How to Choose A Toddler Helmet

If your toddler loves to play outdoors and take rides in his car toy, scooter and bike, it is strongly recommended you buy him a helmet for his own protection. One wrong move, a little stumble and fall can result to minor lacerations or to a more serious head injury. Your little one is still too small, so generally, he still cannot perfect his balance. Arming him with the right safety gears will ensure his safety and give your mind security.

Every parent’s worst fear is too see their child hurt and in pain. However, this is practically normal especially when your toddler is still learning how to balance and ride his ride on toys. What you can do to minimize the effects of these crashes is to let him use a helmet.

Tips For Choosing Your Toddler’s Helmet

Choosing a toddler helmet can be tricky, since you have to be sure it properly fits him. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the perfect head gear for your little one.

Get Your Toddler’s Correct Head Size

Toddler helmets have labels to help you determine which helmets are fitting to your toddler’s age. But, children’s head sizes vary accordingly. Hence, it is best to bring your toddler along to the store. In this way, you can fit different helmets and see whether they are too big or too small for his head. But, if in any case your toddler does not want to come with you, measure his head with a measuring tape or use a piece of floss, string or thread and swathe it around his head, forehead and ears. Be sure you check toddler helmets first. They must pass the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) standard rules.

Closely Inspect Helmets to Determine Correct Fit, Weight and Padding

You know you have found the perfect helmet for your little one if:

  • The helmet fits securely enough that the soft padding’s are pushed down.
  • The helmet does not rest more than two finger widths above your toddler’s eyebrows.
  • It comes with adjustable straps to secure a snug fit under your toddler’s chin.
  • There are no movements from front to back and from side to side.
  • Its weight is lightweight enough to endure long hours of use.
  • It has a pinch guard that can shield the buckle from nicking your toddler’s skin when it is fastened.

Consider The Price

When choosing your toddler’s helmet, do not mind the price tag. Buying cheap toddler helmets may not strain your budget but it can expose your toddler to bigger risks. Cheap helmets are mostly made from low-quality materials that can be easily destroyed since it cannot restrain the strong impact of collisions. Go for a toddler helmet brand that is famous for delivering exceptional quality and durability. A toddler helmet is like an investment that can ensure your little one stays safe and in tiptop shape each time he takes a ride on his bike.

Select Color and Design Based On Your Child’s Preferences

Helmets are offered in a wide range of colors and designs. To make sure your toddler will use his helmet every time he rides on his bike or scooter, buy him a helmet in his favorite color and design (e.g. favorite action hero or cartoon character).

Check out Giro helmets, a brand known for its durability and quality making it one of the most popular makers of toddler helmets. They produce high-performance helmets that are made only from the finest materials. With the different colors and styles available, your toddler can surely find his perfect match.

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