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Must-Have Cooking Tools For Kids

Toddlers love getting involved in planning meals for the family. If you have a toddler who loves to watch you cook or stir ingredients, buying cooking tools for your kid is a great idea. Here are some cooking tools for kids to inspire your budding chef.

Step Stool

Do not let your toddler stand on tiptoes or sit on a wobbly chair. Bring your little chef to the right height with a well-built, stable step stool. Look for a model that puts your toddler’s belt clip 30 to 36 inches above floor level and choose one with a non-skid step and rubber floor pads.

Chef Hat and Apron

Your toddler’s cooking experience will not be complete without a costume. Buy your toddler a child-sized apron. Get one in a bright color or with fun prints. Do not forget to buy him a pint-sized chef’s hat as well to get the complete feel.

Non-slip Mixing Bowls

A set of small non-slip mixing bowls is a must-have cooking tool for kids. Look for a mixing bowl with a rubber bottom or one with a suction base. This way, your little one can dump and mix the ingredients in one place which prevents the bowl from sliding out of your toddler’s hands and messing the kitchen floor.

Basic Cooking Tools

Be sure you get your toddler basic cooking tools. Choose cooking tools made of silicone since it is gentler for little hands. There are a lot of silicone kitchen utensils in the market so you will not have a hard time finding them such as spoons, egg beaters, spatulas, rolling pins, whisks, measuring cups, measuring spoons and sifters. Go for silicone cooking tools in bright colors to make your toddler grin with delight as he mixes, kneads and measure.

Hand Chopper

Do not let your little chef use a knife because it is too dangerous. Instead, give him a hand chopper to slice foods for soups and toppings. It is very easy to use. All your toddler has to do is put the ingredients under and repetitively push down to lower the cutting blades.

Cookie Cutters

Every toddler loves cutting and forming their food into cute and fun shapes. Buy your toddler shape shifters in various forms so he can transform his food into stars, hearts, circles, triangles, diamonds, gingerbread man, etc. Cookie cutters will certainly liven up any food encouraging him to finish his meal and maybe try out vegetables.

Hand Juicer

Get a press-type hand juicer and let your toddler help you work the lever and express orange and lemon juice. Letting your toddler see how fresh fruit juice is made will make him excited to make his own concoction.

Muffin Pans

Muffin pans are not just for muffins. Muffin pans are very versatile. Your little chef can use them to make meatloaf, frittatas and little tortes. Get a silicone muffin pan to make it easier for your toddler to use. Plus, it is a cinch to clean.


Protect your toddler’s tiny hands by having him wear cut-resistant gloves. Cut-resistant gloves will protect his hands from sharp edges while allowing his hands to get a firm grip on whatever it is he is holding.

Mini Mill

Get your toddler a mini mill with a round shape so he can comfortably hold it. This is a cooking tool that will help your little one learn about the joys of grinding ingredients.

Storage For Utensils

Your toddler’s cooking utensils will need a storage space to keep them clean and organized. Buy one that is spacious and accessible so your toddler can easily put away his cooking tools after every use. A large lunch box, tool kit or plastic box are good storage options.

Most toddlers love helping their parents in the kitchen. Giving your toddler these cooking tools will certainly have your toddler begging to cook up a storm with you.

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