Fun Toddler Games You And Your Toddler Can Do At Home

At this point, all your toddler wants to do is to have fun. Playing all day long is your little one’s major activity and the great thing about it is that you can make a game out of anything. Games do not have to be expensive or modern for your toddler to enjoy it. All that matters is that these games provide entertainment and education at the same time. Most importantly, games are more fun for your toddler when you play together.

You and your young one can play games within the comforts of your home. You can have fun playing inside or outside your garden. Just select games that are fun so your toddler will not get bored. The following are some examples of fun toddler games you and your child can accomplish at home.

Do-it-Yourself Projects

Introduce your toddler to the beauty of arts and crafts. This helps your little one to discover that there are fun things beyond his action figures, robots and PlayStation. Look up online and search websites for unique do-it-yourself games you both can play at home. You and your toddler can sit down and make your own version of a castle by using Styrofoam’s, toothpicks, art papers, etc. or you can have a game of Tell Me A Story wherein you both get five to six objects found in the house and put it inside the paper bag. After which, you can take turns removing each item in the bag, create a sentence for every object removed. Your toddler will surely love this game since it gives him control to make his own stories. Another great alternative to this game is to use finger puppets. You and your toddler can draw puppets using washable markers on each of your fingers and create story lines for every puppet character.

Play Dough

Your toddler loves to get his hands dirty and create something out of nothing. This is a fun game you and your young one can do anywhere in your house. Get him clays at your local toy store or bake together to make your own dough. He can squeeze his dough’s and form them into different shapes helping him boost his mind and fine motor skills.

Jigsaw Puzzles

There is no better game to perform at home than completing jigsaw puzzles. Puzzles give your toddler a challenge making him more determined to fill up every blank space. Help him out by assisting him in filling out the blank spaces. Start out with simple puzzles first such as a puzzle forming a circle or a triangle or the letter A.

Treasure Hunt

If your toddler loves to play games that involve lots of body movement, then hold a treasure hunt game. You and your toddler can be partners in hunting for the hidden treasure. Place clues that will lead him to the treasure inside and outside of your home to make it more exciting. You can also try using a ball of yarn and run it around the house (under his chair, table or bed, across the living room, above the dining table, etc.) until he reaches the end of the yarn where his treasure awaits.

Household Chores

House errands can be a game as long as you find ways to make it fun for your toddler. Since toddlers generally like to help around the house; why not let him help you wash the windows, set the table or sort out the laundry. This simple game will not only give amusement to your child but this also allows him to feel good about accomplishing something encouraging him to help you out more often.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is one classic all-time favorite game that gives any toddler the thrill of not getting caught. You can take turns looking for each other or you can hide an alarm clock under your bed. Together, look for the clock by following the ticking sounds it makes.

Memory Cards

Use index cards to draw identical letters of the alphabet, numbers, colors or shapes. Place the cards facedown in the table and have your toddler pick out the cards until all the cards have been matched up. This is a good game to increase your toddler’s memory and retention.

Playing games together gives him more confidence that he can do things on his own and that making mistakes is normal allowing him to maximize his development.


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