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Common Choking Foods For Toddlers

Introducing solid foods to your toddler is an exciting adventure. Your child is exposed to a variety of food, encouraging him to eat more which is beneficial for his nutrition. However, the following foods for toddlers can jeopardize his safety.

Hard Candies and Gums

Hard candies, chewing gums, gummy bears, fruit roll ups, caramels, jelly beans and even marshmallows are very dangerous to toddlers. They have a tendency to slip down your toddler’s throat easily and get lodged there. Also, since candies and gums are not good for your toddler’s teeth and health, these items should be avoided entirely.


Everyone loves munching on popcorn, especially children. However, this food is a popular choking hazard. The size, shape and texture of popcorn make it a very easy food to choke on. Plus, unpopped seeds also increase the choking risk and even if seeds are too tiny to choke on, they can still get wedged in your toddler’s airway and lead to an infection. Save this food when your toddler is older. But if you must offer popcorn, make sure you keep a close eye on your child.


Hotdog is probably one of the most coveted foods of children. But did you know hotdogs are also very unsafe? Not only does hotdog contain very minimal nutrients, but the roundness of a hotdog makes it easy to get stuck in your toddler’s windpipe and since it is squashy, it can adapt to the shape of the airway making it hard to remove. To reduce the risk, cut a hotdog lengthwise and then slice them into small pieces (noodle-like strips).


According to child health experts, toddlers ages 1 to 4 should avoid eating nuts. Nuts are hard and tiny, making them hard to chew with baby teeth and they can glide down whole and get jammed in your toddler’s throat.

Apples and Grapes

Sure, fruits contain plenty of vitamins and minerals toddlers need. But, certain fruits with seeds such as apples and grapes pose a choking risk to toddlers. Why? Because the dry and hard texture of apples and the tiny shape of grapes can easily get caught in the narrowest area of a toddler’s throat. Make sure you extract the seeds, peel and slice apples and grapes into small pieces or mash them.


Carrots are healthy but they also pose a suffocation risk because of their firm and dry shape and texture, making them very hard to chew. Hence, it is very important that you puree them or slice carrots into thin strips before serving.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is very difficult to ingest, even adults have a hard time swallowing it. Thus, give your toddler just a few servings of peanut butter as possible (spread a thin layer on bread or crackers) and make sure you give him something to drink.

Remember that toddlers are more exposed to choking hazards, hence, being cautious is a must and safe eating practices should be observed. Always serve small servings. Teach your toddler to sit while he is eating, to eat slowly and swallow before opening his mouth.

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