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The Advantages of Home Daycare

Different daycare options are present for you to choose from, home daycare being the most popular. There are a lot of benefits both you and your toddler can get that are not offered in larger programs. The following are:

Incorporates Learning Through Play

At this point, your toddler’s willingness to study and learn in a serious setting is very low. A home daycare center provides a perfect balance between education and play. Lessons are done by holding entertaining activities like storytelling, role plays, fun puppet shows, painting and arts and crafts. Because of its casual atmosphere, your toddler gets to play as much as he wants without him noticing that he is learning new words, the alphabet, numbers and so on.

Enhanced Social Interaction

Unlike a daycare center where toddlers are grouped according to age, a home daycare have a mixed age-group. This provides a better opportunity for your toddler to meet and make friends with both older and younger children. It is able to provide a sense of family so your toddler is able to adjust properly with different people. A home daycare closely scenario’s a family wherein your little one learns how to comfortably deal with an elder toddler and how to care for a younger child.

Provides An At Home Setting

Home daycare’s were designed to make toddlers feel relaxed, not uneasy. Unlike regular schools, its ambiance is very light, colorful and welcoming which enables children to feel that they are in their own home. The center is fully equipped with items that are generally found in your own house. The change of surrounding will not scare your toddler. Instead, it will excite him.

Continued Routines

Habits are hard to break. With this child care provider, you no longer have to worry whether or not your toddler will feel confused with the changes going on around him. Home daycare’s are patterned to adapt with the needs and routines of children, not change them. Your toddler can play, eat lunch, take naps and go outdoors the same time he normally does on a daily basis. There is no employee turnover, so your child does not have to adjust to a different caregiver every few weeks. This gives him a sense of stability and enables him to grow a genuine bond with the caregiver as well as the other youngsters in her care.

Better Service

Home daycare regulates the number of toddlers they take in. The small group of toddlers (maximum of 10) assures you that they are capable of providing quality service. They are able to give one on one care and undivided attention which is essential so each toddler can thrive with ease. Special instructions are better accommodated especially for toddlers with special needs.

Healthier Environment

The more toddlers enrolled in a program, the more viruses are present. One of the best benefits of a home daycare is that the smaller size decreases the number of diseases spread to children. In addition, this provider is better in supervising toddlers’ hygiene practices – hand washing, use of soap, tooth brushing and wiping.

More Affordable and Flexible

Because it is not a commercial establishment, operation costs are reduced. Perfect if you are low on funds. They provide better pick-up and drop-off points. Plus, if you are a working parent with an erratic schedule, a home daycare can offer you more leeway. Since operating hours depends on the provider, extended time is given so your toddler can stay safe inside the center while waiting for you to arrive.

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