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Outdoor Toddler Toys Your Child Will Love

Play is an essential part in a toddler’s development. It is where they learn how to make friends, share, take turns and enhance their skills. Generally, toddlers have a very curious personality. They love discovering the world around them. Plus, they love to play outside. Outdoor play allows them to be active, use all of their senses and imagination. From water toys, sand box to swings and sports toys, boundless of outdoor toys await your toddler.

Outdoor toddler toys keep your little one busy for hours. It also encourages him to build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Buying quality outdoor toys can be an investment that will give years of enjoyment not only for your toddler but for the entire family as well.

Must-Have Outdoor Toddler Toys

The best outdoor toys are fun, educative and exciting. Here are some examples of outdoor toddler toys your little one will surely love:


The sandbox is an all-time favorite outdoor toy of most toddlers. This outdoor toy is suitable for many ages and can be used by a group of toddlers at the same time. A sandbox with a lid will help keep the sand clean and ready to use. Stock the sandbox with colorful accessories, like starfish or crab plastic toys. A plastic sand bucket set will truly give your toddler a good time. He can build, dig, mold, rake and shovel using adorable tiny tools.

Folding Slide

Your toddler is still too small to play with big slides. Get him a mini slide that is foldable and made from plastic. It gives the perfect opportunity for your toddler to exercise his sliding. Plus, he gets to practice how to walk, climb a ladder and sit down which are essential for boosting his motor skills. Most toddler slides these days come with rounded steps for easy climbing and high sideways that prevents him from falling.

Ride On Bikes and Cars

Your toddler will surely have the time of his life with ride on bikes and cars. This makes him feel like a grown-up since he gets to drive on his own. These toys allow him to do a simple tour around your backyard or pathway. They even have key-activated engine sounds with music, lights and sounds making playtime more exciting. Plus, it also enhances his coordination skills.

Pretend Tools

Pretend tools are great outdoor toys that allow him to unleash his creative side. Get your toddler a mini tool bench where he can pretend to repair or create objects resulting to an imaginative pretend play. This outdoor toy serves as the perfect opportunity for him to develop his fine motor and motor skills.

Play Tent

Your toddler’s inquisitiveness will be truly satisfied once you get him a play tent. Now, he can feel like he is a professional wildlife explorer. A play tent is very easy to assemble and made from top-notch materials that can withstand rain and strong wind. It has a water-proof floor as well making it a very safe and sturdy outdoor toy.


Toddlers love playhouse toys because they can easily go inside and outside. Some playhouse toys have features like a gas or work station. It even has a rear sports wall that includes a small basketball ring. There are a lot of designs your toddler can choose from – a town center playhouse, secret garden cottage or a castle playhouse.

When it comes to shopping for your toddler’s outdoor toys, weigh your options first. Consider his interests and choose toys that are age-appropriate. Look for toys that provide quality and function to ensure that they can withstand all elements and can satisfy his tastes.

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