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Bicycle Safety Tips For Children

Your toddler’s bicycle will serve as his first vehicle and will also help him hone and strengthen his motor skills. Because your toddler will probably spend most of his time with his bike, it is important to teach him bicycle safety from the very beginning. The following are some bicycle safety tips for children.

Make Sure The Child’s Bicycle Is The Proper Size

One of the most important bicycle safety tips for children is to ensure that your toddler’s bike is properly sized. A bicycle that is too big for your toddler can be a safety hazard. To check whether your toddler’s bike is the right size for his height, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) suggests standing over the bicycle. There should be a space of 1 to 2 inches between your body and the top bar (tube) for a toddler bike. The seat must be proportionate front to back and the seat height must be adjusted so that there is a slight curve at the knee when the leg is completely extended. The handlebar must be aligned with the seat. When your toddler is sitting on the seat and clutching the handlebars, he must be able to place the balls of his feet on the ground.

Check The Bike

Before your little one hops on his bicycle, see to it that the bike is in excellent working condition. Wheels and handlebars should be tight, tires are inflated well, the brake is working and the chain fits fine and is not busted. If your new rider is still using training wheels, make sure that they are installed properly and that they still are in good order. Many bikes for toddlers are made cheaply, especially the training wheels.

Set Rules

Even if your little one will not cruise busy streets, it is still very imperative that your toddler knows bike safety rules and his limitations. Have your toddler attend a bike safety class for kids. Inform him that he is not allowed to ride his bicycle at night, without adult supervision, without a helmet and that he should always inform you before he rides his bike. Make sure you make these rules very clear.

Dress Appropriately

Another bicycle safety tip for children is to dress them in bright clothes so they can be seen by others. Do not let your toddler wear white colored clothes or a white helmet since wearing white has never been confirmed to make a person more visible. Rather, dress your little rider in bright, neon or fluorescent tops and have him wear knee pads. Avoid loose-fitting pants. The right footwear is also important. Do not let your toddler wear flip flops or sandals. Have him wear sneakers with Velcro closure. If shoes have shoelaces, see to it that you tie shoelaces securely as they may be trapped in the bike chain and cause an accident.

Always Wear A Helmet

Of course, wearing a helmet is another very essential bicycle safety tip for children.  Always make your toddler wears a helmet each time he rides his bicycle even if he only rides in the driveway or your backyard. Get your little one a well fitted bike helmet. Make sure it fits securely, has adjustable straps, does not block vision, is the correct size for your toddler’s head and has been approved by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission).

Keep An Eye On Your Rider

Toddlers should never be left alone while riding their bikes. There should be someone who will stay close to your toddler every time he is on his bicycle and to ensure that your toddler is riding on a smooth and even surface. Or better yet, bike with your toddler. Not only will you be able to supervise him but this also creates an opportunity to increase bonding time.

Bicycling is one of the greatest joys of childhood. So make sure to always keep these safety tips in mind to keep this activity fun, safe and healthy for your precious one.

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