Household Chores That Help Improve Toddler’s Social Development

Household Chores That Help Improve Toddler’s Social Development

Even at a young age, your toddler must learn to do simple chores around the house. At this stage, toddlers love to help in the house so take advantage of it. Teaching your toddler a thing or two about household chores allow him to become responsible. Aside from that, doing simple errands allows your child to build social skills helping your tot enhance his social development. These chores need not be complex; it can be as simple as putting his plate in the sink or picking up his toys.

When your child loves helping you with your errands around the house, you know that he is having fun with his tasks. Delegating easy to do chores for him allows him to pick up important traits that improve toddler social development. Toddlers learn best when doing. Let your toddler choose the chores he wants to do. By letting him do things on his own, you allow him to pick up communal traits that can usefully assist him towards proper social growth. Below are some fun household chores for your toddler:

Cooking Meals

Probably one of the most entertaining and fun tasks a toddler loves to do is to assist people around the kitchen especially when it involves cooking meals. Have your child help you in preparing your meals. You can ask him to pass on the ingredients or allow him to mix it. Expect a 20 minute dinner food to turn into an hour of cooking. When your child enjoys what he is doing, he becomes happy and a happy child will always have a pleasant disposition allowing him to easily adapt and adjust with different kinds of people under varying circumstances.

Clearing The Dining Table

After every meal, most children will not stand up and put their plates and eating utensils in the dishwasher. Do not allow your child to be like this. Teach him table manners. Task him to help clear out the table after every meal. Let him pass on the plates to you. Studies have shown that toddlers who help out after meals are likely to relate better with their peers. By tasking your tot with this chore, you nurture him to become a sociable person, one that is sensitive enough to help out others without the need to be told.

Picking Up His Own Toys

A very basic chore, assign your child to do housekeeping errands with his toys. Let him fix his own clutter and put every toy back in their original place at the end of each day. This simple errand reminds him that he should not rely on anyone to clean his own litter and once he has grown used to it, it eliminates any unnecessary tantrum display therefore making him a welcoming child that allows him to make friends and build long lasting relationships effortlessly.


Practice your tot to put his dirty clothes on his own hamper and let your child choose what laundry errand he wants to do. You can have him help you put clothes in the washing machine or have him assist you in putting his clothes in his cabinet. This simple chore infuses him the importance of sharing with others whether it be during work or play.


Simple household chores like cleaning the house also enriches your toddler’s social development. By letting him put his trash into the garbage can, do the dusting or help you in wiping the floor, this gives him the idea that life is not only about him and will make him learn that being aggressive, selfish and superficial will not generate him any good feedback from others. Also, it makes him realize the value of taking turns which is very essential in developing social skills making it easier for him to relate well with other people.

No matter how old your toddler is, assigning him easy to do household chores will not only help him learn the importance of being clean and neat. In the social perspective, an individual who has been trained to do errands at a young age is more likely to grow better social skills making him adaptable to different situations and people.

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