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The Benefits of Educational Toys to Toddlers

Toddlers require constant stimulation. The best way to supply this is by giving them toys that are entertaining and educational. Educational toys have been proven to be useful in honing a toddler’s overall development. Whether it is a puppet or a simple box, these toys can benefit your toddler in so many ways.

Toddler educational toys can…

Boost Sensorimotor

The first phase of toddler development is the sensorimotor phase. At this phase, your toddler begins to comprehend that things remain even when they are out of sight and out of reach. Since your toddler uses his senses to explore, toys like rattles help him recognize sounds. So even if there is no visible rattle around, he is able to distinguish different sounds from a doorbell, drums or from a person yelling.

Advance Cognitive Skills

Building blocks teach your toddler cause and effect. Jigsaw puzzles can develop your little one’s problem solving and reasoning skills. While flash cards introduce him to various topics like the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes. These toys enable your toddler to develop rational thinking and to see whole-part relations which in turn enhances their visual spacial consciousness.

Hone Motor Skills

Educational toys also help in developing physical activities like walking, running and jumping. These toys help your toddler grasp, pick up and follow directions, a great way to  improve his dexterity skills. And with their bright colors, stuffed animals and sounding wheels, your toddler will surely have a grand time pushing his wagon so he can hear the sounds it makes. A toy with plastic rings on a pole teaches your child maneuvering skills as he tries to place the rings onto the pole until such time he finally masters the skill.

Shape Hobbies and Interests

As your toddler continues to advance, his capacity to think abstractly also increases. Educational toys like coloring books and story books allow your little one to think outside the box. For instance, he can mimic his favorite character by creating his own toy plane or perhaps building a castle with his stacking toys. Slowly, he gets to realize his personal aesthetic tastes. Hence, less time is spent on playing with toys and more time is dedicated to doing fun yet educational activities that hone his hobbies.

Create A Strong Education Foundation

Educational toys do not only keep toddlers occupied during their playtime, they also help shape the early childhood education of children. Studies have proven that 50 % of children’s intelligent quotient (IQ) increases when the right stimulation is given throughout the first six years of their life. So even if your toddler has learned some natural skills like grasping and talking, his educational toys can further enhance his skills. With the help of books, your toddler learns how to talk in phrases and construct simple sentences. While constant clutching of toy blocks increases his agility which are essential once he starts preschool.

Assist Toddlers With Disabilities

Toddlers with special needs can learn how to handle their disability with the help of educational toys. For example, a toddler with ADHD can benefit from toys that have sounds and colors. A book that has his favorite nursery rhyme catches his attention so he can dance and sing a long for a few minutes. While the colorful illustration engages him so his concentration level increases.

Promote Good Social Skills

Instructive toys help your toddler develop social skills. For instance, toy blocks teach your toddler the importance of patience and understanding. Once he learns these skills, he gets to interact with his peers in a friendlier manner. He will no longer hit or feel bad if in case his playmate took his toy or scream when he gets removed from a game.

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