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School Supplies Your Toddler Will Need For Starting Preschool

Starting preschool can be a nerve-wracking time for your toddler. A new environment, new routine, new faces, plus the thought of being away from you can send your child into overdrive. One way to relieve some of his fears and make him eager to start preschool is by providing him with basic school supplies.


Every child needs a backpack for carrying school supplies. Look for a backpack that is durable, has wide, padded straps, waterproof, easy to open and close and has outside pockets for storing crayons and pencils so your toddler can just grab one instead of rummaging through his bag. When choosing a design, opt for a backpack in your toddler’s favorite color or one with a simple print of his favorite cartoon character or superhero.

As much as possible, choose a backpack that comes with a tag. If unavailable, buy a bag tag so you can input important information. Include your child’s name, home address and emergency contact numbers. A piece of advice: Do not hang the tag outside of the backpack for everyone to see, attach it to the inside.

Writing and Coloring Supplies

Pencils are a must-have for school. Make sure your toddler has two so in case one of his pencils gets broken, he still has something to use. Paper is another necessity for school. Buy a pad of handwriting paper and at least 2 notebooks with red and blue lines. Of course, do not forget to stash his backpack with crayons. Do not buy the 24-piece or 64-piece crayon set, save them for your toddler’s art time at home. Get the smaller box of crayons, one that contains the 8 basic colors.

Other less essential items you may include in your little one’s backpack are glue stick, child safety scissors, bond papers and markers.

Set of Clean Clothes

Toddlers tend to be very messy. Pack an extra set of uniform (if his school has one), t-shirt, pants, underwear and socks (make sure they are weather-appropriate). This way, he does not have to endure wearing a stained or wet shirt until the end of his class.

Cleaning Items

Diapers, tissues or wet wipes and a travel-sized sanitizer will help control inevitable messes and accidents. Store them in a clear, medium-sized pouch so your little one can easily spot them.

Lunch Box

Choose a lunch box that is easy to clean, water-resistant and spacious enough to fit your toddler’s water bottle and small plastic containers. Skip lunch boxes with snaps or buttons as this will only give your toddler a hard time opening and closing it. One with a zipper closure will do.

Napping Gears

If your toddler’s preschool has a nap or rest period, pack a nap mat (if the school does not provide one), small blanket, pillow and a lovey or comfort item (e.g. his favorite stuffed animal, a t-shirt with your scent on it or your old handkerchief) to help him doze off and ease his nerves if he starts missing you.

Help your young one calm his first day jitters by providing him with the supplies mentioned above.

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