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Top Ten Child Fears and Ways To Eliminate Them

Toddlers love exploring their world which can cause fears. Hence, it is essential for parents to help their toddlers deal with child fears. Here is a guide to help you out.

Fear # 1: The Dark

Being in the dark makes children feel vulnerable because they cannot see what is out there. Combat your toddler’s fear of the unknown by teaching your little one how to turn on the lights in the house, particularly in his room. Install a nightlight. Go on a night stroll together and talk about all the new and fascinating things you can see in the dark.

Fear # 2: Monsters

“Mommy, I do not want to sleep in my room. There is a monster under my bed.”. Toddlers have imaginative minds so even if the two of you look under the bed together and find no monster, your toddler will assert that the monster will be back after you leave his room. Keep his bedroom door ajar or turn on a nightlight. Make a “No monsters allowed!” sign and place it on his door. Give him a “monster spray” (just fill a spray bottle with water) and ask him to spray his room before sleeping so no monster can hurt him.

Fear # 3: Night Terrors

There are times when toddlers wake up in the middle of the night screaming and frightened. To vanish this, decrease your child’s stress by not overstimulating him during the day. Create a calming bedtime routine. Use a low, soothing voice and say comforting words to help him go back to sleep.

Fear # 4: Bathrooms and Toilets

Your toddler might believe he will go down the drain or fall in the toilet. Help him overcome this fear by giving him bathing products such as bath tints (to change the color of the water), bath crayons or bath foam letters. Place his favorite toys in the bath so he can wash them while you are shampooing his hair. Ask your toddler to put tissue paper in the toilet and have him flush it. Use a step stool or place a potty seat.

Fear # 5: Separation

Toddlers feel anxious when mommy and daddy leave because they feel neglected. Have a quick goodbye routine. Parents who sneak away only heighten their children’s separation anxiety. Give him a hug and a kiss. Tell him to enjoy his day and that you will come back before he knows it.

Fear # 6: Costumed Characters

They are big, weird-looking and strange. Ease this fear by playing dress-up with your toddler. Read books featuring clowns and mascots. Most importantly, do not force your child to interact with the costumed character. Give him time.

Fear # 7: Animals

Animals are random creatures. One minute they look so innocent and then the next, they are ready to pounce. Let your toddler watch you while you play with your pet, rub your pet’s ears or give it food. Read animal books or watch children’s programs about animals.

Fear # 8: Doctors

Children dread doctor visits because they dislike pain and the unknown. To erase this, explain to your toddler what he should expect and what will happen. Ask him about his apprehensions and reassure him mommy will be by his side all the time. Pretend play at home and take turns playing doctor and patient. Bring a few toys while waiting for your toddler’s turn to keep him busy. Afterwards, praise him or give a small reward for being brave.

Fear # 9: Strangers

This fear is normal because it teaches children not to talk to strangers. However, if your toddler only wants to stick to you and does not interact even with his cousins and friends, something must be done quickly. Stay by his side while he mingles with his peers. Organize a play date with your neighbour’s kids. Enroll him in a class.

Fear # 10: Loud Noises

Thunder, howling, toilet flush and vacuums produce loud noises which can be upsetting to toddlers. Acknowledge his fear and assure him that loud sounds will not hurt him. Carry him in your arms while you visit the source of the noise and laugh to prove he will stay safe.

Easing your child’s fears is very important for proper development. Follow the tips above to make your job easier.

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