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Ways to Make Brushing Teeth Easy For Toddlers

Is brushing teeth a constant battle for you and your toddler? Are you looking for ways to get your child to open up to it? Here are some creative ideas you can try out.

Buy Him His Own Tooth Brushing Utensils

Children love pretending to be a grown-up and like mommy and daddy, your toddler would definitely want things of his own. Make brushing easier by giving him his own tooth brushing gear. Get him a toothbrush specifically for toddlers. Make sure it has soft bristles and a long, non-slip handle for a better grip. His toothpaste must contain a small amount of fluoride to help prevent tooth decay and strengthen tooth enamel and it must be safe to swallow. Giving him a cup with his favorite character printed on it will sweeten the deal even more.

Let Your Toddler Choose His Toothbrush

Erase your little one’s fussiness by allowing him to pick a toothbrush of his choice. It makes tooth brushing more fun and exciting knowing he took part in choosing the color and design. The next time you make a trip to the grocery store, tag your toddler along. Let him decide which brush he likes based on the cartoon characters on it. He will truly have a blast holding his Elmo, Spiderman or Batman toothbrush.

Also, why not try buying several brushes in different colors so that he can choose the one he wants when it is time to brush. An electric toothbrush is interesting especially at this point when he is still exploring things with his mouth. The buzzing motion can also help soothe your baby when he is teething.

Let Him Watch You Do It

Model good brushing habits. Encourage your toddler to brush his teeth by brushing your teeth in front of him. Make it look fun and you will surely have a toddler gear to brush his teeth like mommy.

Allow Him to Do It On His Own

Let your toddler put toothpaste on the brush. Let him brush his teeth. Even though he probably will make a mess, the fact that he gets to enjoy it makes brushing teeth a whole lot easier. Commend him for a job well done. Your support will encourage him to continue doing it.

Do It Together

Another way to get a child more interested in brushing teeth is to have one toothbrush for mommy, daddy and for your toddler. Make brushing teeth a part of your bonding time. This will make your toddler realize that tooth brushing is not so bad.

Assist him. With each of your hand on the handle, begin guiding him. Gently start brushing his front teeth, crevices, gums and tongue.

Turn Brushing Into A Game

Games can add life to an otherwise boring activity. Have your toddler brush the teeth of his favorite toys first and then brush his teeth. Counting while brushing is another fun way to make the process less dull and more exciting.

Tooth brushing is an important hygiene regimen, so see to it you incorporate entertainment so your precious one does it on a daily basis minus the stress.

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