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Six Features Every Toddler Stroller Should Have

Without a doubt, toddler strollers are one of the most essential gears every toddler should have. Here are some key features you should keep in mind when shopping for a toddler stroller.


This is the most important feature every stroller must have since multiple safety features guarantee the safety of your toddler. The stroller’s handle bars and wheels should lock (either automatic or manual) into place when immobile to avoid it from accidentally collapsing or rolling down the street. Wheels should swivel in the front and back to ensure stability. A five-point safety harness and a secure buckle that will go around your toddler’s waist, between the legs and over the shoulders are a must to make sure your toddler stays in place and will not slide under the belt. A canopy will shield your toddler from the sun, rain and wind and from poking fingers.

In addition, the stroller should have narrow leg openings to avoid your child from slipping through. The frame must be free from protruding parts or sharp edges so small fingers and toes will not get nicked or pinched in between. It should be JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certified to make sure it meets present safety standards.

Sturdy Frame

A stroller with a fragile or heavy frame structure is complicated to use. Thus, it is essential that you go for a toddler stroller with a lightweight but sturdy frame which is safe, convenient and easy to use. Some strollers are not 100% assembled so see to it you select one with a frame that is easy to put together and separate. This way, you will not have any trouble storing it and fitting it inside the trunk of your car.

Adjustable Seat and Handles

A reclining seat that is easy to adjust gives your toddler a better view of his surroundings and is perfect for comfortable napping on the go. A modifiable handle bar makes it easy for someone (who is tall) to easily push the stroller.


A stroller with a basket underneath the seat is very handy for storing your toddler’s essentials. You can just keep his toys, books, blanket or pillow under the seat – no more rummaging through your diaper bag. A snack tray with cup holder allows your toddler to eat and drink safely.

Compact Size

Another important feature is the size of the stroller. Large strollers are perfect for outdoor use but they will not fit most pathways. A smaller stroller is easier to maneuver around narrow streets and crowded places and is more compact to fold.

Washable Fabric

It is common knowledge that toddlers are infamous for creating messes. Hence, everything should be hassle-free to clean. Look for a stroller with a detachable fabric cover so you can easily clean, wipe or launder it to avoid bacteria from growing.

Purchasing a stroller is an investment. Therefore, it is very important that you take your time in selecting one to make sure you get a stroller of excellent quality.

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