Simple Ways to Encourage Toddler Physical Development

Simple Ways to Encourage Toddler Physical Development

Toddlers are the most active because of their energy level. You may even find it challenging to keep up with your little tot’s day to day activities. However, there are some cases wherein a toddler is very picky with what he enjoys, what he dislikes and what he eats. This can hinder the child’s physical development. If this is the case of your child, then you need to act fast and do something about it in order to help nurture your toddler’s physical development.

There are countless of ways where you can boost toddler physical development of your tot. A lot of these techniques are very easy to do since it involves a child’s normal day to day activities. All it needs is a little prodding and your effort to open opportunities.

Ways to Enhance Toddler Physical Development

Parents who stimulate their child to be actively involved with daily activities increases the child’s physical growth. Furthermore, it encourages them to build up their skills at its finest level. You can try these easy to do physical activities with your toddler:

Maximize Playtime

What tots love best is to play. Playing always gives any child a thrill. It is a fulfilling activity to do while at the same time enhances your toddler’s physical growth. Let your child play many times in a day, be it in the playground or right at home. You can try out the following activities:

  • Climbing - Climbing in the playground’s monkey bars allow your child’s muscles to be firm giving him full support of his body strengthening his capability to control his body.
  • Balancing - Another great exercise that can improve your child’s physical strength is through balance. When in the playground, there are equipments such as ladders or logs that allows your child improve his balance. These are safe as they have soft sand on the ground providing protection for your toddler. Straightly placing a ribbon or a thin rope on your living room floor is also a good balancing activity your child can do at home. A good exercise for firming the bones in his knees resulting for him to walk solidly.
  • Drawing - Drawing or doodling is exercise that improves both your child’s physical and artistic development. Set up a scribbling area in the house and place plenty of papers, pencils and crayons. Place blank canvases and watercolour paints on the floor. While your child doodles away, he slowly learns how to write and the more he draws, the better his hand writing will be.

Hold Activities Involving Body Contact

  • Running - Whether indoor or outdoor, running strengthens the upper and lower muscles of your toddler. Try holding a mini race in your garden or play tag with your toddler. Include other family members as well to make it more exciting for your child. Run back and forth to help condition his body.
  • Jumping - Simple jumping exercises can strengthen him physically allowing him to be fit and in top condition. Do activities like bouncing in the bed, on a trampoline or jump rope together. This doubles the fun plus it eases your child’s fear of falling. Let him practice how to jump by sticking colored tapes on the floor with a few spaces in between letting your child hop and jump in between the tapes.

Let Him Take Classes and Workshops

Classes and workshops that particularly entail body cooperation such as fitness programs encourages your toddler’s physical development. Have him take body sports like swimming, tennis, soccer or baseball. Or try enrolling him in a dance or taekwondo workshop. Full body contact allows every part of your toddler’s body to be used waking up weak muscles to become firm and strong.

Practice Healthy Eating

Nutrition is as important as physical activities. How else can your child get all the energy he needs to perform these activities with an empty stomach right? Be an example to him. Minimize junk food and sweet intakes. Prepare nutritious meals for your toddler to give him all the proper vitamins and nutrients for his body.

Proper Sleep

A toddler who slept long and well wakes up bright and happy the next morning. Also, do not forget to let him take a nap in the afternoon. The body needs sleep to restore the energy that was used for physical activities.

Balance is the key to ensure correct toddler physical development. Involving in physical activities coupled with rest and proper food intake makes your tot a bright and healthy child inside and out.

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