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Pets and Children – Why Every Toddler Should Own A Pet

Pets and children have an unexplainable bond. After all, many toddlers call their pets their best friends. If your toddler has been bugging you to buy him a pet, here are some reasons why you should go through with it.

Teaches Values

Having a pet teaches your toddler how to be responsible. Since you will be putting your little one in charge of feeding the pet, taking it out for a walk or helping you clean out the cage, your toddler learns how to be in charge of another life, helping him better understand the value of responsibility.

Another value toddlers learn when taking care of a pet is compassion. Your toddler will learn not to grab a cat’s tail, wrestle or play tug-of-war with your pet dog. He will realize that pets, just like people, need food, shelter and love.

Boosts Social and Physical Skills

Research shows that children with family pets have higher self-esteem. Why? Because having a pet helps a toddler develop skills necessary for forming relationships with other peers. They have a friend to play with and talk to so that when they go outside of their homes, they can communicate more easily with other people. Plus, since pets need regular exercise, your little one will be encouraged to take walks or play outside with the pet which helps strengthen his physical skills.

Helps Toddlers Understand Nature and Living

Having a pet will help your toddler understand the animal world and nature. For example, having a pet fish encourages your little one to discover how this creature eats, lives, how to care for it and so on. Your toddler will not only learn a lot about vertebrates but this will also help him understand the beauty of life.

Good For The Health

According to studies, children who were exposed to animals at an early age are less likely to develop common allergies as compared to children who had no pets at home. Pets can help lower the risk of children getting ear infection, heart disease and other respiratory problems. This is because early exposure to the bacteria alters the way a toddler’s immune system reacts to other allergens.

In addition, pets can also enhance the emotional health of a toddler. They can help lessen depression, relieve emotional stress and help toddler’s transition more smoothly.

Instant Mood Lifter

Pets have a way of making a person happy so whenever your little one is feeling blue (e.g. he had a bad day at school), he will know that he can go to his pet to cheer him up.

Great Source of Entertainment

If your toddler is bored, instead of watching TV or playing video games which are unhealthy for toddlers, your toddler can go outside and have a fun time playing with his pet or teaching his dog a new trick.

Pets are good for everyone, especially toddlers. Having a pet not only helps in the development of your toddler but it can also cheer up the whole household.

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