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Toddler Clothes You Need to Buy On A Discount

Trends come and go and toddlers can easily outgrow their outfits. When it comes to toddler clothes, cost is a major concern of most parents. You may be tempted to spoil your toddler with expensive garments, but in this time where money is always an issue, it pays to be practical.

Clothes You Should Buy Cheap For Your Toddler

Day Clothes

Your toddler’s every day clothes or play clothes needs to be bought cheap. Since he spends a lot of hours wearing them on a daily basis and his daily routine mostly consist of rough play, they can easily get torn, stained and soiled. Hence, buying your young one designer clothes would be impractical. Casual apparels like sandos, t-shirts, jogging pants, denims, and shorts can be bought in department stores and bazaars. Moreover, buying your toddler’s day clothes in bulk saves you more money. You can get 20 pieces of clothes in various colors and designs for the price of one.

Seasonal Clothes

Shop for seasonal clothes during the end of season sale so you can get affordable clothes for your child. For instance, you can buy your toddler’s winter ensembles like winter coat, boots, mittens, scarves and sweaters in the summer or spring and save them for the coming cold season. Similarly, you can purchase your toddler’s summer essentials (e.g. shorts, swimming trunks, slippers, etc.) during fall or winter season. This shopping technique can save you hundreds of dollars. Plus, you can even score designer clothes at a very good price.

Branded Clothes

While it is true designer labels are an investment, buying them for your 3-year old toddler is plainly unrealistic. With a fast growing toddler, do not expect your child to fit into his Michael Kors loafer or his Paul Smith Junior sweater 3 to 6 months from now. If you want to clothe your toddler with designer clothes, it would be better for you to shop online or visit second hand stores. You can find the perfect designer hat or jeans for your little one. They are $50 - $70 cheaper than brand new designer clothes. Just make sure you inspect each item to ensure they are still in excellent condition.

Also, there are a lot of online stores that offer branded children’s clothes for less. Check out Kidz Brandz, an online shop that specializes in retailing high-quality, renowned U.S. designer toddler clothing brands such as Baby Gap, Calvin Klein, Guess, Levis, Quiksilver and Ralph Lauren. Their clothes cost cheap since they import their stocks during the end of season clearance sale. Saks Fifth Avenue also has a website where you can simply select and pay the items you like from expensive labels like Armani Junior, Burberry, Lacoste, Paul Smith and 7 For All Mankind.


Paying more than $50 for a pair of toddler shoes is already costly. Your toddler can simply outgrow his shoes in less than 2 months. Save your money and buy your toddler expensive shoes only for formal occasions. Better yet, only buy him pricey shoes once he hits the age of 7. Visit department stores and retail outlets as of now. You can choose from a wide selection of children’s shoes that are comfortable, functional and stylish without hurting your wallet.

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