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How to Keep Discount Toddler Shoes Clean And New

When your little one hits toddler stage, a bundle of new developments happen. A lot of physically demanding activities, an active imagination and low attention span are to be expected. Shoes becomes his partner when it comes to his day to day activities. Hence, it is very important for parents to find high-quality shoes that can last intense wear. Between running in the playground, climbing trees and walls and jumping in the mud, how can you keep your toddler’s shoes looking clean and brand new?

Discount toddler shoes are easy on the pocket and can still deliver top-notch performance, comfort and durability. How long your toddler’s shoes last depends on how you take good care of each pair.

Caring For Your Toddler’s Shoes – Tips and Tricks

Here are some ideas to help preserve your child’s shoes:

Buy Different Pairs of Shoes For Every Occasion

You read it right. It is never good for your toddler to only have a single pair of shoes for each occasion. Only having a single pair makes it easy to wear them out faster since they do not have anything to alternate with. With all the activities your toddler does, how long do you expect his shoes to last? When buying discount toddler shoes, always have variations. Have a separate pair for play and for special occasions. Only allow him to use the good ones for formal events. Get him two to three pairs of play shoes he can use daily. Buy him inexpensive rubber shoes for sunny days and rubber boots for rainy days. In this way, he can interchange using them making his discounted shoes last a long time.

Have His Shoe Soles Stitched

Most moms advice other moms to have their toddlers shoes repaired especially when they are discounted. Each time you buy your toddler new shoes, visit a shoe repair shop first. Have the shoe soles stitched. This protects the shoes adding endurance which in turn makes the shoes more durable.

Always Wipe Shoes At The End of Each Day

Late in the afternoon, your toddler’s shoes will be full of mud and stains. Wiping his shoes at the end of the day is the ultimate secret to keeping his discounted toddler shoes new and clean. Just get a wet tissue or wet wipes to mop off the stains in his shoes while it is still fresh. By doing so, you prevent any grime from sinking in, so when the time comes you need to wash his shoes; you will not have such a hard time.

Wash Shoes Using Appropriate Cleansers

Take some time to wash his shoes once in a week. Shoelaces can be easily cleaned by hand wash or machine wash. However, make sure you check the label of the shoes. Some shoes are made of delicate fabrics that need special cleaning and cleansers.

  • Boots. Use a brush to wipe off dirt. If there is dry mud, scrape it off with a butter knife. Once removed, wipe the boots with a cloth dipped in warm laundry detergent to disinfect it inside and outside.
  • Flip Flops or Slippers. Cleaning flip flops is very easy. Just wipe the inside and outside with a warm wet cloth. You can choose between water dipped in laundry detergent or baking soda. Spray disinfectants on both soles and hang them dry.
  • Canvas Shoes. To clean canvas shoes, mix powdered detergent with mild dish soap to form a paste. Rub the paste using an old toothbrush or a small cloth brush. Let the shoes absorb the paste, machine wash and hang to air dry.
  • Leather Shoes. For your toddler’s formal shoes, just use special cleansers like a household all-purpose spray to clean the leather and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. This removes dust and preserves shine.
  • Sneakers. It is easy to clean sneakers. Bleach can instantly clean and restore brightness of shoes. Use bleach for his white colored sneakers and color safe bleach for the colored pairs. After which, you can easily brush them to further remove stains.

Only Air Dry Shoes

Never use your dryer to dry your toddler’s shoes as this can destroy the shoes. Make sure the shoes is dry before letting your little one use it as this can emit bad odor. It is best to air dry shoes for one to two days.

By following the correct steps for cleaning discounted toddler shoes, you can be sure his shoes will last through wear and tear.

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