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How To Treat Ear Infection In Toddlers

Ear infection is one of the most common and worrisome illnesses for both parents and toddlers to go through. While it can naturally go away on its own, there are some things parents can do to help relieve ear infection in toddlers.

Give Prescription or OTC Medication

Give your toddler a child-formula prescription or over-the-counter pain reliever. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) can ease pain and reduce fever while ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) can alleviate pain, fever and irritation. Make sure to follow dosage directions on the bottle or consult with your pediatrician for expert advice. Be careful not to give your toddler aspirin or any medicine that contains aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) as this can cause side effects such as stomach bleeding, ulcer, iron deficiency (anemia) and Reye’s syndrome (a rare but fatal disease).

You may also use prescription ear drops with an anesthetic to numb the pain. Shake the ear drops and warm it by rubbing the bottle in your hands before opening it. Lay your toddler on a flat surface, with his head tilted to one side (make sure the infected ear is facing upward). Squirt a small amount of ear drops into the ear. Lightly press on the ear flap for a few seconds or use a cotton plug to seal the ear.

Warm Compress

Placing a warm (not hot) washcloth or a water bottle over the ear can also help soothe the pain. Child health experts also recommend putting a few drops of lavender, garlic, olive, tea tree or vegetable oil in the ear for fast pain relief. Or, you can try putting a cup of rice or salt inside a sock, put it inside the microwave oven for 15 seconds and then place it on his ear. Test the temperature first to avoid burning his ear. Warm compress for 10 minutes.

Clear The Nose

Ear infection can be caused by a blocked nasal airway. Keep his nose clear by using saline nose drops or steam (run warm water in the tub and stay inside the bathroom with your toddler for 10 to 15 minutes) to help open up the nasal passage.

Elevate The Head

Raising your toddler’s head when he is lying down can provide comfort too. Use pillows or place something underneath the mattress to elevate his head and have him lie on his back. Doing this will help him sleep better at night.

Let Your Toddler Get Some Rest

Make sure your little one gets plenty of rest. A toddler with an ear infection can better fight the illness if he is well-rested. See to it he consumes adequate fluids (stick to water, no juice, smoothies and caffeinated drinks for now) to help clear the infection quicker and avoid dehydration if he has fever.

Provide A Distraction

The best thing you can do if your toddler is irritable and uncomfortable due to the pain he is feeling is to divert his attention. Read books. Play ball. Work on a jigsaw puzzle. Take a walk. Give him papers and crayons so he can draw and color.

If ear infection continues for more than 72 hours or if symptoms seem to be getting worse, call your pediatrician right away. Your toddler may require further treatment.

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