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Signs of A Good Daycare Center

Now that you have decided that a daycare center is the best child care option for your toddler, your next task is to scout for a good daycare center. But with all the options available, how will you know which one is the best among the rest? Here are some factors you should look for.

Excellent Reputation

A daycare center must have a good reputation. It should have a pleasant, warm atmosphere and be recognized for its nurturing environment. Chat up one or two parents whose children are going to the daycare during your visit. If they have high praises for the center, then most probably it is a good establishment and your toddler will enjoy going to it as well. Also, a good daycare center should have the proper certification and licenses. It must meet the state licensing rules for health and safety. A daycare that has been accredited by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) is a good bet in terms of quality.

Qualified Staff

A good daycare center must have a qualified, compassionate staff. The staff must have adequate training about early childhood development, first aid, CPR and emergency preparedness. Having these trainings assures parents that their children will be in good hands while they are away.

A Low Child-to-Staff Ratio

The number of children and staff in a daycare center plays a huge factor in determining the effectiveness of a daycare center. According to American Academy of Pediatrics, a daycare center should have a 1:3 ratio or 1 staff member for every 3 toddlers for children ages 1 to 2 while for children ages 2 to 4, 1:5 (1 caregiver for every 5 toddlers) is the recommended ratio.

Firm and Positive Policies

Every daycare center has its own rules. Look for a daycare center that has a good discipline style, one that will never use corporal punishment. The establishment must also have a detailed outline of emergency procedures, flexible pick up and drop off location and schedule and a strict sick-child policy.

Stimulating Program

The purpose of daycare centers is to educate toddlers, not act as a “storage unit”. A good daycare center should bring out the best in toddlers. Hence, a structured curriculum that includes plenty of time for physical activity, group and individual activities, quiet time, snack time and free period are necessary.

Clean and Safe Environment

The building should be safe or childproofed and well-ventilated and lit. The area should be clean, especially the toilets. Waste bins should not be left sitting unemptied. Play area should have child-friendly equipments.

Top-notch Security

Security must be a major priority to a daycare center. The establishment must make sure that each toddler and parent or guardian has an identification card. Children should not be capable of leaving the building and unauthorized individuals should not be allowed to enter the building under any circumstances.

Finding a good daycare center is not easy. You may think this is impossible to achieve, but with a little time and effort, you will be able to find one that will make you and your toddler happy.

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