Simple Ways to Boost Children’s Immune System

Does your toddler acquire infection as easily as he gets his hands dirty? Do his daily activities consist of staying inside the house instead of playing with his peers outdoors? If yes, then your toddler has a poor immune system. This is very common to toddlers especially those below the age of eight, and as a parent, it is your responsibility to see to your toddler’s well-being.

The immune system is the body’s defense against bacteria, germs and diseases. Generally, childrens immune system is still very fresh and fragile. While illness is an inevitable part of life, you can take steps to strengthen your toddler’s immune system.

Simple Tips For Improving Toddler’s Immune System

Strengthening your little one’s system does not necessarily require you to spend thousands of dollars to safeguard your toddler from germs and infections. What you can do is to simply:

Let Him Eat A Balanced Meal

Toddlers always love eating candies, chocolates, ice cream and anything that can satisfy their sweet tooth. Hence, it is very impossible to rid your toddler from these foods at such a young age. What you can do is to train him to take everything in moderation. For every meal, always serve him healthy foods. Ample servings of dairy products, fish, rice, pasta, vegetables and fruits will give him all the right vitamins and minerals he needs to nourish his young body. Reserve his favorite cake for snack time.

Get Him Moving

Your toddler by nature is very active. Therefore, he thrives on doing physically demanding activities. Instead of letting him play on his own or with his peers every day, why not join him. Take some time to go outside where your toddler gets exposed to the sun and absorb natural sources of vitamins. Race, play tag or do exercises together, this not only makes him happy but also strengthens his heart and muscles reducing the chances of getting any infection. Plus, it is a good and stress-free way for you to shed off those extra pounds don’t you think?

Have Ample Time For Sleep

Lack of sleep weakens the immune system allowing viruses to easily enter the body. With all the activities he did during the day, he needs to restore and replenish his energy. Plus, sleep minimizes stress which can greatly weaken the immune system as well. Let him sleep for 8 to 10 hours during the night and let him take a 30 minute to an hour of nap in the middle of the day.

Get Him Vaccinated

There are standard vaccinations your toddler’s pediatrician will require such as vaccination for polio, chicken pox, German measles and so on. Getting vaccinated adds more protection. This helps prevent your toddler’s immune system from acquiring common ailments from childhood to adulthood.

Instil Proper Hygiene Habits

Good hygiene is very important in securing your toddler’s immune system especially during this stage where your toddler loves playing rough and getting his hands dirty. To combat viruses from attacking his system, teach him to wash his hands after playing outside and before and after taking his meals. Teach him how to brush his teeth properly and take baths on a daily basis. Train him to keep clutter away from his room and to throw away filthy things.

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