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The Benefits of Milk For Toddlers

“Drink your milk.”. You have probably heard this thousand of times from your parents, and now, you are reiterating this order to your child. Milk plays a very significant role in a toddler’s diet. Here are six benefits of milk for toddlers.

Provides Balanced Nutrition

Milk is one-stop shopping for nutrition. It almost has all the fundamental nutrients that a growing toddler needs – vitamins, minerals, protein, iron, fats and calcium. Sure, you can get these nutrients from other sources such as meat, fruits and vegetables, but milk puts them all together in one convenient package.

Decreases The Risk of Developing Allergies and Illnesses

A child’s immune system is still weak; hence, it is very easy for a toddler to get sick. Drinking milk helps develop and sustain a healthy body, aids cell development, gives your toddler the energy he needs, promotes healthy skin, good eyesight and the production of red blood cells and antibodies that help ward off common infections such as diarrhea, lower urinary tract infection and respiratory infection among others. It is also beneficial in the development of a toddler’s digestive system to prevent allergies.

Reduces The Risk of Obesity

A lot of parents think that giving their toddlers too much milk to drink can cause a gain in weight and body fat. But, studies have not found a connection between high milk consumption and weight gain. In fact, a toddler who is a milk drinker only has a 20% chance of becoming obese.

Builds Better Brains

Milk enhances brain growth. It contains a brain-building substance called tryptophan – an amino acid essential for growth. Tryptophan creates serotonin, a transmitter found in the brain that boosts the development of the central nervous system for better memory, spatial, verbal and visual skills. When your toddler drinks milk often, maximum fat consumption is achieved which is valuable for your child’s developing brain.

Promotes Better Sleep

Have you ever wondered why drinking a glass of warm milk makes you feel sleepy? After a long day of doing physically demanding activities, your little one might feel restless which makes going to sleep even more difficult. But, when your toddler drinks a glass of warm milk before bedtime, the muscles relax more which creates a comforting sensation that will help him settle down and put your little one to sleep right away. Another reason why toddlers sleep better after drinking milk is because their stomachs have something in it.

Keeps The Body Hydrated

Sometimes, toddlers prefer drinking milk over water, and because toddlers have high energy levels, they can easily get dehydrated. A toddler can stay hydrated by drinking milk. It serves as an excellent substitute to water in helping the body cool down as well as maintain the fluid level in the body. Drinking milk after an hour of rough play can replenish the body with the fluid lost while performing the activity.

Milk is very good for everyone, especially for children. While it is not the perfect food, it has a lot of things going for it that will truly keep your toddler active, bright and healthy.

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