This teaches your toddler fairness as well as moral development.

Let Your Toddler Take The Consequences

Allow your toddler to live with the results of the choices he makes. If he broke his robot because he threw it on the floor, do not buy him a new toy. If he leaves something at his friend’s house, he will be without it until either he revisits or the friend comes to see him. This will teach him to be responsible with his things.

Give Praise

Positive reinforcement will teach your toddler that his efforts are important and valued. Avoid giving rewards for good behaviour as this minimizes the value of the act. Instead, praise him for his actions.

Responsibility plays an important role in a person’s life. Teaching your toddler to be responsible helps in forming his character, work ethic and self-esteem so he can do well later in life.

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