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Practical Tips For Buying A Toddler Bed

A toddler bed should be able to support a growing body and also survive the occasional “rough play” toddlers love to do. A lot of choices are available and choosing the best is certainly a challenge. But, with this checklist, you can easily pick a bed perfect for your precious angel.

Choose A Style

Start shopping for a toddler bed by visiting your local toy and furniture stores. You can choose from a single, twin or full-sized toddler bed. There are many style and color options available so choose which one suits your toddler and his bedroom best. Do you want a standard shaped bed or you prefer a contemporary bed (e.g. beds in the shape of race cars, football or fire trucks)? Do you prefer a toddler bed made from wood or steel? Whatever style you choose, make sure your toddler can use the bed for many years.

Look For Safety Features

A toddler bed should be low to the ground. This will make it easier for your toddler to get up and down from his bed. Since your little one is still perfecting his balance, a bed that is low to the ground decreases the chances of your toddler to get hurt in case he falls off.

Opt for a toddler bed that comes with safety rails or guard rails. Transitioning from a crib to a bed will take some getting used to and having safety rails attached to the toddler bed prevents your toddler from falling out of the bed in the middle of the night. Look for detachable rails so you can simply remove them as your toddler gets older.

Make Sure It Is Multipurpose

It is much better to buy a toddler bed that comes with built-in drawers especially if your toddler’s room is small. The drawers give you and your toddler extra storage for storing extra blankets, pillows, clothes, his treasured toys and other knickknacks.

Buy A Quality Mattress

Once you have chosen a bed, look for a mattress. A durable mattress will keep toddlers comfortable. Go for an innerspring mattress with a box spring to provide ample support for your little sleeper. Make sure that it is firm enough to support young growing bones yet snug enough to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Check The Product

Make sure you check the bed before buying to ensure it is in excellent condition. The guard rails should be adjustable so you can set it higher or lower and must be 2 3/8 inches apart. See to it that all the parts work smoothly and fit together securely. Go over the toddler bed and keep your eyes open for sharp and cracked parts and loose-fitting connections that could squeeze little fingers. Test the stability of the bed by giving it a good shake. It should be strong and stable and not fall apart after a few wiggles.

Making the move from crib to a bed can be a hard transition for toddlers. Help your toddler feel more at ease so he can welcome this change with open arms by buying a toddler bed that is safe, fun and durable.

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