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Buying The Perfect Pair of Toddler Shoes For Your Little Girl

By now, your toddler is discovering the world with her feet. Hence, shoes are essential to help her on this expedition. But unlike little boys, your little girl will need few pairs of shoes that will match her little outfits. Below are some tips to help you score the perfect toddler shoes for your lass.

Make A List

First off, you need to decide which type of toddler girl shoes you want to buy. But, being a girl, your daughter will need a different pair for different occasions. So in your list, make sure to include shoes for special occasions (dress shoes), sandals, flats, sneakers and slippers.

Take Your Little Girl With You

When going shoe shopping, bring your little girl along with you. This way, you can be sure she will like the shoes and that you are getting the correct size since she can try them on first. If she has trouble picking out a new pair, help her by narrowing down the choices. This lets you choose a selection that you like while still letting her have the final say.

Figure Out The Right Size and Fit

The most important tip when buying toddler shoes is to make sure you get the right size and fit especially since your little one is a new walker. In order to get an accurate measurement, let your toddler stand with her weight on both feet. To check the width, squeeze the side of the shoe and press a thumb just beyond the tip of the big toe to check the length. You should be able to grasp a tiny bit of the shoe and there should only be half an inch of room in the front. You do not have to worry if your little girl has wide feet as most shoe brands make their products in wider than normal sizes.

Make Sure They Are Comfortable

A general rule when it comes to buying toddler shoes is to make sure shoes are lightweight, breathable and flexible. Buying toddler shoes that are too heavy and chunky will make it difficult for your toddler to walk around. Opt for something weightless. Shoes with thin and flat soles are the best. Avoid buying shoes with heels no matter how cute they seem. Your little girl does not need them and the heel can affect her balance and stance.

In addition, look for shoes that are made of breathable fabrics such as canvas and soft leather. This will allow room for the feet to breathe. The shoes must have a sturdy fabric top and an elastic rubber sole to prevent your little girl from falling and skidding.

Go For Shoes With Cute Designs

There are a lot of designs available on the market. Popular colors of toddler girl shoes are white, beige, black, pink and anything bright. Choose toddler girl shoes with adorable designs such as flowers, lace, beads, Barbie, Cinderella or those with beautiful textures such as velvet and satin. You can easily pair them with her cute outfits to make your little girl even more adorable.

Shopping for toddler girl shoes are always fun and they are the best accessory in creating a fashion statement. With the help of the tips mentioned above, you can get your little girl the perfect pair that is stylish and comfortable at the same time.

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