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Fun Backyard Games For Toddlers

In this modern time, it is very easy for toddlers to be glued in their iPad, Xbox or computer. Though they may be fun, they will never replace classic backyard games. Below are some fun backyard games that will guarantee you, your toddler and his friends a great time, a healthy body and a blissful spirit.


Toddlers love bubbles, even grown-ups do. Blow bubbles with your little one and have him catch, chase and pop them. You can buy bubble guns, automatic bubble makers or make your own bubbles to make this game even more fun.

Sidewalk Chalk

Buy a box of jumbo washable sidewalk chalk, place them in a bucket and let your toddler go crazy on your driveway and walkways. He can draw different shapes, animals, numbers, letters or anything he wants. Then, point out each doodle, name them one by one and let him repeat after you.

Obstacle Course

Invite your toddler’s friends over. Let them run through planks, crawl from corner to corner, hop or jump through hula hoops and walk with a ball in between their knees. This physical activity will get their body up and running and will leave them exhausted yet happy. But, do make sure that the course is age-appropriate and secure from any hazards.

Scavenger Hunt

Hide items in your garden and let the youngsters find them. You can hide easy to spot items such as toys and small items such as eggs, coins, leaves or markers to make it more challenging. Rather than making it a solo game, divide the toddlers into teams so they can look for the items together which teaches them the value of cooperation. Give the winning team a special prize and of course, prepare a consolation prize for the other team.

Mother May I?

Line up the toddlers side by side except the child who is the “caller”. Position the caller 5 to 6 feet away from the players. The caller will ask each player to take a number of steps towards him. Every player should ask “Mother, may I?” and then the mother (caller) answers “Yes, you may”. If the player does not ask permission after he gets his orders and takes the prescribed steps toward the mother, he will be sent back to the starting line. Whoever reaches the caller first is proclaimed the winner and new caller.

Follow The Leader

Assign one child as the leader. Let the others tag along in a line as the leader goes across the backyard. The players should sing “We are following the leader, leader, leader, we are following the leader anywhere he will go.”. The leader can take his followers around trees, through bushes or skip along a zigzagged garden hose. The followers must mimic the leader. Change leaders so everyone can try to be in front.

Freeze Tag

Appoint an “it” toddler. The “it” child must then tag the other children by patting them on the shoulder. The tagged toddler must remain at a standstill until another free child pats them. When the “it” child freezes all the players, the game is over and they can start again. The last person tagged will be the next “it”.

Soil Wildlife

Satiate your toddler’s curiosity by playing an inspector game. Provide your little one with a toy shovel, shallow dish, magnifying glass, notebook and pencil. Let him dig for decayed leaves, seeds, stones or soil around your garden, spread them in the dish and observe it using a magnifying glass. Help him record or draw his findings. This game will teach your child important lessons about nature.

These action-packed backyard games will leave your toddler breathless, sticky and happy – a feeling no computer game or tennis tournament in Wii can ever elicit.

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