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How to Find A Good Babysitter to Ensure Your Toddler’s Safety

Your toddler’s childcare is of utmost importance especially during times when you are away. It is already disheartening to leave your toddler, and the thought of having a stranger watch over your little one is frightening. That is why, finding a good and reliable babysitter is very important.

If you and your husband made plans to go on a date or you want to spend some alone time, hiring someone dependable to watch over your toddler need not be a daunting task. As long as you follow simple childcare rules, finding a great babysitter who can work well with you and ensure your toddler’s safety will be a breeze. Here is a simple and easy to follow guideline on how to find a good babysitter.

Tips For Choosing The Best Sitter For Your Toddler

Widen Your Search

You can submit an ad in your area’s local newspaper or put up an ad in your area’s website. Ask your relatives and friends for help. Most probably they can refer you to seasoned babysitters. To further expand your search, try looking into websites that have babysitter matching services. These tools will help you find excellent candidates.

Consider The Age

Figure out your age preference, whether you prefer to hire a teen babysitter or an adult sitter. Generally, teen babysitters have more affordable rates but are more prone to letting friends and strangers come inside the house while you are away. To help you out, meet his or her parents. This will give you a better idea of the sitter’s personality. Adult babysitters on the other hand are more experienced but can clash with your style of childcare. It is best to check with the local police department to see if there is a minimum age requirement in your area.

Look For Experience

You do not want to hire someone who is still new at babysitting right? It is important that you choose a babysitter who has experience. Select a sitter with a previous background of toddler childcare.

Ask For References

Referrals are the best way to help you determine whether a babysitter is fit or unfit to take care of your toddler. Once you have gathered possible prospects, always make sure you ask for recommendations. Keep in mind that a trustworthy babysitter will have an extensive babysitting experience as well as positive feedbacks from previous employers. Confirm each recommendation the sitter has provided you with and double check the reviews by contacting every parent indicated in the list.

Conduct An Interview

The best way to learn about your babysitter is by having an interview. This will give you an idea on how well the sitter can connect with your family and your schedule. Ask the sitter basic questions like – what will you do if someone knocks on the door? What will you do if there is an emergency? Do you know who to contact in case of emergency? These questions will help you determine how capable the babysitter is especially during times of trouble.

Also, ask about the sitter’s discipline techniques. You need to discuss this important subject to make sure that your toddler is safe and treated well. Ask about the babysitter’s favored methods and manner of work like nap time, sleep schedules, snacks, playtime and other activities that make up your toddler’s day.

Hold A Trial Period

Invite the babysitter to come to your house. Watch closely as your toddler and the babysitter interact with each other. This serves as a good basis to check if your little one likes his sitter. This will also help you confirm how capable the babysitter is.

When finding a babysitter for your toddler, always choose someone your toddler likes. In this way, you are confident and secure that your child and the sitter will have a good relationship.

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