Social Development In Children - Tips For An Only Child

Social Development In Children – Tips For An Only Child

It is normal for your toddler to feel lonely and secluded especially if your little one is an only child. However, this should not cause any hindrance for your toddler to be socially equipped and well-rounded. Adjusting and adapting is easy as long as you expose him to various people and surroundings at an early age.

Social development in children is mainly about interacting with other kids. A child with no brother or sister is no less capable of developing good social skills than children with siblings. You can easily improve your toddler’s social development by applying these tips.

Let Him Bond With Every Family Member

Family members are the first friends your little one makes. As an only child, it is essential that you encourage close association with relatives and the people at home. It is good that he has a tight relationship with you and your husband but, it is also important to let your toddler meet, sit, play and talk to his cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents. This helps boost his self-confidence. Also, it enables your toddler to develop the habit of not only commanding others but as well as accepting the dictates of the people around him.

Maximize Time In The Playground

The best way to introduce social interaction to your toddler is by simply letting him play in your neighborhood’s playground. In this setting, he is able to meet kids his age, make friends, care for others aside oneself and learn how to listen, share and take turns. Plus, it is also an excellent way to prepare your toddler for school so he will no longer get scared meeting other children.

Enroll Him In A Class, Camp or Workshop

Another key that can boost your toddler’s social development is by introducing him to a wider scope of children. If he wants to learn how to the piano play, enroll him in a piano class. If he likes to swim, sign him up in a swimming class. During summer time, a summer camp is a great way to hone his skills and meet other toddlers. Doing something he loves helps him easily converse and make friends with others. Being a member of some activity will help to a large extent for your child to learn to live in society.

Coach Your Toddler

Talk to your toddler why friendship skills are important. Make sure he shows you how he interacts with others to ensure he does it correctly. Or, go to a public place together where a lot of children are present. Let him observe other toddlers use the skill. Once he sees the skills in action as well as the positive feedbacks it gets, the more likely he will try it on his own.

Play With Your Child

Studies have shown that parent-child play helps boost a toddler’s social growth. While it is good to expose your toddler to other children, it is also equally important for him to play with his parents. He learns a great deal just by playing with you, social skills are advanced allowing him to easily adjust with his peers. Reserve a few hours in a day to play with your toddler in a child-like way. Smile and laugh a lot. Squeal with excitement. Do not criticize him. Instead of being directive, be responsive.

Being an only child is not an excuse for having poor social development. Expose your toddler to various environments and let him mingle with different kinds of people to boost his self-esteem making him capable no matter where he is or who he meets.

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