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Dressing A Child – How To Keep Your Toddler From Undressing

You get him dressed, you turn around to grab something and the next thing you know, your toddler is halfway through removing his pants again. Dressing a child can be tricky, especially if he would rather be naked. Here is what you can do to keep your toddler fully covered.

Check The Clothes

One of the most common reasons why toddlers undress themselves is because their clothes are uncomfortable – the material is itchy, the fit might be wrong or they feel too warm. Take time to look through your toddler’s clothes. Discard clothes that are either too small or too big, those that restrict movement, those that are too heavy and thick, clothes made of brocade and nylon and garments with embellishments such as sequins, lace and ruffles. Toddler clothes must be soft and cool to prevent trapping body heat which can make toddlers uneasy.

Go Shopping Together

The next time you visit the mall to buy clothes, take your little one with you. Ask your toddler to pick out a t-shirt or pajama he likes featuring his favorite color or cartoon character. Children are more willing to wear something they have some ownership of. You can also point out pictures or mannequins of children who are dressed so he will be more eager to copy them.

Avoid Too Many Layers of Clothing

Most parents have a tendency to pile the clothing on their toddlers and cover them so tightly they can hardly move. Because of this, toddlers are so eager to get rid of them and as a result, they would rather be naked than dressed in heaps of layers. Dress your toddler in weather-appropriate clothes. If it is hot, then do not make him wear long sleeves and pants. During cold days, just add one layer of clothing to keep him warm.

Say Yes Sometimes

When temperatures and conditions permit, allow your little one to take off his clothes for a period of time. For instance, you can let your toddler go naked around the house for, say, 20 minutes before taking a bath in the morning or before getting dressed. But, do associate it with his daily routine so your toddler knows when and where he can and cannot go naked. This way, if he starts undressing himself while everyone is still eating breakfast, you can say to him “Not yet. You can remove your clothes after breakfast.”.

Do Not Overreact

Try not to make a big deal out of it. If you punish your toddler, act shocked or laugh at him, this will make your child think that this is the way to get your attention and you will only set yourself up for repeat performances. Stand your ground. If he refuses to put his clothes back on, put them on for him. Your toddler might whine or throw a tantrum at first but eventually, he will realize that you are serious and he has no choice but to comply because rules are rules.

Make Removing Clothes A Challenge

If all else fails, you can try making undressing more difficult by putting his clothes on backwards, dressing him in a jumper over the diaper (so it will he harder for him to remove the diaper) or letting him wear clothes with zippers or very tiny buttons at the back.

It is normal for your toddler to remove his clothes. This is his way of exploring his body - how it works and what it looks like. So do not fret. This is just a phase that will wear off in time.

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