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Resolving The Most Common Babysitting Problems of Parents

Finding a good, reliable babysitter for your toddler can be a challenging task. After all, you do not want to entrust your precious one’s safety just to anyone. Unfortunately, even with the most careful selection, there can still be issues with the babysitter you hire. Here are some of the most common babysitting problems of parents and ways how these can be resolved.

Problem # 1: The babysitter is always late.

Tardiness is at the top of the most common babysitting problems of parents. It is very exasperating if you have to rush to work but you cannot leave your toddler because the babysitter is late, again. The best way to resolve this babysitting problem is to bring it up gently. Be very clear about your schedule when you call to book her. Say something like, “I need to be in the office at 8 o’clock in the morning, so I have to leave the house at 7:30.”. Or, you can also create in some extra time by asking your babysitter to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance. Make it clear that you will not put up with last-minute cancellations (except for emergencies) and that if she really has to cancel, she will need to organize for a back-up sitter (someone who you have met and approved beforehand) on her own.

Problem # 2: The babysitter is frequently on her cell phone.

This one is another common babysitting problem. There are instances when the babysitter is too tied up on her cell phone talking and texting with her friends that she forgets her duties. The best solution is to talk about the problem at once and give her a warning. You do not have to feel bad about asking your sitter to hold all calls until your little one is asleep. But, make sure you are considerate when correcting your babysitter.

Problem # 3: Letting a toddler sleep past his bedtime.

A toddler who is still wide awake at 10 p.m. playing games or watching TV will surely wake up in a bad mood the next day. Let your babysitter know that she has to make sure your toddler follows his bedtime and that disregarding your toddler’s sleep schedule can throw him off for several days. Go over his bedtime routine – taking a bath, how many books to read, turning the nightlight on, etc. In addition, discuss your toddler’s delay antics so your little one cannot persuade your babysitter to let him stay up a little longer.

Problem # 4: Visitors

Another common scenario when a babysitter is around the house is finding a guest (especially if the visitor is of the opposite sex) sitting in your living room. The best way to resolve this is to let your babysitter know that visitors are not allowed in your home. If she wants to have a friend come by to visit while she is babysitting, she has to ask permission first and if you are okay with it, she can invite the guest over to your home.

Problem # 5: A messy house.

Sure, coming home to a sparkling house is such a joy. But, do not expect your babysitter to do the housekeeping for you. The babysitter’s responsibility is to look after your toddler, not to keep the house clean. However, do make it clear to your sitter that you expect to go back to a home that looks at least in the same condition as when you left. Also, make sure she reminds your little one to put his toys away before you return and does not allow your toddler to make a mess of the house.

Problem # 6: The babysitter lacks leadership.

It is difficult to have a babysitter who is incapable or does not want to take charge of the children. A babysitter’s role is to care for a toddler’s well-being, meaning, the babysitter should know how to discipline a child. If you find your babysitter lacks leadership, go ahead and make her aware that this bothers you. Ask your babysitter why she is unable to take charge. Give her tips. But, if your babysitter still does not set the direction for your toddler, then by all means look for another one.

Babysitting problems are normal. However, it does not mean you cannot avoid it. By having an open communication, understanding and respect, you and your babysitter can discuss whatever issues may arise and create a good working relationship.

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