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Encouraging Creative Play In Toddlers

Creative play in toddlers is very important for it is through it that they can develop their skills and grow into fine, young individuals. Help promote creative play by following these tips.

Tip # 1: Limit TV Viewing

TV time can affect the imaginative side of toddlers. When your toddler is in front of the television, his eyes and mind are fixed in the representative images flashed in the screen which limit your toddler’s ability to think and visualize things. Set aside an hour or an hour and a half for TV time. Once the time is up, have your little one turn off the TV even if his favorite show is still playing. Be firm with this rule but do it slowly. Do not just stop your toddler from watching TV without informing him beforehand about this change. Explain to your little one what is changing and why it needs to be changed. Here is an effective tip to stop your toddler from throwing a tantrum – recite a list of activities he can do besides watching TV.

Tip # 2: Pretend Play

Role play or pretend play is a game well-loved by children. Toddlers love to imitate most adults, especially their parents. Play with your toddler. Give him toys that will enable him to learn and enjoy his very own make believe fantasy. Use his stuffed toys or get creative and turn old socks into puppets so you can stage your own puppet show. Let your toddler decide the theme of the story, the name of the characters and how it will end. Give him props or let him help you make a costume he can put on so he can pretend to be a pirate sailing out into the ocean to find a missing treasure chest. Play schoolhouse and you, your toddler and his other siblings can take turns being the student and teacher.

Tip # 3: Read Books

Books can take you to different times, places and events. They are the best instrument for opening up a person’s mind and imagination. Expose your little one to various books such as books about pictures, fairytales, fables, parables, short stories and so on. Pause in between pages and ask your little one what he thinks will happen next or how the story will end. Once you have finished reading, discuss it with your toddler. Ask him about his favorite character, what he thought of the story and what ending he would have preferred.

Tip # 4: Do Lots of Arts and Crafts

Buying art projects complete with instructions is perfectly fine but they can limit creative play since your toddler needs to follow directions. Instead, provide him with tons of recycled paper, crayons, pencils and other drawing supplies. Let him scribble away and color it with the shades he likes. Give him coloring books so he can experiment with different color combinations. Use an old plain shirt or a piece of cardboard and water-based paints for painting activities.

Tip # 5: Go Outside

Encourage your toddler to explore the wonders of nature. Go out and visit a park, playground, museum, amusement park, zoo and other places where he can discover and be more curious of things. Let him touch the soil, feel the water in the fountain, observe the birds, etc.. It is okay if he gets dirty, he can take a shower once he gets home.

Anything and everything can be a tool to unleash and hone your toddler’s creative mind. Just think out of the box.

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