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Packing Your Toddler’s Diaper Bag

What you stuff in your toddler’s diaper bag affects the outcome of your day outside the house. Anticipate your trip, know how many hours you will be out and the places you will go so you can adequately pack a diaper bag and have a successful outing with your toddler.

Diapers and Wipes

Your toddler will no longer need as many diaper changes. But, it is still important you pack at least two extra diapers especially if you are spending the entire day out. Chances are, he will wet his pants when he is away from the house even if he is potty-trained. Packing a handful of wet wipes or baby wipes is also very helpful especially now that your toddler is very inquisitive and is constantly on the move. The wipes will make it convenient for you to wipe his hands clean, remove stains and spills or sanitize a highchair.

First-aid Kit

Basic medical supplies such as tissues, band-aids, gauze pads, alcohol, hand sanitizer, rash and teething creams, fever and pain relievers and some medication (if your toddler is regularly taking prescription medicines) should always be available at all times in your toddler’s diaper bag.

Extra Set of Clothes

At this point, most of your toddler’s attention is directed towards playing. Expect a lot of physical play, frequent spills and other childish mishaps which will leave him feeling sticky and grimy and most often lead to an outrage. To combat this, always have at least one complete change of clothes in your toddler diaper bag. A shirt, a pair of shorts or pants, underwear and socks will keep your toddler fresh and clean anywhere you go.

Changing Pad

You never know when or where you will have to change your toddler’s diaper. Public restrooms’ changing pads are just too insanitary which can put your precious one’s health at risk. Bring your toddler’s changing pad. It is lightweight and rollable so you can be sure it will not make your diaper bag bulky.

Books and Toys

Your toddler will get bored waiting for you to finish an errand. To keep him entertained and to help you finish your errands faster, bring at least one book and toy in your diaper bag. Packing a coloring book and toy car will provide a good distraction.


Toting a hungry child with you is a nightmare. Prevent tantrums, cries and screams by packing food and drinks. Fill his sippy cup with water, milk or juice. Bring small containers of crackers, cereal, pretzels or fresh fruits.

Wet Bag

Include a wet bag (small, handy and foldable little containers) or a plastic zipper bag in your diaper bag. This is very handy when it comes to storing wet and soiled diapers and clothing and other items you wish to separate from the rest of the contents of your bag.

Comfort Item

There are days when your little one will not stop crying no matter how much you pacify him. This can be embarrassing especially when you are in a crowded place. Bring your toddler’s comfort item (e.g. pacifier, his favorite teddy bear, pillow or blanket) with you to help calm your distressed toddler.

Stick with the essentials and from there; add the items which you think will benefit your toddler. A well-stocked diaper bag is the key to achieving a happy and worry-free time outside your home.

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