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Preparing Your Toddler For A Visit To The Doctor

Nobody likes going to the doctor’s office. Taking your toddler for a visit to the doctor can be nerve-racking for the two of you. Here are some tips to make it less tense and perhaps, fun for your toddler.

Prep Your Toddler Early

That means, explaining to your toddler the purpose of the visit and everything that could happen. Do explain in a non-threatening manner, you would not want to set him in full panic mode would you? Tell him that the doctor will check on how he is growing and make sure that his body is healthy. Let him know that he can ask any questions to his doctor.

Another effective technique to prepare your toddler for a doctor visit is to role play at home. Buy a toy doctor medical kit and take turns playing doctor and patient. Pretend to weigh your toddler, record the results and use the toy stethoscope to listen to his heart beat. Explain to him why those things are done so he knows what to anticipate during the exam. Once he has a complete understanding of everything, he will not feel so afraid anymore.

Be Truthful

Do not tell your toddler it will not hurt, because you know very well it will. Instead, tell him that it will hurt, but only a little and it will be gone in a matter of time. This way, you avoid giving your toddler false expectations.

Set An Appointment

Doctors are very busy professionals. Hence, it is important to make an appointment a few days before. Time it right. As much as possible, do not do it on a Monday. Mondays are often packed with children who got sick over the weekend. Also, schedule it at a time your toddler is well-rested and in a good mood, like during daytime or after a nap. This is also a good time to fill the doctor and nurse in on any issues your toddler may have.

Make It A Family Affair

Try bringing your husband or a relative along during your toddler’s check-up. The extra pair of hands will make everything much easier for all of you. If he has older siblings, take them all with you to the doctor. That way, he will not feel so alone.

Bring Comfort Items

On the day of his check-up, make sure you bring your toddler’s favorite toy, blanket, coloring book, crayons or any item that makes your toddler comfortable to keep him busy while waiting for the doctor to arrive at the clinic or for his turn. Do not forget to pack a light snack as well in case your little one gets hungry.

Offer A Treat

It is also a great idea to have a treat after your visit to the doctor. It can be as simple as eating at his favorite fast food chain, buying him a new toy, playing in the local park, going to the zoo or cooking his favorite dish for dinner. This will give your toddler something to look forward to.

Going to the doctor will not be so scary as long as you show your support and think of creative ways that will put your toddler’s mind at ease.

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