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Selecting The Best Travel System Stroller

A travel system stroller is the most versatile toddler stroller on the market since you no longer have to lug around a car seat and a stroller separately. Here are some factors you should consider before making a purchase.


A travel system stroller is heavier than traditional strollers. The first thing you should look at when choosing a travel system stroller is the weight. Make sure you check the stroller’s weight capacity. Most travel system strollers have a 30 pound weight capacity, giving it more longevity than standard strollers.

Car Seat

The car seat should click firmly into place. It should be fitted with a 5-point safety harness snaps into the stroller’s base securely. Opt for a travel system stroller with a car seat with several different reclining positions, including a full recline so your toddler can sleep comfortably.

Storage Space

Look for a travel system stroller with a large storage basket underneath. This will make it convenient for you to keep your toddler’s essentials (e.g. diaper, toy, blanket, wet wipes, etc.) as well as your personal essentials (e.g. keys, cell phone, wallet, etc.) within reach. If it has storage pockets in the hood and snack and cup holders (storage trays), the better.

Comfort Level

Choose a travel system stroller model that has a well-cushioned seat. The stroller should have a modifiable sun canopy and footrest. The extra features on travel system strollers can make them very heavy so look for durable, lightweight frames to help minimize the load.


Look for a travel system stroller with few mechanisms such as a one handed release and one button locking device so you can easily adjust the stroller. You will do a lot of folding, unlocking and lifting so it is best to go for a travel system stroller that can be easily folded, wheeled around and collapsed to fit into your car trunk or other storage spaces.


Inspect all the important safety features of the stroller. See to it that the belts that cross the lap and goes between the legs are tight yet comfortable enough for your toddler. Examine how the stroller moves. Test the stroller’s brakes and be sure they are easy to use. Choose solid wheels to make it easier for you to maneuver the stroller whether you are in smooth pavements or uneven terrains. It should also have lockable wheels so that it will not inadvertently collapse and skid while it is not in use.

In addition, make sure to test the stroller’s stability when the car seat is attached. The stroller should not tilt backwards or sideways when the handlebar is lightly pressed. Ensure that the handle is at a comfortable height or can be adjusted to your preferred length.

Travel system strollers are really a cost-effective way to get a car seat and stroller in one purchase. However, not all travel system strollers promise quality. Thus, you should always keep these tips in mind so you can obtain a model that will make you and your toddler’s life as easy as possible.

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